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Episode 7 of Transformers Prime entitled Scraphead was often wrongly referred to by fans as Scraplets.

The episode begins in the Arctic with Bulkhead and Bumblebee locating a pod buried in the snow which they promptly take back to their base. The two Autobots are checked over by Ratchet as they have been exposed to the Articts sub-zero temperatures for a long period. The Autobot's decide to defrost the pod to see what is inside. At the sametime the Human cast arrive and its revealed that the day is Saturday. This is thrown in to explain why the kids are not in school. Optimus Prime and Arcee prepare to travel to the Arctic in search of more clues regarding the pod's origins with Ratchet equiping the pair with temperature sensors so that they can monitor their core temperatures whilst expose to the artic temperature. Ratchet explains that if their core temperature get into the blue-zone they risk freezing. Jack, who was initially keen to go out on a ride with Arcee, changes his mind when he hears where they are headed. Raf, being Raf, is still interested as he has never seen snow before but Optimus tells the youngest of the Humans that it is simply too dangerous but that he will bring back a snowball for him. With that the two Autobots ground-bridge out.

Immediately after Optimus Prime and Arcee bridge out, the ground bridge system goes down! Bumblebee and Raf are about to play video games when Ratchet calls upon Bulkhead and Bumblebee to help him with some heavy lifting which leaves the three Humans to amuse themselves. Miko pickes up two controllers and challenges Jack to a game, much to Raf's dismay. Jack is not interested at first until Miko suggests that he is scared to loose to a girl. Just as they start to play Jack notices that Raf is unhappy and offers him his control. Raf refused and leaves to be by himself whilst the teenagers play a racing game.

The scene shifts and we see that Raf has wanders off and is playing a game pretending to be in the Arctic, when he stumbles upon a orb like creature that he assumes is an Autobot pet. The orb type creature looks up at him with cute eyes, in a knod to too many 1980's movies and TV shows including G.I-Joe. Raf is taken in and starts to play fetch with it using a bolt that he found on the floor. Raf is a little taken back when, instead of returning with the bolt, the little robotic creature eats it and then rubs up against Raf's leg like a dog.

Raf returned to the control centre unaware that there is equipment sparking further on down the corridor where the creature had previously been feasting.

Back in the control room more of the base's systems are failing includng the lights. Raf returns and joins his human friends by the Autobots who quickly catch a climps of the Scraplet and freak out in a big way. The creature looks up at the Autobots, its optics registering that they are made of living metal, its favourite food, and immediate reveals it large jaws and attacks Bumblebee gnawing at the Autobots leg and arm before beign destroyed by a combination of the Autobots and Raf. Ratchet examines the creature and confirms the Autobots worse fears .... it IS a Scraplet

Back in the Artict, Optimus and Arcee's core sensors detect that they are reaching the blue zone and so the pair decide to radio baxk to HQ and request a ground bridge. Optimus tries to get through but something is wrong with the radio.

Once again we jump back to the Autobots HQ where the remaining Autobots are discussing what to do. Bulkhead suggests they abandon the base but, as Ratchet explains, with the ground bridge out of action, Optimus an Arcee will be doomed if they do not get the device functional and extract their comrades from the arctic. There is nothing for it, they have to repair the damage and retrieve their friends. The human trio volunteer to help as, being non-metalic creatures, the Scraplets are not interest in them. They decide to pair up with the Autobots, Raf with Bumblebee, Miko with Bulkhead and Jack remaining with Ratchet.

Bulkhead and Miko start heading down the corridor where Raf found the first Scraplet. The large bot becomes rather jumpy and scared of his own shadow which leads Miko to quip that "I get to be your bodyguard for once. How cool is that?". At one point he shrieks which leads to the Japanese teenager asking " Did you just scream like a little girl?", a joke that is continued throughout the remainder of the show to keep add some humour into the episode. After becoming entangled in some wires, Bulkhead comes under attack from a swarm of Scraplets.

