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The 16th episode of Transformers Prime aired on The Hub on Saturday 18th June 2011. The episode is titled Operation Breakdown and as you could probably guess from the name, the episode has a strong focus on the Decepticon Breakdown. It also features the return of the Human group known as M.E.C.H.

The episode starts of in a waorn torn town in Eastern Russia with battle taking place between Breakdown and Bulkhead. Breakdown wins the fight and is just about ot finish of the Autobot when the M.E.C.H organisation appear and not only disable the Decepticon but also transport him back to there near-by base.

After the credits roll, Bulkhead is shown coming too and request an EVAC back to the Autobot HQ. Optimus Prime reprimands the Wrecker for taking on the Decepticons alone. Bulkhead explains that he thought that the Autobots has turned up and defeated Breakdown or that Agetn Fowler had turned up as he remembers hearing the sound of a helicopter.

The scene shifts to the Decepticon HQ where Starscream recommends organising a rescue mission to extract Breakdown. Megatron disgrees feeling that if he could allow himself to be captured by Humans, then he is on his own. Starscream is not pleased to hear this as Breakdown is very much a part of his plan to usurp power from Megatron.

Back at the Autobot base Optimus Prime announces that the Autobots will infact mount a rescue mission to free Breakdown. This comes as a suprise to all o the other Autobots, but as Optimus explains they can not let M.E.C.H get their hands on Cybetronian technology.

Back at the M.E.C.H base Silas voiced by Clancy Brown, starts to operate on their captured Decpeticon after explaining that they plan to dissect the Decepticon and extract information on his weaponary as well as his biology.

Back at the Autobot base Bulkhead refuses to take part in the rescue due to his history with Breakdown. Optimus Prime agrees to leave him behind much to the disappointment of Mikko. The rest of the Autobot team ground-bridge back to Russia and immediately Bumblebee pick up the tracks of the M.E.C.H vehicles. However, Ratchet also picks up an Energon signal and the team decide to follow that instead.

Meanwhile back at the Autobot base, Agent Fowler, Mikko and Bulkhead have started to watch a double bill of Monster movies and whilst the FBI agent sleeps, Mikko and Bulkhead discuss the situation. Bulkhead explains that he has a long history with Breakdown, something that will no doubt be explored further within future episodes of the show, but Mikko points out that if they do not rescue the Decepticon, that Bulkhead will never get to have his re-match against his Decepticon rival.

Back in Russia, the Autobots discover the source of the Energon signature ... one of Breakdown's optics! Ratchet manages to play back the last images recorded by the optic before the image is interruptd by Silas who has converted the eye into a two-way video. Silas keeps the Autobots talking whilst a bombthat M.E.C.H have planted near-by counts down to zero. The Autobots realise what is going on just in time to escape the blast.

We shift back to the M.E.C.H lab where Silas informs Breakdown that his rescues, the Autobots, are no in a worse state than he is. Breakdown is shocked to hear that it is the Autobots who are trying to rescue him and not the Decepticons. At this point Bulkhead, who has ground-bridged back to Russia, comes busting into the base and frees the 'con. The two Transformers team up and fight there way back out of the base before coming under attack from more Humans. Bulkhead radio's for backup but it is the M.E.C.H re-enforcements that assemble the quickest. Just as things are looking bad for the Transformers robotic signatures are picked up by the M.E.C.H troops and Silas orders them to fall back. Both Bulkhead and Breakdown assume that it is the Autobots that have arrived but to their suprise it is actually Starscream and a group of airbourne vehicons. Starscream orders Breakdown to kill Bulkhead and another fight breaks out this time between Bulkhead and all of the assembled Decepticons. The big green Wrecker stands his ground though and is actually starts to win the fight using Breakdown as a weapon against the other Decepticons. Just as the Decepticons re-group the Autobot finally arrive, causing Starscream to order a retreat. As Bulkhead celebrates his victory over Breakdown, the scene shifts again up the mountain where a hovering Starscream, in Jet mode, tells Breakdown that a time will come where he will have to decide who's side he is on. Autobot's or Decepticons? Breakdown asks. No, Starscream replies, Megatron or himself.

The scene shifts one final time back to Silas who announces that, though they lost Breakdown, the M.E.C.H group did manage to extract the information that they wanted.

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