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Minion's MOTUC Collection - minion - 08-29-2010 01:10 PM

Inspired by Streaky putting up some pics of his Joes, here is my pride and joy - my MOTU Classics collection.

Group shot
[Image: MOTUC1.jpg]

Skeletor & co.
[Image: MOTUC5.jpg]

Whiplash, Mer-man and Faker - i'm waiting in a second Whiplash to display the pack in 200X head and weapon. Faker has two left thighs, an annoying flaw, but one that I feel adds to his nature being that he was salavaged off a junk heap by Skeletor and his minions.
You can see the Preternian giant, Tytus towering in the background.
[Image: MOTUC8.jpg]

Scareglow - love how he was a bounty hunter obsessed with breaking into Castle Grakskyull when he was alive, but now has the Grayskull key *(inside the container) chained to him in death as punishment for his crimes.
[Image: MOTUC10.jpg]

Webstor (one of my favourites characters) looking buff and badass. The 200X spider legs being added are an amazing idea. Shame that they didn't include the webline gimmick from the original toy (the rope just pulls through the backpack manually).
[Image: MOTUC7.jpg]

Trapjaw and Tri-Klops - both amazing toys. As with Whiplash i'm waiting on a 2nd Trapjaw to display the alternate Kronis form (Trapjaw before he was turned into Trapjaw).
[Image: MOTUC9.jpg]


He-ro and King Grayskull
[Image: MOTUCb.jpg]

Tytus (with weird vacuum cleaning weapon - suck, suck suck...)
[Image: MOTUCa.jpg]

Re: Minion's MOTUC Collection - minion - 08-29-2010 01:20 PM

Battle Armour He-man riding Battlecat, flanked by He-man and She-ra - She-ra's 'axe' is a homage to the original toy's comb which is an awesome touch and puts her on par with he-man for having the sword/shield/axe thing going on.
[Image: MOTUC11.jpg]

Man-at-Arms with the 200X Techno powersword and Captain of the Guard, Teela. There's not been a perch released for Zoar yet, but it's coming soon.
[Image: MOTUC12.jpg]

Zodak and Stratos - I have to admit I don't care much for Stratos, but Zodak (with a 'k' and inspired by the 200X version of the character) is amazing.
[Image: MOTUC13.jpg]

King Randor is totally unimpressed with Orko's antics... prince Adam is just hanging about...
[Image: MOTUC14.jpg]

Zodac (with a 'c') and Moss-Man - like with some of the other guys, i'm waiting for a Moss-man re-release to be able to display the 2nd 200X head. He supposedly smells like pine, but really smells like toilet cleaner.
I never used to be interesated in Zodac as a character, but the nuetral comsmic enforcer role is a great idea. I like to think he works for the greater good regardless of who it helps on that particular day. I display him with the good guys 'cause they need their ranks boosted.
[Image: MOTUC15.jpg]

Re: Minion's MOTUC Collection - minion - 08-29-2010 01:29 PM

Hordak and Adora - not sure if she should be displayed here or with the Royal Family. Until they release more Horde or Great Rebellion members i'll leave it.
[Image: MOTUC16-1.jpg]

Optikks... Optikki... - Love me some New Adventures of He-man Optikk. Giant eyeball dude, what could bwe wrong with that!?!? The rifle with the two gun revolving chambers is amazing.
[Image: MOTUC17.jpg]

SDCC Skeletor vs Mo-larr
Infinitely cooler in the packaging than out. Love how they made it into a dentist chair and mounted the accessories on the wall.
[Image: MOTUC18.jpg]

My 'Great Unrest' section - a time before the birth of Adam & Adora.

Count Marzo and the Goddess - I live in fear of her shattering into thousands of pieces - the transluscent green plastic is super brittle. Marzo was a cool figure, and the amulet holding hand is a great idea.
Club Eternia Wun-Dar (exclusive figure) is MOSC behind these two but kind of hidden. I haven't got the courage to open him yet.
[Image: MOTUC19.jpg]

Keldor and clean shaven Man-at Arms (facial hair shows the passage of time!).
[Image: MOTUC20.jpg]

2nd head Mer-man
[Image: MOTUC21.jpg]

[Image: MOTUC6.jpg]
Superman vs He-man - the reprinted DC comic inside with pre-Crisis Superman and He-man trading blows is paper gold.

