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The best month of the year?? - Impactor - 07-28-2009 06:44 PM

Now i know most people are going to reply with the month of their birthday sooooooooooo..............


What is your favourite month of the year and more importantly why??

Me i would have to say AUGUST......
I have got 3 mates that are doing either OU's or at college but not for that month which means more people to do awesome things.
The days are nice and long (sunlight)
The first week in august has my home away from home (the great british beer festival)
It's really busy at work which makes the days fly by.
You got that summer spirit all month long.
You are rewarded at the end of the month with a bank holiday weekend.
There's no traffic to or from fork cause all the kids are on holiday.

Seriousley top that for a month Wink

Re: The best month of the year?? - Starscreams_Ghost - 07-28-2009 08:56 PM

I'm wondering where this mystical place called fork is..................

Re: The best month of the year?? - Moonbug - 07-30-2009 07:40 PM

Ah the mystical place of fork. It only appears during leapyears

Re: The best month of the year?? - thegreatdestroyer - 07-31-2009 02:08 PM

I'd agree with August as the weather is usually pretty good, Wimbledon fever dies down so I can easily get a tennis court and as you said, no schools. My 20-25 minute journey into work returns to being 6-8 minutes...

Re: The best month of the year?? - Heavyassault360 - 08-01-2009 06:19 PM

When I get my W-2 so I can file my taxes.I get like $6,000 back from my taxes ever year. Big Grin

Re: The best month of the year?? - KingGrimlock - 08-01-2009 07:07 PM

Gotta say December, because it's good for different reasons (nearly) every year. I either get to see my folks in the US and get some TF's while I'm there Big Grin or I get to spend Christmas Eve in Cambridge which can be the most beautiful day of the year. Just after the shops have shut and everyone has gone home, it's absolutely beautiful walking through the streets at dusk... as long as it's not peeing it down.

Re: The best month of the year?? - Highram - 05-23-2010 05:00 PM

July because I've got two weeks of work experience at two animation places and then it's the Summer holidays!

But it's a close tie with August that being the month of AA and all.