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Mechanical breakdown part 1 - GALVY - 02-15-2010 07:05 PM

"Forbes.....Nester Forbes?"
"thats me" answered forbes.

he walked to the guard by the back gate.

"make sure we dont see each other again soon nester" said the guard

"oh you wont, sir, im a new man" he laughed as he left the prison to begin his new life.

a few months later nestor had a new life, a job at the local garage and a steady girlfriend. he felt truly contnt for the fist time in years. its amazing how quickly the walls can come down.

one late summers saturday, after nestor had paid juan a visit, the walls began to crack. poor juan. the disease had took over his body so completly now he wasnt sure if his old friend even knew he had stopped by the hospice.
nestor went to the garage rather than go to see angie. he always felt like this after his visit to juan. work eased his mind. first was the bang on the doors.
"hey , nestor, you here?" called pc riley.
"im here" replied nestor. pat riley was one of the good guys in life. he helped get nestor this job and was also angies big brother.
"i been lookin for you all afternoon nestor, you promised to fix up my car" pat said in his usuall nice as pie way.
nestor looked at pat for a moment before shrugging " okay okay, bring her through, ill take a look now, just the clutch right? little stiff?"
"thats right" pat smiled "take your time though, the boss ll fry me if he finds out i messed up another patrol.

nestor looked at the car. and then he screamed. "NNNNOOOOOOO GET AWAY GETAWAY FROM ME"
"whats wrong nest...OOFFF!!!!" nestor threw pat against the wall.
"you did this, told em where i was, you cops, damn you , you wont get me" nestor ran from the garage . he wasnt seen in town again.

months later , pat and angie sat in front of the tube watching the news. when it got to the regional stuff they could only gawp at the set.

"Now to the story we have been running all week, a sudden surge in car thefts has led police to belive it is the work of one nestor forbes AKA THE MECHANIC. only recently released from prison, this man is to be deemed extreemly dangerous after it was discovered he may have accsess to transformer technology. if anyone has had any recent contact with nestor forbes please call the number on screen. "

angie looked at her brother in a shocked state ," he he couldnt, not my nestor....."
"sorry angie, but we gotta call" said pat. "
"but hes not that man any more, hes not him, hes not THE MECHANIC"

continued soon...

Re: Mechanical breakdown part 1 - GALVY - 02-23-2010 11:20 PM

im gonna do the second part of this story from atransformer view point. hopefully it will lead to a third part when the two storys meet and we get a result.
i got one question though. which autobot should i use?


ill wait a few days then start typing......

Re: Mechanical breakdown part 1 - TFgirl217 - 05-06-2010 06:45 PM

what personality are you looking for???

Re: Mechanical breakdown part 1 - Sunstreaker - 05-06-2010 07:55 PM

We've seen the Mechanic vs. Blaster and Ratchet before... Bumblebee's too weedy...

The Prowl / Mechanic dynamic would be interesting to see - his fear of the Police and all.

And of course Jazz is all about the win.

To give your story more threat I reckon it would have to be Jazz or Prowl.

Re: Mechanical breakdown part 1 - TFgirl217 - 05-10-2010 10:20 PM

i'd have to agree

Re: Mechanical breakdown part 1 - GALVY - 05-10-2010 10:49 PM

part 2 coming soon. featuring jazz, prowl and........that would be telling.