Saké Comments - "The Long Road" Chapter one- The Breakthrough

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"The Long Road" Chapter one- The Breakthrough
10-22-2008, 04:51 PM
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Re: "The Long Road" Chapter one- The Breakthrough

Rex-R.V stood outside a recharging unit, looking at the road. He turned his head left, focusing his optics in the distance, then slowly turned right, as if trying to gauge the distance. Straightening up he looked around himself, not a lifeform to seen.

"Hmmm.... how me do this...."

He walked into the middle of the road and stamped on the surface. He then rubbed it with his toes as if testing it, then proceeded to jump up and down a few times. The road surface was still immaculate under his feet.


Rex transformed and with a hiss of hydrualics lifted his bulk off the tanktracks, nosecone pointing at 45 degrees and with a low growl of an engine, slammed all his weight forward into the surface. There was an almighty squeal and shower of spark as he scratched the toughened surface and skidded off. He transformed and lay in a heap in the road.

"Slag! Why everything so tough. Why me dumb-bot not able to do this."

As he stood, about to transform and have another go, there was a beep from his wrist console.

{T-minus 4 clicks till intercept}


He quickly transformed again, and a whine and a squeal later was sat on the road, punching his fists into it.

"Why me not have time!!!"


{T-Minus 3.5 clicks till intercept}

He jumped to his feet, red mist decending.

"Me not know!"

He punched a waste receptical, spraying empty energon charges across the road.

"Me not smart enough"

He kicked out a the recharge unit, knocking it clean off the ground. A shower of sparks as the energon feeds severed lit up Rex's face, buring deep in his optics. He picked up the broken unit and hurled it into the middle of the street with a roar of defiance. It shattered, pouring raw energon across the surface. Rex looked on and his shoulders dropped. He looked utterly defeated.

"Me let everyone down. Me let Boss'bot down. Me let Rex-R.V down"

He dropped onto a seat on the sidewalk with a sigh and watched the energon pouring across the road. The street lamps down the street flickered into life. Beep.

{T-Minus 3 clicks to intercept}

"Slag off"

Rex, like a pepulant teenager, swung a kick at the nearest streetlight, a faint clang echoed down the empty street. He dropped his head into his hands.

There was a groan of twisted metal.

Followed by a much longer one.

Rex looked up to watch the aforementioned streetlamp falling slowly over, landing amid the now considerable puddle of energon, with a shatter as the light cover smashed. Rex sighed.

"Now look what me do"

The street lamp next to him flickered. Rex looked up, then at the broken lamp, then back at the one that had just come on.

"Oh slag...."


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