Saké Comments - "The Long Road" Chapter one- The Breakthrough

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"The Long Road" Chapter one- The Breakthrough
10-21-2008, 05:47 PM
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Re: "The Long Road" Chapter one- The Breakthrough
How does is feel to work knowing you have a replacement in waiting. Are the superiors waiting for you to screw up, maybe waiting for you to break down? That was the problem facing Type X-25 a trash bot.

The Type-X50's were faster, tougher and could carry a bigger payload not to mention they operated at half the energy consumption. How's a bot suppose to compete with that? What would happen to Type X-25? Wold they just deactivate him? Maybe he could work at a plant, surely he had some use?

Hey, TrashBot!!!!!!

Type X-25 snapped out of his thoughts

You gonna take my trash away or you gonna just look at it all day?

Ohh, apologies sir....I was just

I don't give a damn what the crap your doing you trash-clown, just get it done!!!

Yes, sir.

Type-X25 emptied the trash and went on to the next stop....He avoided the confrontation a complaint to his boss was not something he needed.

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