Saké Comments - "The Long Road" Chapter one- The Breakthrough

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"The Long Road" Chapter one- The Breakthrough
10-16-2008, 04:55 PM
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Re: "The Long Road" Chapter one- The Breakthrough
Ramp-X couldn't help a smile at Sonics joke. He seems to have a thing about comedy thats for sure. Very good at it too.
Suddenly he noticed that his energy was getting low and his senses seemed to dull so he automatically picked up a protine snack from one of the nearby boxes. He hesitated and seemed unable to continue the process of inserting the food into his mouth.

Will I won't I will I won't I will I.... suddenly the truck came to a sudden halt and he lurched forward his desicion made for him. Accidently swallowing he silently hoped that no effect would come from it.
Staring at his charger he saw he was again at full power, Thats the first result he thought regretfully to himself Why did I pick it up? . Not long after a buzz at the back of his processer followed by a tingling in his organics told him that there was one more thing left to happen. Suddenly as if turned on by a switch, his organic parts began to glow faintly but rapidly increased in light then, started to randomly change colours. Yelping in the sudden change Ramp-X quickly tryed to hide himself, but it was very difficult to when there was nothing ( or nobot ) to hide behind.

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