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Transformers Convention News

TFNation have announced that dedicated art and craft trading area known as "The Forge" will return for TFNation 2017. TFNation 2017 take place from August 11th through August 13th 2017 at the Hilton Metropole Birmingham in England. You can virew a copy of their announcement below.

Applications are now open as are ticket sales.

Transmission Initiated
Transmission ID:00010
Operation: The Forge Returns for TFNation 2017
TFNation is not only pleased to announce that The Forge is returning for TFNation 2017, but also that applications are now open!
The Forge, located in a specially designated room just outside of the main convention hall, is our home for fan art and crafts and shall be joined this year by various other features, details to be announced in future transmissions. The Forge is an area for our creative attendees to promote, display and sell their work.
Here is how it works...
Aspiring Forge artists and crafters are required to pre-register their interest by completing the application form linked below.
You must be aged 16 or above to make an application. You do not need to have booked a ticket at this stage - you are free to apply before making that decision.
Successful applicants will receive an email inviting them to make a formal booking. Applicants who are not successful this time will be notified and will be welcome to apply again in future years.
TFNation staff will allow a grace period of 14 days, until March 13th, before reviewing applications. This is to allow as many people as possible the chance to apply. All applications will be reviewed by TFNation staff. If necessary, applications will remain open after March 13th until all spaces are sold.
Space will once again be limited, so we recommend getting your applications in as soon as you can.
If your application is successful, you will then be able to book your table.
Both Forge Craft and Forge Artist Alley stalls cost £25.00, including built in insurance. You must also hold a valid TFNation 2017 full weekend ticket.
If you do not hold a weekend ticket then one shall automatically be added to your Forge booking. If you have already purchased a day ticket and your Forge application is approved, then your ticket will be automatically upgraded to a Weekend ticket for an additional price.
Full terms and conditions will be available at the time of booking - but here are the important things you need to know about each table type.
- For attendees to promote, display and sell any hand-made craft items. Up to three individuals may share a single Forge Craft Stall.
- Stalls cost £25.00.
- Stalls are only available to attendees who have purchased a weekend ticket.
- Some crafters produce art prints of their creations. We are happy to allow these, however toys, sketches and art commissions may not be sold here. This is to protect our artists and traders who have invested a lot of time and money into their stalls.
- For attendees to promote and display any art prints, sketches and art commissions.
- Artist Alley stalls are for one person only.
- Stalls cost £25.00.
- Stalls are only available to attendees who have purchased a weekend ticket.
- Toys and craft goods may not be sold here. Again, this is to protect our traders and crafters.
All stalls must be staffed by the person(s) who paid for them. This is to ensure the safety of your stock and our attendees. The TFNation crew are unable to staff stalls.
Please CLICK HERE for further details on applying to The Forge.
We look forward to seeing your amazing creations!
Further transmissions to follow.
Where All Are One

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