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Transformers Prime Episode 8 titled COn-Job first aired in America on 25th of February 2011. The episode introduced both a new Autobot,Wheeljack, and a Decepticon, Makeshift. The episode followed on from the previous, Scrapheap, with reference to the damage the Scraplets made to the groundbridge as well as paying hommage to the original Transformers comic series with the introduction of the Wreckers.
Below you will find a full guide to the episode

The episode begins with the Autobots in their Jasper, Nevada base discovering an Autobot signal in space. After making contact Bulkhead recognises the 'bot on the other end as his old Wreckers team mate Wheeljack. Whilst the Autobots prepare for Wheeljacks arrival, or Jackie as Bulkhead refers to him, the Decepticons intercept the signal and make plans of their own.
Starscream orders Soundwave to change the form Makeshift, a Decepticon spy, to mimic that of Wheeljack to infiltrate the Autobot base so that he can learn of it's location. When Wheeljack arrives on Earth he is set greeted by a group of Decepticon jet clones. As Wheeljack fights with them the Autobots open a ground bridge and send Bulkhead, Bumblebee and Arcee to help. They arrive to find Wheeljack has defeated all of the clones without their help.

The Autobots return to their base, and Bulkhead arranges a party to celebtrate his buddies return, we discover that Starscream has actually captured Wheeljack and is holding him prisoner. Meanwhile Makeshift, in the disguise of Wheeljack, tries to find out the location of the Autobot base from Miko.

Bulkhead eventually suspects that something is up and callenges Wheeljack (Makeshift), who grabs Miko hostage and prepares to open a ground bridge to enable Starscream and his pending army to attack. At the same time the real Wheeljack escapes from the Decepticon prison and starts to kick skid plate. As the ground bridge opens the real Wheeljack transports to the Autobot base and fights with Makeshift.
A classic 'who is the real one' fight begins, and eventually Makeshift is defeated and sent back to the Decepticons via another groundbridge. As Starscream asks Makeshift for the lcation of the base he spots a bomb attached to the spy about to go off. Soundwave and Starscream flee whilst the bomb detonates and takes out Makeshift and the Decepticon clone army.

Back at the Autobot base Wheeljack annouces that he does not intend to stay, and leaves in his spacecraft (but only after asking Bulkhead to join him). Bulkhead decides to stay on Earth with Team Prime and Miko.

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