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Transformers War of the Dinobots Extended And Delete Audio

This video contains audio that was cut from the Transformers Generation One episode War of the Dinobots. The audio has been taken from an original cassette tape from the original recording sessions. You can read a transcript of the dialogue in the description below 

The full script is available to download at thanks to Jim Sorenson and Chris McFeely

#### Wally Burr Intro ####

*NEW* WALLY: Ah this is Transformers War of the Dinobots 700-07

#### Extended Scene ####

OPTIMUS PRIME: I always worry about the Decepticons, Spike. Autobots, transform.

CHIP: Thanks for comin' so fast. According to my calculations, the meteor should hit sometime tonight.

*NEW* HOUND: Maybe I can help Chip. I'll make a hologram of the meteor's final destination. Here! It will land in that deserted section of the city in 7 thousand astro-seconds.

OPTIMUS PRIME: The meteor could be an energy source of incalculable strength.

IRONHIDE: Then we'd better get to it before the Decepticons do.

#### Extended Scene ####

MEGATRON: Soundwave, discover the Dinobots' soft spots.

SOUNDWAVE: As you command, Megatron.

*NEW* LAZERBEAK: [shriek]

*NEW* RAVAGE: [snarls]

#### Extended Scene ####

OPTIMUS PRIME: Everyone, take cover!

*NEW* LAZERBEAK: [shriek]

IRONHIDE: Spike, move it!

#### Extended Scene ####

MEGATRON: Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker! Transport the meteorite to the place I've selected.

*NEW* MEGATRON: The rest of you join them -- while I remain behind to discuss a plan with our brilliant Dinobot allies.

MEGATRON: If it please you, o superior ones, might one as unworthy as I suggest a course of action to assist in the destruction of our enemy Optimus Prime?

#### Extended Scene ####

WHEELJACK: If this fragment is typical, the meteorite is just cooking with unstable energies. It's liable to explode at any second.

TRAILBREAKER: Not if I can help it!

*NEW* TRAILBREAKER: I really got a bang out of that! [laughts]

CHIP CHASE:If the whole meteorite explodes...

WHEELJACK: there's no telling what might happen.

#### Extended Scene ####

SIDESWIPE: Great! I 'm finally gonna get in a fight!

*NEW* PROWL: Wind? My motor reflex circuits weren't prepared for wind!

#### Extended Scene ####

OPTIMUS PRIME: I do not want to fight you, but you leave me no choice.

*NEW* MEGATRON: Megatron calling Starscream, our Dinobots have triumphed! I shall rejoin you now.

OPTIMUS PRIME: Please! This is senseless! We are friends!

#### Body English Scene ####

*NEW* WALLY: Good and the B dialogue trying to get up, body english for 95, b dialogue take onw

PRIME: [body english]

GRIMLOCK: Goodbye, friend. You are weak, so you must be destroyed!

PRIME: [body english]

SLUDGE: Optimus Prime ... terminated?

#### MISSING Scene ####

*NEW* CHIP: No word yet from Optimus Prime yet, Wheeljack?

*NEW* SPIKE: Don't worry about Optimus, Chip, he can handle anything ... especially when he's got the help of three loyal Dinobots

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