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Generations 2011 Vol 2 Gallery
09-08-2011, 08:22 PM
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Generations 2011 Vol 2 Gallery
Please use this thread to discuss the Generations 2011 Vol 2 Gallery news story on the main site.

We have uploaded our image gallery of Transformers Generations 2011 Volume 2.
This book included a manga for Transformers United Stepper along with images of Transformers Dark of the Moon figures.

Also included in the book are images of hardcopies for several
unreleased Unicron toys from Generation One and Beast Wars Neo, a great
look at the production run for Fortress Maximus from designs, hard
copies, prototypes and all the finished items of Fortress Maximus, Grand
Maximus, Brave Maximus and Lucky Draw Brave Maximus. Also included is a
really nice look at a hard copy Wheelie toy. The magazine also
includes concept art for unreleased Pretenders and Action Masters.  Also included is only the second ever image of the super rare Chromedome statue

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