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Season 2 of Transformers Animated started with Episode 17 called Elite Guard. The episode sees the Autobot Elite Guard, consisting of Ultra Magnus, Sentinel Prime and Jazz, on Earth. Whilst Ultra Magnus and Sentinel Prime are reluctant visitors, Jazz takes an instant liking to the planet.

Episode Summary
The episode starts off with the Autobots repairing damage to Detroit caused by their fight with the Decepticons after Megatron's reappearance. The scene soon jumps to Sumdac Towers where SAri has taken on the responsibility of running the Sumdac Systems company in the absence of her father, who was captured by Issac Sumdac. As one of the members of the board, Porter C Powell (previously seen funding Prometheus Blacks bio-science experiments) a bright light is seen in the sky. The Autobots go to investigate, only to find a giant Cybertronian spacecraft, from which Ultra Magnus, Sentinel Prime and Jazz, the Elite Guard, appear. The Autobot Supreme Commander dispences with pleasentries and orders Sentinel Prime to decontaminate the Autobots.

After being cleaned Optimus Prime explains that the humans are safe and that the Allspark, which is the reason the Elite Guard came to Earth, has been destroyed. Sentinel mocks Optimus, not beliving that the Autobots could have defeatd Megatron. They were also unable to pick up any Decepticon signitures on the planet.

The focus then jumps to the Decepticons, who are hiding in a cave which shields them from Autobot sensors. Megatron reveals his new plan (for Season 2 of Transformers Animated), which is to re-create the Autobot's Spacebridge technology, and use it to travel back to Cybertron (which looks really nice in the show) and take over their home world. Issac Sumdac's role in Megatron's plan is to help reverse engineer the Autobot specifications. Starscream, put off-line by Megatron in the previous episode, and Blackarachnia (free agent at the moment) are not with the Decepticons.

Optimus takes Ultra Magnus and Sentinel into Detroit to find their ship and see the damage and proof of the Decepticon attack and the dissipation of the Allspark's powers. At the same time the systems at one of Sumdac's engineering plants goes awol, and the police-bots which are creating start to run riot. Porter C Powell contacts Sari to let her know, and she breaks into the Elite Guards ship, enlisting the help of the Autobots and Jazz, to find out what is going wrong. At this point Optimus Prime, Sentinel Prime and Ultra Magnus are all on Dinobot Island and have a brief encounter with the three Dinobots (giving them another guest appearance). The three also head off towards the Sumdac plant after Optimus is informed of what is going on.

A brief fight ensues between the Police-Bots and the Autobots, with Jazz showing off his advanced ninja techniques. The two Primes and Ultra Magnus turn up, and the Autobots split into two teams. Prowl, Optimus Prime, Jazz and Sari head inside, whilst the rest take care of the renagade robots. Ultra Magnus shows of his "lighting techniques" (his hammer seems based on Thor's hammer), whilst the smaller group of Autobots, lead by Optimus, take care of business inside. After Sari shuts down the machinery they discover a fragment of the Allspark inside the machine, proving to Ultra Magnus and Seintel Prime that Optimus Prime was telling the truth.

The episode ends with Porter C Powell informing Sari that he hs been made CEO of Sumdac Systems and she is no-longer required. He also informs her that there is no proof of her relationship to Issac Sumdac or of her existence at all. All the clews throughout Season 1 pointed to Sari being a robot, or at least Techno-Organic, so this information adds more fuel to those speculations. Sari ust now try to find out what Porter means.

A great start to Season 2, more Autobots arriving, more background twists for Sari and a great continuation of the series.

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