Re: Minion's MOTUC Collection - KingGrimlock - 08-29-2010 11:45 PM

Epic looking dude! Love those, would love to have them, just no space!

Re: Minion's MOTUC Collection - Phill - 08-30-2010 06:55 AM

Nice setup.

Although the original figures were mostly recolours of only 4 base bodies they always grabbed my attention.

The new ones look SO much better. I tend to see them in Toyfare and they're a huge improvement on the originals.

Are the 4 Horsemen still involved in the sculpting of them or do Mattel do it all in-house now?

Re: Minion's MOTUC Collection - minion - 08-30-2010 12:07 PM

Cheers guys.

Phill Wrote:Although the original figures were mostly recolours of only 4 base bodies they always grabbed my attention.

The new ones look SO much better. I tend to see them in Toyfare and they're a huge improvement on the originals.

I guess they had to just get some standard bucks out there at first. Most of the core figures are based off the He-man and Skeletor arms and legs (furry boots, fin forearms, clawed feet, etc). Now there's been more take up in the line we're seeing more and more unique bits, such as Marzo's cape, hand and loincloth (although i suspect these will see re-use). It's cool now that we've got guys like Trap-Jaw which opened the door for Man-E-Faces and Roboto, and Whiplash who allows parts for Clawful and Buzz Off.

Phill Wrote:Are the 4 Horsemen still involved in the sculpting of them or do Mattel do it all in-house now?

Yeah, it's all still Four Horsemen stuff. Those guys are amazing, they really know what they're doing with the line. It's also amazing to see their planned re-use for parts and how creative they are, Optikk was a fantastic example of this.

They often sculpt too much and Mattel often puts in some extras because they're so impressed. Of course it can be the other way around too, and sometimes we see bits that are never in the final product. Grizzlor's second face being a recent example of this as it was shown in Toyfare but has now been shelved. The amazing Bionotops Blaster that was shown with the 2011 Club Eternia exclusive He-man may also not come out.

Re: Minion's MOTUC Collection - minion - 09-07-2010 09:31 PM

A few more bits I missed last time or have turned up since:

My 2nd Whiplash, displaying the 200X style head and weapon.
[Image: MOTUC24.jpg]

Both Whilpashi together - the 200X head suffers a little from 'fathead syndrome', mainly due to the square jawline, but it sort of works for a lizard man.
[Image: MOTUC23.jpg]

My 2nd Trap-jaw so I can now display parts to make him Kronis.
[Image: MOTUC25.jpg]

Before and after - well before your arm and lower jaw are ripped off...
[Image: MOTUC22.jpg]

Club Eternia 2010 Exclusive - Wun-dar the Savage He-man
[Image: MOTUC26.jpg]

Weapons Pak - a little duff, but the repainted 200X sword is cool. In the Kronis photo above he is hoplding the knife and pistol from this set - recoloured Man At Arms weapons. The cosmic enforcer armour, gun and staff are just bizarrely coloured...
[Image: MOTUCWEPPAK.jpg]

Re: Minion's MOTUC Collection - Toymachine - 09-08-2010 01:29 AM

Nice display Minion.

I collect these too, but just one of each figure.

They're awesome figures and have filled the collecting gap, for me that the ROTF figures left (as they look pretty poor IMO).

I was a little late to start collecting MOTUC, but thanks to the re-issues I've caught up with all of them apart from the DC 2 packs and King Grayskull, the later of which, I will hopefully pick up when he's re-issued.

I've got the 2011 subscription too and I'm really looking forward to Buzz off and Roboto, they look great.

