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AFTER THE WAR - GALVY - 11-22-2010 11:11 PM

The near future. New York.
mauds bar and grill.

Chip approached the table with a big grin on his face.
"buster? buster witwicky?" chip asked.
the man at the table looked up, chip noticed he had been drinking.
"are you the guy who wants to see me?" buster replied . " you said its about my brother"
"indeed" said chip. "may i sit?"
buster pushed out a chair opposite with his feet.
"spike told me you were in a chair. let me guess, cybertronian tech? fffttt"
chip sat down slowly. " im here to give you somthing buster. prime himself said you should have it."
pulling open a sports bag ,chip showed buster the contents.

"You son of a....are you for real?? what makes you think i want that that THING?" raged buster.
a young couple sitting near tried to look disinterested, quickly going back to what they were talking about moments previous.
" this is your brothers headmaster helmet. this is all we found in the wreckage. we thought...." chip said softly.
"Oh, we thought did we. well you didnt think correctly did you? why would that. my brother died wearing that . my brother died because of those damn machines and their bloody war." spat buster.
chip tried to keep calm, "sorry you feel that way buster.ill leave you in peace" he began to stand. buster stood faster.
"ill tell you how i feel. i feel that my brother would still be here if not for their war. my dad would be here if not for their war. i wouldnt be a drunken fool if not for their war. i wouldnt have got drunk and hit...." buster suddenly stopped .he sat down with a shocked look on his face.
he carried on quietly and slowly. "i wouldnt have got drunk and hit jessie but their war made me the man i am today. and i hate them for it. all of them. jessie has left of course, who wouldnt have. she deserves better than me." a bit more calm he continued, " dad had a history of heart problems, but it got worse the more we got involved with the autobots. and spike? well, he went to war with them and what did it get him? dead ,thats what, dead. and to make his death worse, his only son has upped and left with the rest of them."
chip seated himself back down. " i understand your angry buster, but it wasnt the autobots fault. daniel sees this ,why not you? the autobots have rid earth of the decepti..."
"Listen to yourself mr chase, rid earth of the cons, he brought them here in the first place" buster interupted. "the war on earth was primes fault. that makes him responsible for every life we have lost.
i used to be proud to call him my friend, but now i see clearly. he brought the transformers here, its his fault my dad died. he let spike join max, its his fault spikes dead too."
chip stood up and placed the bag on the table." i suppose its primes fault your a drunken women beater too? is that right? you disgust me buster." chip pushed the bag toward buster. "your brother sacrificed himself to give those he loved the chance to go on, in a better world free of decepticon rule, and look at you, wallowing in self pity, you dont deserve his sacrifice even less this helmet. your right, prime brought the war here, and he regrets it every second of his existence. but he didnt make you the man you have become buster, you did that yourself". Chip turned and left buster alone. outside he climed into a small yellow car.
"lets go bee, hes not the boy you once knew. "
bumblebee began to pull away. " im sorry buster" bumblebee said quietly and sped away.

inside the bar, buster had moved to the front window. as bumblebee drove past the tears began to pour from him eyes. he looked down at the helmet in the bag. he pulled up the zip and left the bar.
around the corner he threw the bag into a dumpster. "goodbye spike" he cried as he walked away. "good riddance to the transformers, i hope they all burn in hell" he began to run, and he didnt look back.