Saké Comments - "The Long Road" Chapter one- The Breakthrough

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"The Long Road" Chapter one- The Breakthrough
10-30-2008, 05:20 PM
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Re: "The Long Road" Chapter one- The Breakthrough
Highram Wrote:"Um.... I think so.... well... Somethings coming.... wait.... Yes. It's on it's way. I estimate a rough 5 mins before it's here so I'd get ready." he replied.

X-Bot Wrote:Yo!!! What the rust is going on here??? WHy are you in there come on out bot....Don't try anything sneaky either!

Sonics' body flintched.

Errrr Sonics began to think what to say. Ha ha ha ha, you caught me, oh wait.

Sonics poked his head out as if he was looking for someone but in fact was looking for the real target.

Huh you haven't seen a lil kid 'looking' for someone have you? My lil bro and I are playing hide and seek. Quick jump in before he sees us. Otherwise I will get caught and have to do his chores for a week.......

But then Sonics' communicator activated

Highram Wrote:"Oh, and Sonics, I think somebots found your hiding place. I think It'd be best to hide him as well before we're found out. But I'm only suggesting."


SLAG!, he sighed. So are you happy with you life?He asked. I am not. This place is getting too tiring and soul crippling. If you do not act the way the rules specify and deviate just a little bit, you are outcasted, scrap metal, A- WASTE-OF-SPACE. Well I have found others that feel the same way and want a different, more meaningful life. And on this rock there is nothing to excite our imaginations, and no stupid rules that would come to harm us.

Sonics stood up inside the dumpster. If you do feel the same, come join us. He reached out his left hand to help the big bot jump in, and crossed his toes (if he had any) that the bot would say yes.

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