Whilst this is going on, Bumblbee and Raf are also making their way through another part of the Autobot base where they too encounter another swarm of Scraplets.

The scene jumps back to Ratchet and Jack with the medi-bot announcing that though he has fixed the Ground-bridge the power is still out so he can not activate it. Its not long after this than a 3rd swarm of Scraplets appear, this time on the wall. They launch off the wall and fly over Jack, much to his suprise, and directly onto Ratchet. Whilst Ratchet struggles to fend of the swarm he yells at Jack to get a fire extinguisher and use it on the Scraplets. The theory being that since they had become dormant whilst in the article, that the fire extinguisher, which happens to be human sized so not much use to the Autobots themselves, would also freeze them. Ratchet is right and Jack manages to freeze enough so that the doc can return to his feet.

The scene once again shifts to the Artict to show that Prime and Arcee are starting to struggle against the cold. Prime tells Arcee to stay awake and the femebot decides to start playing a game of "blame who messed up at the base" and is quick to blame Bulkhead for being clumsy. Prime agrees that Bulkhead is clumsy, but tells Arcee that no-one is stronger on the inside that the green-bot.

Back at the Autobot HQ the Autobots and Humans re-group to find that all of the Autobots are in a bad way. Ratchet tells them that the Ground-Bridge is working and, if they could open it and send the Scraplets to the artic, that should disable them again, but that they need to get the power working again. He deduces that there must be an Energon breach somewhere and the kids volenteer to go and fix it since the Scraplets will not be interested in them. They find the breach and are indeed ignored by the Scraplets which doesn't actally make much sense since they are carrying what appears to be a metal toolbox containing metal tools and the Scraplets have already shown that they will eat anything metal. Regardless they patch up the leak and head back to the main control room quickly followed by the Scraplets

Back in the Arctic Arcee, now believing that both Optimus Prime and herself are going to go offline, decides that now is a good time to say their goodbyes. She talks about though she has had several near-death experiences in war, that the worst part was that they would die like this. Optimus responses by telling Arcee that "This may not be the finish that we have planned, but if this is indeed the end ... If we are to be become one with the Allspark ... " he then stops talking as Arcee reaches out to him and he takes her hand. Arcee tells him that " it has been an honour to serve with you Prime.".

The scene quickly shifts back to the base as Ratchet activates the ground-bridge. A swarm of Scraplets enters the main command center and, realising that there is no other way to draw them through the portal, Bulkhead gets to his feet, draws the attention of the Scraplets and runs through the gateway with the Scraplets attacking him at the same time. The portal opens in the Artic and Bulkhead yells out to Arcee and Prime to "GET DOWN!!" as he collapsed onto the snow. At that moment the Scraplets pick up the heat of Arcee and Optimus Prime and turn their focus on the two freezing Autobots leaving Bulkhead alone. However, just before they come into contact with Optimus Prime, the freezing temperatures become too harsh for the small robotic creatures and they freeze and go into stasis.

The three Autobots return to base and are all hooked up to Electro-pulse monitors whilst they are repaired. Ratchet conceeds that, without the help of the Humans, they would not have survived.

Overall the Scraplets are a homage to not only the scraplets from the original series but also to the Mecannibals who they resemble more physically. The episodes continues to show the development in the rocky relationship between Ratchet and the Human kids as he continues to warm to them. The episode is used to demonstrate the other sides of Bulkheads personality. Up to this point it has been hinted at but mainly he has been used as the dumb-brute, but in this they show that he is quite heroic which is why he is willing to sacrifice himself for the rest of the group. They also show that they have decided to use the old joke about the big tough guy being scared of the smallest thing. There is also a knod within the episode to Transformers Animated Bumblebee who use to like playing video games, when they show Bumblebee wanting to play with Raf. Though this is also used to highlight that he is suppose to be the youngest of the Autobot characters.

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