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A quick update
11-17-2011, 10:41 PM
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A quick update
Just a quick update regarding myself for everyone, or rather anyone interested.

1. My new computer finally arrived today so I am currently moving all the files back, re-configuring email and re-installing software. I suspect this will take me 3 or 4 days to get everything back set-up and working as I want it. The new computer is a bit of a beast so I'm maxing out the USB drive. Sadly the external disk it's backed up on is USB2 only and not USB3 so it will take 6 hours to finish copying everything back. In the meantime the computer is pretty much idea lol. Anyway, once I have it all working (or at least enough) I will get back to finishing off the re-write (finally) which will make me so happy to get to the end of (or the end for now),

2. I received the contracts for the house I am trying to buy yesterday, yay me. There are still some outstanding my lawyers need and I need to sort out building insurance but it could be settled anywhere from the next 2 weeks to taking another 2 1/2 months depending on whether the current tenants have been giving their notice yet. Still this is a big move for me as it will be my first property so I will be tied up over the next week sorting out the legal paper work my side to try to get it through as quickly now as I can.

3. My company directors have agreed to sell my employer to an Australian based firm. The sale should be settled in early December. There was a big question mark regarding my position within the company and the possibility of it being made redundant but I have spoken to the man who will become the CEO and he has re-assured me that my employment should be safe and he is looking forward in working directly with me which was hinted at before but looked unlikely since they have an existing CTO who I understood was going to come in and become my boss. That may not happen now and having spoken to the previous owner regarding his ideas (as there have been a lot of conditions with the sale) I am expecting my role within the company to change, quite what I will be doing however I am not sure.

4. Roll Out Roll Call 2012 - As of October Transformers At The Moon officially became the major sponsor for the G.I-Joe - Transformers convention taking place in Southampton next March. We had been in discussions with Dave Tree since prior to Auto Assembly 2011 and spent a considerable amount of time talking to him at the show and afterwards about his plans, our plans and we were pretty much in sync. We are now playing a major role in the event, helping to organise panels and events as well as organising some new guests. Currently the guest list stands at 10 people though only 4 have been announced (or is it 5 I forget). The next guest will be announced on this website shortly. Due to out involvement in the convention we will be getting some exclusive content for our websites (probably not this one but a future one) which should be pretty cool.

We will, at present, still be involved with Auto Assembly 2012 as we are on the committee for the event. My hope is that we can play a role for both conventions in the future to help support them both and we hope that as many of you will support us by supporting the events as well. Both have big plans that I do not feel conflict and could really do with all of our support
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11-17-2011, 11:47 PM
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Re: A quick update
Good luck with the job, hope they sort out something that's good for you! and have fun in your new house Smile

Wraithchild666 reborn
I used to be normal like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee..
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