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Transformers Animated

TFNation have announced that they are taking orders for their 2nd run of their fan produced Transformers Animated Trial and Error graphic novel which finishes of the series, check out the full announcement below.

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting orders for the limited 2nd run of our TFNation 2017 exclusive fan produced graphic novel, Trial and Error. The book was co-written by noted Transformers historian Chris Mcfeely & AllSpark Almanac author Jim Sorenson with sixty pages of incredible art by Ed PirrieHerzspalter & Gavin Spence, luscious lettering by Andrew Turnbull and features a corker of a cover by Josh Perez.

The graphic novel is ONLY available to valid TFNation 2017 ticket holders with orders closing on the 10th September at 6pm BST.

The book costs £6 plus postage and packaging, international orders are welcome.

As with the initial run, this book is a not-for-profit venture and any additional monies remaining having covered the printing and postage costs will be donated to Mary’s Meals.

If you wish to register your interest then please email your name, postal address, ticket reference along with the number of the books you wish to order to If you bought your ticket on the door then please state this in the email and we shall validate your details against the forms that were completed during the event.

You will be contacted after the 10th September with the final cost including postage and packaging along with details on how to pay.


The TFNation Crew

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