Re: Minion's MOTUC Collection - minion - 11-08-2010 09:02 PM

A few update photos:

I managed to pick up a 2nd He-man vs Superman 2 pack and 2 Skeletor vs Luthor 2 packs on holiday. Gave me one to open of each.

[Image: SAM_0843.jpg]
[Image: SAM_0842.jpg]
Both He-man and Skeletor are redecos. He-man took a little getting used to because of the questionable belt choice, but I do love the blonder hair and 'gold' bracelets. Skeletor's power sword is pretty amazing.

[Image: SAM_0841.jpg]
Chief Carnivus - a character i'm so-so about, but a welcome addition to the Eternian Council.
Roboto - another addition to the forces of good, but i've always felt he doesn't quite fit with the general look of MOTU. If he was written as a guy from the future or an advanced space culture i'd get it, but MAA building him as a chess opponent? Why not just build a hundred to fight Skeletor? That said he is cool with the working gears and interchangeable hand/axe/claw/gun.

[Image: SAM_0838.jpg]
Gygor - absolutely love this guy, there's something awesome about the visual image of He-man fighting an axe wielding gorilla. Can't wait for my Shadow Beast army builders
Got him in my Great Unrest display for now.

Re: Minion's MOTUC Collection - minion - 11-30-2010 11:02 PM

Some new pics from what has arrived this month:

First up the new King Grayskull. Not a fan of the Christmas cape, but the 'draining' power sword and orb (held by the Goddess) is just awesome.
[Image: MOTUC27.jpg]

Assembled using my spare Grayskull body, the spare head from the Orko/Prince Adam 2 pack and the techno power sword from the first Weapons Pak it's 200X He-man. Love him!
[Image: MOTUC33.jpg]

[Image: MOTUC34.jpg]

Grizzlor - adding to the might of the Horde. Love his backpack that holds all weapons ala the 200X staction figure.
[Image: MOTUC36.jpg]

The new Great Wars Weapon Pak - and below figures given this new kit.
[Image: MOTUC35.jpg]

Faker, now with matching axe and shield.
[Image: MOTUC29.jpg]

Zoar, now with perch and armour.
[Image: MOTUC28.jpg]

My 'Great Unrest' Mer-man, now with golden armour and weapons.
[Image: MOTUC31.jpg]

My 2nd Optikk, now with black shield and gun.
[Image: MOTUC30.jpg]

Finally, my first MOTUC custom. A mysterious Cosmic Enforcer charged with maintaining the balance in the star systems surrounding the mutant planet of Denebria.
[Image: MOTUC32.jpg]

Re: Minion's MOTUC Collection - Sunstreaker - 12-01-2010 04:26 PM

Choc full of amazing Bowl-head!

Awesome collection!

Re: Minion's MOTUC Collection - Steel - 12-17-2010 02:58 PM

I managed not too get sucked in to collecting the classic figures as much as I did with the 200x ones but I do have Scareglow and I'm very tempted by Optikk for some odd reason.

Re: Minion's MOTUC Collection - minion - 12-17-2010 04:03 PM

Optikk rules - giant eye ball guy with a gun - everyone should own one!

Re: Minion's MOTUC Collection - Steel - 12-17-2010 04:08 PM

He reminds me of those weird (Madballs?) figures that you could pop the big ball heads off.

They eye looks totally cool. I may do what you have done and buy two. I reckon I could repaint the second ones armour all rusty.

Re: Minion's MOTUC Collection - minion - 02-28-2011 09:20 PM

A few extra pics as I haven't attended to the display in a while. Spent some time adding the newer force like the Palace Guards, Vikor and Buzz Off. Also added bases for loads of the figures as I have been sitting on a bunch of extra ones for weeks now.

Finished off with a good re-arrange for fun.
[Image: MOTUC39.jpg]

My Great Unrest shelf that has burst free from the regular shelving. Also includes Vikor who doesn't really have a home at the moment.
[Image: MOTUC37.jpg]

Palace Guards. Finally some chumps for Teela to boss around!
[Image: MOTUC38.jpg]