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Episode 26 of Transformers Animated had its English language TV debut on the 4th June 2008, on the UK station Nick Toons. The episode, entitled "Black Friday", saw the return of Meltdown as well as the return of the Decepticon Blackarachnia, with the majority of the episode taking place on "Dinobot Island".

The episode began with Sari and Bumblebee visiting Meltdown in jail as they hoped he could provide them with information on any dirty dealings that Porter C Powell may be involved with. Not long after the two left, with Meltdown provdiing no help, than the Dinobots turn up and breakdown out, albeit by stealing the cell with him in. They take him back to Dinobot Island where it is revealved that they are following the orders of Blackarchnia, with who the three Dinobots have fallen in love.

Upon hearing that Meltdown has escaped the Autobots start to investigate and when they realise that the Dinobots were involved Optimus Prime orders Prowl and Bumblebee go with him to Dinobot Island to find out why the three Autobots would have done such a thing. When they arrive they split up whihc results in Blackarachina easily picking off Bumblebee and Prowl, using her venom to put both into statis lock. Optimus Prime is forced into agreeing to work with Decepticon and Meltdown who want Prime to go with Grimlock and steal the Genentic Modifier, the last part Meltdown needs for his machine in order to purge BlackArachina of her organic half. Optimus and Grimlock travel to Sumdac Tower to take the device from Meltdowns old lab.

When they return to Dinobot Island they are double crossed by Meltdown who sends his two minons (Bomb-burst and Submarauder) to attack Prime and Grimlock whilst the super-villian then double-crosses BlackArchnia as well revealing his true plan of using the device to rid her of her robot half, leaving just the organic side which he plans to then use in his experiment. Grimlock and Prime are safe by the arrival of Snarl and Swoop, but not before Grimlock has set fire to part of the island. They put the fire out then stop Meltdown from his plans, only to have the Genentic Modifer work on Meltdown who turns into a pile of goo. After freeing BlackArchnia, Optimus Prime is attacked by Grimlock in one final move by the Decepticon, as a diversion whilst she makes her escape. Prime returns to Prowl and Bumblebee to discover that BlackArchnia has left the anti-toxin behind so he can save his friends.

The episode ends with Prime pondering whether there is still some good left in BlackArchnia as the scene shifts to see the pool of goo that was once Meltdown begin to reform on the floor, with his grinning fce appearing in the middle.

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