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Transformers Power Core Combiners

Hong Kong forum TOY-WORLD.COM.HK have posted scans of the March 2012 issue of Figure King featuring MP-11 Starscream, TakaraTomy's Transformers Prime figures and nd the upcoming campaign Microns.  You can find some mirrored images below but we hope to have a full scan of this issue for you shortly.

Category: Transformers Power Core Combiners | Submitted by: quartz - on: Saturday, 25th February 2012 at 17:51:10 GMT | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Power Core Combiners were invited to a webinar with Hasbro and IDW comics to cover a bit on the close future of the Transformers Comics

After the Death of Optimus Prime (IDW #125, due in December), the "War for Cybertron" is officially over. The Autobots have won and took control of the planet. They are starting to rebuild. There is a choice though - stay or go. This is where the split into 2 books will happen. More Than Meets The Eye will follow Rodimus and his team, as they choose to leave Cybertron. Robots In Disguise will focus on the new leader, Bumblebee, and how he leads the remaining Autobots (and Decepticons, all Transformers for that matter), on Cybertron. Two books, one universe.

More Than Meets The Eye, Rodimus will lead at least the following bots - Ultra Magnus, Drift, Ratchet (they are seen on the multi cover images). We will follow them and whomever goes with them in space as they search for the "Knights of Cybertron" a legendary band of bots. They are not even sure if they are real. They supposedly have the power to return Cybertron to the "Golden Age" before the war. This group will run into remnants of the Great War on planets and locations that aren't yet aware it is over, as well as other conflicts. So even though the war is over, it is still an action book.

Robots In Disguise
will focus on Bumblebee and his attempts to rebuild Cybertron's society. Bots staying with 'Bee will include at least Ironhide, Prowl and Wheeljack. Thousands of neutral Transformers are returning home knowing the war is over. Cybertronians that fled the planet eons ago without choosing sides. Left over Decepticons are also present and need to be dealt with, re-integrated. Bumblebee doesn't want to return to the past; rather, he wants to forge a new future for their race. Here and now, moving forward. Managing all these factions and points of view is hard and we will follow his journey through that.

So basically - it is a
philosophical difference between groups of Autobots after the war. Do they look to the past and try to rediscover it, or move away from it look to the future. We follow each view point in the 2 books.

At first, there will be some cross over in the books. But after the "split" officially happens (I assume Rodimus rolls out with his crew to go planet hopping), the
books will be relatively independent of each other. There will be themes that may cross over, and Rodimus' crew members may "call home" every so often. But otherwise, independent.

The way this is being pushed is that if you are new to the IDW universe, new to Transformers, or just want to jump back in,
this is a good point to do so. It's a reboot without losing the rich continuity they have built over the last 3 years.

Each issue ships with
5 variant covers, each shows the major players in each group, connected art covers. Will have Auto/Decept tattoos as well when they ship. 4 variants and one by series artist.

With that general back-story, I'll post brief QnA info from the event below. All paraphrased.

MTME/RID Questions

RE: Talent
No set time for arcs, writers, artists. Ongoing. Alex Milne, Guido, Roche, Wildman, Furman, all involved in something right now.

RE: Reading CHAOS first
Chaos - don't need to have read it, but reading Chaos will enhance the RID/MTMTE experience.

RE: Underused characters
Yes. Name tossed out - Metalhawk. Will still continue with core recognizable characters, but secondary guys will be worked in.

RE: Profile books (IDW Verse)

RE: Decepticons
Starscream role in RID. Cyclonus even though in IDW not a Decept.

RE: Mini Series
Mini series to spin out from these series like Ironhide or Drift - not right now. Infestation and Original G1 are secondary books right now. Possible down the road.

RE: Furman on main continuity books
Loves work, but for now, he's on original and main is staffed well.

RE: Switching artists every 6 months
Not exact, but switch outs will happen.

RE: Cybertron modes
Wait and see.

RE: Decepticons
Play role - yes. Population of Decepticons in RID. Finding a place for Decepts in new world is a difficult challenge to overcome. Different way in MTMTE.

Non MTMTE/RID Questions:

RE: Last Stand of the Wreckers
Plans to continue - no chance right now.

RE: Legacy of Rust
Looking into it.

RE: Autoacrity
Expect announcement later. Set in past. Part of universe. Surprising revelations. Print/Digital - talk later.

Re: Prime Comic
No comment right now.

RE: Writing
Easier to write for these characters? - Always a challenge, but no different than other properties.

RE: G1 Collections
Will IDW continue to release G1 Marvel, collect full series, and will they do G2 in same way?
- Moving ahead, more coming, wait and see on where it goes. Not his personal dept so not 100% sure.

RE: Animated Comics
Not at the moment.

RE: Joe/TF Crossover
Not planned, but Infestation 2 is coming out.

RE: Release schedule
MTMTE week 1, RID week 3, etc - At first yes. Eventually, could change due to overall IDW scheduling. Also will try not to do 2/3 books of a single series in a row etc.

RE: Toys
Not his dept. :).

RE: Vetoing IDW ideas
Veto not a good word. Like to see all ideas, go nuts. If Hasbro needs to, will reel back in. With 1/2 exceptions, never vetoed idea. More of a collab, try to go back and forth until ideas work for everyone.

RE: Exodus/Exiles
More Novels? Stay tuned.

RE: Killing more characters
Not for an event just to sell books, but otherwise, no one is safe.

RE: Universes
Novels fall into current Prime Universe, Movie is own verse, and then IDW "G1" is another one.

RE: Other continuities
Right now - no plans to expand other continuities.

RE: War for Cybertron
Are the WFC games considered part of Prime continuity - YES. Quick and decisive answer.

RE: War for Cybertron Comics
WFC comics - no comment, don't read too much into that. Focus of this event is MTMTE/RID.

More Than Meets The Eye
and Robots In Disguise Issue #1's and their respective 5 covers each go on pre-order this Friday, make sure to add them to your pull lists or grab subscriptions how you normally do. They should be in stores this January.

Category: Transformers Power Core Combiners | Submitted by: Moonbug - on: Thursday, 20th October 2011 at 20:25:13 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Power Core Combiners

BigBadToyStore have sent some images to of the upcoming Transformers Masterpiece MP-11 Starscream. The figure it set to be based on the Transformers The Movie Corination Scene, though the original version already came with a crown and cape.

Category: Transformers Power Core Combiners | Submitted by: Moonbug - on: Thursday, 20th October 2011 at 20:23:17 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

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