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Episode 14 of Transformers Animated, called Nature Calls, sees Bumblebee, Prowl and Sari investigating a Cybertronian signal coming from a snowy forest. What lurks in the middle of the forest, and why does it contain a Cybertronian signal?

The episode first aired on the 22nd March 2008 and although doesn't introduce any new characters, features some more of the Contruction workers (based on Sparkplug) and some construction robots looking like Generation One Scavenger.

Episode Summary
The episode begins in a mine where a construction worker, working for Issac Sumdac, is attacked. Optimus Prime sends Prowl, Bumblebee and Sari to investigate, hoping the mission will build character. Bumblebee complains, as he does not want to leave the comforts he has gotten used to, although Sari is very eager to go camping and Prowl likes the idea of getting back to nature. The Autobots make their way to the forest and start to make camp. Prowl again complains about how much Bumblebee has bought with him, and there are a few comic scenes with the yellow-bot. After they finally get to sleep Bumblbee and Sari are awoken by a noise, which Prowl declares is just a bear. As it turns out he could be no futher from the truth, it is actually a strange techno-organic monster, laker explained as Space-Barnacles. The Space-Barnacles may be loosely based on the Scraplets from the Generation One comic.

The creature chases after the Autobots, who stumble across the mine. As they prepare to enter the mine, thinking that the creature is inside, it appears on-top of the cave and starts to attack again. As Prowl realises what the creature is, the two Autobots struggle against the monster, trying to make sure that it does not touch them. If touched by a Space Barnacle, you too would lbe mutated. Bumblebee finally manages to push the creature off a cliff, and into a river below, but not before Prowl is infected. The ninja-bot then starts chasing down Bumblebee, trying to infect him.

As Bumblebee starts to head back to the Autobot base for help, Sari reminds him that Prowl is following and that he would infect the whole city. They decide to try and trap Prowl in the old mine. Finding their way back to the mine is a struggle in itself, as Bumblebee has no idea where he is going. Once they make it back to the mine, Bumblebee uses his stingers to bring the cave enterance down around the mutated Prowl, however he forgets that he and Sari should be outside of the mine, and so they are now trapped in the mine with mutant-Prowl.

A chase ensues and Bumblebee shows his ignorance yet again. Sari has to save the day, leading them into the furnace room, so they can try to use hot-water to wash the Barnacles off Prowl. They trap Prowl outside of the furnace room, but not before Bumblebee gets infected. Sari then uses the key to ignite the furnace, however for once she cannot use it's powers, and simply bangs it against the equipment.

No sooner is the furnace on then Prowl breaks into the room, and he and Bumblebee stumble after Sari. Sari retaliates by shooting them with hot water, cleansing them of the Barnacles, and returning them to normal.

The scene jumps back to the Autobot base where Sari is telling Optimus Prime of the story, and how she has gained a cold. The final scenes of the episode show Issac Sumdac finding the creature, which is now showing a Decepticon logo. This appears to be the body of Megatron.

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