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Inhumanoids - pics - minion - 03-04-2011 09:18 PM

I wish this line would get a reboot. I think it'sd an amazing property and would work extremely well as a film. You get to combine the idea of Tony Stark like mech-suits with subterrenean monsters and other supernatural themes.

My little display. No vehicles because I don't really have room for them. Sad
[Image: inhumanoids1.jpg]

Metlar and D'compose. In the front are the Earth Corps scientists, Herc, Liquidator, Auger and Bright.
[Image: inhumanoids2.jpg]

A Redwood treeperson (3 of these were released in different colours and this is the army builder one), Magnakor (my favourite), Granok (again there was a different coloured generic rock guy), and in the back the very Lovecraftian Tendril.
[Image: inhumanoids3.jpg]

Much like with Visionaries I wish we'd seen the proposed series 2 which would have likely contained other human characters in the show as well as some new Mutores and Inhumanoids.

Re: Inhumanoids - pics - Phill - 03-04-2011 10:09 PM

I loved Inhumanoids in the comics. Was over the moon when I finally got the DVD.

If I'd known about the toys when I was younger I'd have collected them too.

Re: Inhumanoids - pics - minion - 03-04-2011 10:23 PM

Me too. All I ever owned was Auger's helmet which came in a bag of bits I bought at acarboot when i was little. I think i knew it was from Inhumanoids, but the show and toys were long gone by then so not readily available.

Re: Inhumanoids - pics - KingGrimlock - 03-05-2011 08:24 AM

Watched the show again recently but didn't really enjoy it, not in the same way as I have Visionaries. Nice to see some of the toys together though, rare as rocking horse poo aren't they?

Re: Inhumanoids - pics - minion - 03-05-2011 09:19 PM

Shame you didn't like the show too much. I think it had 1 or 2 duff episodes which hurt it, but on the whole was really dark and enjoyable. The voice acting was pretty good too, rolling out good guys like Neil Ross, Michael Bell, Chris Latta and Richard Gautier - instantly recogniseable actors from other 80's shows like Transformers, Spider-man and Visionaries. I also loved the heavy use of shadow as it made it really distinct from other similarly produced 80's toons.
I remember watching the 'movie'5 parter loads when i was little, but the only other episode I owned was on the Combat Collection VHS with Starscream's Brigade.

As for rarity of the toys. They're not super rare, but tend to hold a decent value if you want to pick them up. I've never seen anything in the line completely unavailable, and you can often turn up boxed Inhumanoids and vehicles. MOSC Earth Corps seem to be the hardest to find. I was fortunate enough to get mine quite a few years agop when eBay and Yahoo auctions were more respectable places for the second hand market. They still cost me a fair bit, but nothing comapred to what i'd have to pay now. Smile
I'd like to own a boxed/carded collection one day.