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Smiley Story: ALL WELCOME! - Brawn - 02-25-2011 02:01 PM

I thought I'd just start off a fun, non involved, non commital, non ruled smiley story , anyone can join in at any time. There is no set cannon, or set character traits, now pick a few characters and do what you want to progress the story in whatever way you want! I'll set a scenario and off we can go!

If you need smileys, I am using mine from my blog location. e.g. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... -brawn.gif</a><!-- m -->
You can guess the URL of most of them , just change the end bit after g1-... eg.. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->megatron e.t.c.
I'll see if I can get a page sorted with them all on.


It is the year 1986ish, the Autobots have finished moving from the ark into their spanky new Autobot City!
Wheeljack is presenting a new body switching device he has devised. There are five sealed pods along a wall, with a large wire running accross to the control panel, by which [Image: g1-wheeljack.gif] [Image: g1-ultramagnus.gif] [Image: g1-prowl.gif][Image: g1-perceptor.gif] are stood.

[Image: g1-wheeljack.gif] "It really is quite simple, all I need to know is the BOT address code of the target body and I can switch the cranal contents with that of whatever body is present in the tubes here!"

[Image: g1-ultramagnus.gif] "Wheelrack, I don't understand.... Perceptor, what is he talking about?"

[Image: g1-perceptor.gif] "Ultra Magnus, what WheelJACK is explaining is that we can switch the minds of one body into a subsititute body, placed in one of those tubes, it really..."

[Image: g1-ultramagnus.gif] "I don't understand.... err...Bluesteak, I mean err..Paul, what is he talking about?"

[Image: g1-prowl.gif] *sigh* "Basically, we could target say...Galvatron and swap his mind with say Perceptor here, so.."

[Image: g1-ultramagnus.gif] "GALVATRON!, AT LAST bring him to me, Perceptor get in the machine...."

[Image: g1-wheeljack.gif] "Magnus, Magnus wait, what we need to do first is gather the five weakest Autobots, and place their bodies in the chambers, we don't wait Galvatron being input into anyone who could cause damage here, before we inprison them!"

[Image: g1-ultramagnus.gif] "Very well Wheeltack, errr Police Car Bot?, get me the weakest warriors on Earth."

[Image: g1-prowl.gif] "OK, I have put the call to the least dangerous bots.. I have also asked them to state a decepticon to switch bodies with. Hopefully they will arrive soon...

Re: Smiley Story: ALL WELCOME! - Sunstreaker - 02-25-2011 02:40 PM

[Image: g1-outback.gif] Ooooeee! Meester Magnustron? I heard that you wuz looking for a real butch hombre! Will I do...?

Re: Smiley Story: ALL WELCOME! - Brawn - 02-25-2011 04:26 PM

[Image: g1-ultramagnus.gif] "Ah Prawn!"

[Image: g1-prowl.gif] ...."Actually it is Outback"

[Image: g1-ultramagnus.gif] "What is?"

[Image: g1-prowl.gif] ...."His name is not Prawn.. I mean Brawn, it is Outback..."

[Image: g1-ultramagnus.gif] "I knew he looked different..... but he sounds so similar!"

[Image: g1-prowl.gif]O....K... anyway, Outback, could you fill in this disclaimer please, and tell us which Decepticon you would like to body swap with!