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Report a bug with
08-11-2008, 08:11 AM
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Re: Report a bug with
Animated Schedule
I planned on pluggin a GeoIP lookup into the TransformersAnimated schedule page. I must say that I forgot I had not. So I'm glad you bought it up. Now where did I put that class.....

Hmm interesting, I'll have a look into it. The hack I put in to make the board accessible from multiple domains (the previous attempts others had seemed to have made over on the PHPBB forums were very messy, overkill or just did not work) I thought might not like the multi-domain cookies. I will take another look as I seem to remember I had thought of a solution.

They're coming. We have them all uploaded (heck they are availalbe as avatars), I just need to decide whether to use the native smilies code or to write a little bolt on of my own.
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