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Episode twelve of Transformers Prime aired on The Hub on Saturday 16th April 2011 and was titled Predatory. The episode focused on Arcee and a new Decepticon character Airarchnid. Airarchnid is an updated version of the Black Arachnia character from Beast Wars, Beast Machines and Transformers Animated.

The episode also briefly introduced a new Autobot character, and former partner of Arcee's called Tailgate. Tailgate was of course another Generation One mini-bot and was Arcee's partner prior to her teaming up with Cliffjumper.

The episode begins within a forest with Arcee and Jack out investigating when they come across a downed spaceship. Upon entering the craft Arcee insantly recognises the ship and begins to have flashbacks to an event that still haunts her. She decides to take Jack away to safety whilst we tracks down the pilot of the craft who turns out to be another female Cybertronian in the form of Airarchnid. Airarchnid has a history with Arcee as the female fatale previously captured the Autobot and tortured her to try to extract information. Airarchnid explains how she now enjoys hunting down indigenous creatures of the varous planets that she visits for her trophy case. On Earth that of course means Humans. It is not long Airarchnid turns her attentions on Jack, after pinning Arcee down with her webbing and a chase ensues.

Throught the episode, Arcee's flashbacks continue and we learn that before she was partnered with the recently deceased Cliffjumper, she was teamed up with Tailgate. Unfortunately at that time both members of the team we captured by Airarchnid's forces and Tailgate was killed infront of Arcee. After loosing both her previous partners Arcee is extremely worried that the same fate awaits Jack.

Jack manages to lure Airarchnid back to her ship where he finds an Energon leak and, igniting it, he blows-up her craft setting the Decepticon on fire. Unfortunately for Jack Airarchnid survives and pins him down. She is just about to finish off the Human and Arcee arrives to save the day. Another hand-to-hand fight breaks out, with Arcee winning this time. Arcee free's Jack but Airarchnid takes that opportunity to burrow under-ground on Earth where we is now stranded.

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