Saké Comments - "The Long Road" Chapter one- The Breakthrough

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"The Long Road" Chapter one- The Breakthrough
09-29-2008, 03:27 PM
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Re: "The Long Road" Chapter one- The Breakthrough
Since the door hadn't opened and a very strong looking bot, and his friends, had come down the alley also. Ramp-X had carefully placed himself behind some disposal canisters. Since he wasn't particulary looking for any sort of trouble, he decided to just.... stay out of the way until the door did open.
He wasn't a coward or anything he just, found it hard to talk to bots he didn't know.
I wish the door would open.... Oh, c'mon Ramp-X, if you're going to go against the rest of the colony you may as well start with saying hi to a few random bots!
Feeling suddenly full of determination to not be known as the scaredy bot, he stood up quickly and started to emit the words needed for a greeting, but the words froze and he suddenly stopped himself, landing hard on his hind quarters as he propeled himself to the ground.
I can't do it! I just can't do it! It's not that hard! "Why can't I do this!?" he shouted accidentaly and immediatly clamped both hands over his mouth.

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