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Japan Trip
02-11-2011, 12:08 PM
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Japan Trip
Well I am back from Japan along with The Great Destroyer and Grizzely8U and I must say it was another fantastic trip full of sights, shops and strange happenings. You don't even want to ask about the strange preacher girl in Tokyo station ....

In terms of merch I bought a lot that will slowly be photographed as well as another 50+ magazines that join my massive backlist of things to scan. They include various lucky draw pages including the Gold Big Convoy Vs Gold Magmatron issue which I hoped to find.

We also attended the Winter Wonderfest where I picked up three of this years exclusive garage kits (Star Saber, Starscream and Soundwave with Bumblebee). All are chibi style but I need to make them up. Winter Wonderfest is epic and dwarves any other convention I have been to. Its along the scale of some of the larger motorbike shows that take over 3 or 4 halls at the NEC. I could easily have spent a lot more money there, but due to the exchange range many of the things I left behind were just too darn expensive.

I'm having space issues with the computer at the moment but I will be uploading photographs from the trip to my personal website with the Winter Wonderfest pictures uploaded to The Moon as well.

I've not gone through the video yet but I do need to copy some off, though it may have to wait until I can replace the computer with a better one.

TF Find of the trip for me was the last Japanese Dinosaur cassette
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