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Below you will find 249 image from the Transformers Animated episode 5 called Total Meltdown. This episode was broadcast as an part of the On Demand service by Warner Brothers Digital Cable within the US on January 18th 2008. This episode introduced the human character Prometheus Black and show his transformation into the super-villian known as Meltdown.

Episode Summary

The episode starts with the Autobots watching TV and commenting on the abuse that thr human vehicles are subjected to. Whilst channel-surfing they stumble across a wrestling match introduced by the bio-scientist Prometheus Black. It is announced that the match will pit a human against a machine. The machine, much to the Autobots suprise, turns out to be Bumblebee managed by Sari. The human is Sirus "The Colossus" Rhodes a old man who has undergone Prometheus' experiements which allows him to morph into a supersized human. The match quickly gets out of hand, with Bumblebee being thrown through a wall out into the carpark (parking lot). Meanwhile Prometheus Black is seen talking to Captain Fanzone regarding using his technology to enchance the Detriot police force so they can do away with the robots. Back outside, the other Autobots turn up to help defeat The Colossus, making fun of Bumblebee's short stature, setting up the sub-plot for the episode. The scene jumps and Prometheus is told that his backers are going to pull out their financial support and that he will gain no further test subjects. Prometheus doesn't take the news well and smashed some viles that he is working on, causing an accident in his lab. It is this accident that mutates him into Meltdown.

Back at the Sumdac Tower, Issac is demonstrating his latest police robot when it malfunctions for no apparent reason. The Autobots investigate and discover that there has been foul play involved. The Autobots head off to tell Issac of their discovery, however it is too late, Meltdown is already there.

When the Autobots arrived at the Tower, there is a forcefield in place preventing them from getting in. Ratchet, managed to disrupt the field enough to allow Bumblebee and Sari to sneak inside. Sirus then turns up attacking the other Autobots leaving only Bumblebee and Sari to save Issac and disabled the forcefield. Whilst the other Autobots fight Sirus finally using sound to defeat him, Bumblebee and Sari sneak their way into Sumdac Tower, Sari disables the forcefield whilst Bumblebee makes his way upto Issacs office. Here he comes across Meltdown and yet another battle ensues. The battle ends up back in the lobby, by which time the other Autobots have arrived. Both Bumblebee and Bulkhead are damaged by Meltdown's acid before Ratchet and Sari capture the villian using the Sumdac Tower forcefield.

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