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Transformers Animated episode 9, Sound and Fury, introduces the Decepticon warrior Soundwave, and focuses on the relationship between Sari and Bulkhead.

Below you will find 241 images of the episode, which first aired on the 23rd February 2008, in the US on Cartoon Network.

Episode Summary The episode starts out with Sari and Bulkhead looking for a birthday present for Sari, when the pair are attached by the "Professor Princess", a young female supervillan who's unusual arsenal of attacks include Carebears and a flying My Little Pony!
After Sari defeats the Professor, after using the Allspark key, Megatron starts a plan to use the device to create a new body. As Issac Sumdac discusses his daughters birthday with Megatron, the Decepticon Leader annouces that he already has something in mind.

Sari has a birthday party where her friends ... well the kids of the employees of Issac (Gary, Trisha and two other boys, one of which looks like G1's Daniel), are reluctant guests. When the Autobots turn up the kids get excited, and they end up having a ride, with Bulkhead left behind.

Issac then decideds to give Sari his present, a robotic music player called Soundwave. Soundwave has no spark, and is actually a drone controlled by Megatron, with the idea of stealing the key. As Sari is left with the toy she decides to add some upgrades, by using the key (she really does use it far too much). The more she uses the key, the more upgrades Soundwave gets (which is exactly what Megatron was planning). Bulkhead arrives and even jokes about how using the key is a bad idea (listing three previous episodes). Bulkhead and Sari then head out of the Sumdac tower and leave Soundwave alone.

That night Megatron orders Soundwave to take the key of Sari whilst she sleeps, but just before he can reach it she wakes up. Not realising that Soundwave is anything more then a toy she uses the key on him again, the result of which gives Soundwave the ability to control any earthern robot. Sari loves this and takes Soundwave to the part to perform a concert.
When the Autobots turn up, Bulkhead breaks Soundwave, so Sari has to use the key again. This time it ignites his spark, and makes him self aware. As Sari, Soundwave and her teaching-bot wait to get on a train, Megatron orders Soundwave to come to him. Soundwave refuses to go with Sari and walks of, looking at how robots are treated on Earth. He sees them as superior beings who are slaves to the humans, whereas the humans should be their slaves. At this point Megatron contacts him again, and tells him that the Decepticons feel the same way, yet the traitorous Autobots feel it's fine for the robots to work for the humans.

Soundwave forms his own army of earthern robots, combining many of them with his own body to give him a new full size body (which is what the Animated Soundwave toy is based on). Soundwave's army then starts to attack the Autobots and he loks to liberate the robots.

Optimus orders Bulkhead to stop Soundwave, which he does rather easily, destroying the robot. Once Soundwave is defeated the earther robots go back to normal and Sari and Bulkhead make up.
At the end of the episode Megatron is even more determined to gain the Allspark key, and a small music player is seen where Soundwave was defeated. Slowly it's lights come on, and the Decepticon insignia appear ... Soundwave lives!

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