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Transformers: Prime­­The Hasbro / Discovery joint venture known as The Hub has now officially launched its website which includes profiles and images of the main Transformers: Prime cast.  Here are the main bios with other details available on the official website.

Optimus Prime
The Autobots' leader is the biggest, strongest, and smartest. Optimus Prime makes the plans and protects the humans in the war with the Decepticons. He's awesome in big-rig mode and even more amazing as his true red-and-blue-armored self. You wouldn't call Optimus Prime cuddly, but he does care. He's just seen a lot of battle ... and he knows there's more to come.

­ Transformers: Prime Optimus PrimeTransformers: Prime Optimus Prime

He's a hot muscle car, and also the Autobot who's been on Earth the longest. So he knows humans best, which helps explains why he's so serious about looking after Raf. Bumblebee's voicebox was damaged on Cybertron, so he "talks" in bleeps and blurts. He may make mistakes, but he's eager to please Optimus Prime.

This giant ATV is the muscle of the Autobots. But Bulkhead's actually kind of sensitive -- as Miko learns when she bonds with him. At first he was a little afraid of hurting his tiny partner, but Miko helped him get over that. Now she even pushes him to do things that sometimes get him into trouble. But when Miko's in danger, Bulkhead's there to protect her. 

This is one awesome motorcycle -- sleek, fast, and powerful. Arcee is also the Autobots' best soldier. She has a special bond with Optimus Prime and is his "go-to" girl. As the least "flawed" of the Autobots, she's the one they can always count on. She wasn't too thrilled to get the job of looking after Jack, but she slowly comes to respect him as a partner.

This hybrid emergency medical truck is the Autobots' medic. Ratchet fixes limbs and gears, and he works to make do with less and less Energon. He knows Optimus Prime best, but he doesn't want the Autobots risking their necks to protect humans, or bringing them into the secret base. Deep down, though, Ratchet admires what the humans bring to the fight.

The head of the Decepticons is just as big as Optimus Prime -- and just as bad as the Autobots' leader is good. Whether in alien fighter jet form or robot mode, Megatron's the most evil and deadly of all the Transformers. He hates how much Optimus Prime cares about Earth, and won't stop until he defeats the Autobots and makes this planet his own.

­ Transformers: Prime MegatronTransformers: Prime Megatron­­

This military fighter jet is Megatron's right-hand man. Starscream would rather sneak up on his victims than face them head-on, which makes him extra-dangerous. He's an expert planner, and that's one reason Megatron keeps him around. Starscream always shows respect to his general, but he's really just waiting for a chance to take command of the Decepticons himself.

A stealth drone and the Decepticons' spy master, Soundwave has no face and doesn't say much. He just quietly finds information to use against the Autobots. He can tap into any transmission anywhere, except at the Autobots' secret base. Soundwave's far-reaching tentacles can snap through concrete, but his main tools are the tiny Deployers in his chest.

Jackson Darby
At 16, he was just a hard-working kid slinging burgers to save up for his first motorcycle. Then Jackson "Jack" Darby met Arcee, his guardian Autobot, and scored a killer bike AND a big sister all in one. With pals Miko and Raf, he helps the Autobots fight the Decepticons. Jack's usually a smart guy and responsible leader ... except when he wants to impress a girl.

Miko Nakadai
She's 15 and from Japan -- but you might not guess that, since she's so into American pop culture. Miko Nakadai loves speed metal and wild punk outfits, and her fearlessness makes her the perfect match for the massive Bulkhead. Her thing for thrills can cause trouble for fellow Teens Jack and Raf. But Miko means well, and she always looks out for her pals.

Rafael Esquivel
He's quiet, shy, and usually the Teen most freaked by danger. But when Rafael "Raf" Esquivel sees any kind of software-based tech, he goes right into "the zone." That's handy at Autobot Central Command, since Ratchet doesn't know much about human tech. Raf's know-how has saved both humans and Autobots.

Cliff Jumper



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