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Episode 16 of Transformers Animated, called Megatron Rising Part Two continues from where the previous episode left off. Megatron, who finally has a new body, appeared infront of the Autobots, Bulkhead, Prowl and Optimus Prime, whilst Bumblebee fights Starscream and Sari has been captured by Blackarachnia. This episode was the final episode in Season One of Transformers Animated. Episode Summary
The episode starts with a flash back to the previous episode, Megatron Rising Part One, and then continues on with Megatron fighting Bulkhead, Prowl and Optimus Prime. Megatron easily defeats the three Autobots, whilst Starscream has to decide whether to kill Bumlbebee and serve Megatron, or help the Autobots and take control of the Decepticons. He decides the first option, and dispatches of Bumblebee before joing Megatron. As Megatron prepares to lead the Decepticon's in search for the Allspark, he zaps Starscream with Sari's key, shortcircuiting the Decepticon Air Commander. Megatron then transforms and leads Blitzwing and Lugnut away. Optimus and the other Autobots come too, and Issac Sumdac reveals all about his connection to Megatron.

The scene then jumps to the Autobot spacecraft (Omega Supreme), where Ratchet is trying to get the ship online ready to battle the Decepticons. Teletran-1 spots an intruder close to the ship, the Decepticon Blackarachnia along with Sari. Ratchet pilots the ship away from the lake, freeing Sari and knocking Blackarachnia away from them. With the other Autobots now in the ship Prime orders Ratchet to leave the Earth in order to take the Decepticon's away from the humans, to keep them safe. As Ratchet flies the ship off the Decepticon's attach once more, and the ship looses power. They eventually crash in the creator on Dinobot Island, and the Decepticons move in for the kill.

As the Decepticon's attack, it's shown that the Autobots are clearly outmatched. Biltzwing's use of his ice-cannons seems to be especially effective against the Autobots, until they realise his weakness ... his split personality. As Bumblebee distracts him, Blitzting transforms into tank mode whilst flying over a lake, and ends up crashing into the water.

Bulkhead and Lugnut square off in a classic "Battle of the Big-Bots" with the green Autobot coming out on-top, meanwhile Optimus Prime struggles to defeat Megatron. Sari heads to the Allspark after Issac Sumdac tells her there is something important that she must know, though that information is kept back to a later series. Optimus and Megatron crash through the ship, landing next to the Allspark, where Megatron finally gains control over the object, inseting it's power into his chest. As Prime battles with Megatron again he decides to use the same technic used in the live-action Transformers Movie, and pushes the Allspark Key into Megatron's chest, overpowering Megatron with the power of the Allspark. As the decepticon leader seemingly expolodes, the Autobots are left victorious, although now without the Allspark. Sari's key, which Optimus gives back to her, is now the only remaining piece of the Cybertonian device.

The final senes see Megatron, still alive, though badly damaged (hence the Battle Damage toy) clutching onto Issac Sumdac. The scientist is still the Decepticon leaders' prisoner.

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