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Episode 36 of Transformers Animated was titled "Predacons Rising" and featured the return of Blackarachnia, the Dinobots and the introduction of Waspinator. The episode first aired within American on Saturday 11th April 2009 .

Predacon's Rising - Episode Summary

This episode of Transformers Animated carries on from Where is Thy Sting, with the Autobot's chasing down Wasp. As they close in Swoop suddenly appears, swooping in and taking Wasp with him. Sentinal Prime orders Jetfire and Jetstorm to pursue him, carrying him by a magnet attached to his head. Optimus Prime tries to tell him that there is something he should know, but Sentinal doesn't listen.

We then jump to Dinobot Island in the middle of Lake Eerir, where Blackarachnia has taken over Meltdown's lab. Swoop arrvies with Wasp and she starts to enlist his help, by promising to give him new power. Whilst Blackarchnia convinces Wasp to take part in her experiments Sentinal and the brothers Jet (Jetfire and Jetstorm) arrive on the island. As Wasp agree's and is knocked unconscience due to the pain, Sentinal Prime comes up with a plan to sneak past the Dinobots and into the lab. He asks Jetfire and Jetstorm to create a diversion and sneaks in.

Inside Sentinal Prime discovers Blackarchnia, who reveals her past to Sentinal. Disguisted by her techno-organic form Sentinal prepares to attack before Wasp emerges in a new form ... that of Waspinator. As Waspinator prepares to attack Sentinal knock's Blackarchnia's faceplate off, revealig her true face. Optimus and Bumblebee arrive and a fight ensues.

Near the end of the fight Waspinator's new form becomes unstable and he starts to glow with power. Blackarachnia jumps near to Waspinator has he explodes into a ball of light and the pair disappear.With the Decepticon's defeated the Elite Guard leave Earth, as with Ultra Magnus offline Sentinal Prime is the highest ranking Autobot remainig.

The final scene's see Waspinator in pieces pulling himself together (in typical Beast Wars style). Blackarachnia also looks up and sees the faces of some familiar looking animals (an ape, rhino, cheetor and rat). It appears they have been transported back into the Beast Wars!

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