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'Streakers Rise of Cobra Collection PICS!
02-23-2011, 03:48 PM
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'Streakers Rise of Cobra Collection PICS!
These photo's are a little upsetting for me, because I've not had the opportunity to open any of these bad boys... roll on loft conversion!

[Image: rocx1.JPG]

First wave of Alpha class vehicles. Re-issue and re-deco of the Armadillo, Finally a re-sculpt of the Ferret (although the paint app is awful...), along with the Mole-pod and Rock-slide rounding out the wave. Only the Mole-pod and the Rock-slide are from RoC, although the bad re-paint of Croc-Master as a 'Terra-Viper' is frankly insulting.

[Image: rocx2.JPG]

Gunship and the Steel Crusher! The first wave of Beta Vehicles. Both look lovely, and I would love to build the 'Nitro-Viper' - clearly a renamed Motor-Viper!

[Image: rocx3.JPG]

Nightraven with Strato-Viper. Just noticed it's labelled as the Nightbird on the box... curious...

[Image: rocx4.JPG]

...and the first two waves of figs...

[Image: newstreakersig11.jpg]
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