Saké Comments - "The Long Road" Chapter one- The Breakthrough

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"The Long Road" Chapter one- The Breakthrough
11-11-2008, 10:39 PM
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Re: "The Long Road" Chapter one- The Breakthrough
Sonics stopped the unknown new member from taking the other escort.

What the Slag? Why did you put that bot offline? We do not need more attention on our actions tonight. Hence the dont kill anyone part I said earlier. Now we got more problems to deal with. Lets hope that X116 does not put you on the scrap heap for this. Get in the back of the truck and dont you dare do anything else stupid. Or you will be lying knocked out with those other bots.

Sonics walked aggressively towards the truck, he opened the door and helped Ramp-X take the driver out and tossed him into a nearby dumpster with a lid lock mechanism.

For those who can actually understand, we will use this dumpster to hide the UNCONCIOUS bots in. It might be cramped but with all of them in there they can at least find a way out. As for 'our' mishap place the bot in that dumpster where X and I were hiding. This will at least give us some time before they realise what happened. MMB get the lights back online, we dont want any repair crews rushing to fix the lights and then finding our mess.

Sonics walked over to the other escort, to make sure a least this one would be safe. He checked to see if he was out for good and placed him with the truck driver. Sonics rushed back to the bikes, he looked over to Ramp-X and signaled him to come over to the bikes. Sonics picked up one of the bikes and gave a gesture to Ramp-X to help him.

Yo X! Come over and help us move the other bike. Sorry we aint use to carrying heavy loads so, I hope you are ok on your own? Just follow us so we can hide this things, Sonics called over X25 to help out.

Lets just hope this hasn't scared him off, he thought.

As they were pushing the bikes to the alley, he quickly scanned the channels on the onboard communicators.

Better store these in case we get some callers, he thought.

As Ramp-X and Sonics go to the alley, they searched for an area where they would be hard to spot and covered it with what he could find.

Can you believe what that bot just did? Who the slag is he and what the heck is gonna happen next?, he ranted to Ramp-X.

X25 followed soon behind. He did struggle only a little bit only because of the crash, as the front wheel support was bent making it hard at times to push.

After hiding the other bike the three of them walked back towards the truck. Sonics got into the driver's seat. He sat there waiting for the others to hop on board.

And there was me worring about knocking out some bots, but now I have to witness murder. I hope this is worth it, he thought.

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