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Welcome to Transformers At The Moon

Welcome to Transformers at the Moon a European based Transformers resource website. Transformers At The Moon was created back in mid October 1999 and is run by two twin brothers. The site started of purely as a website where they could showcase their large collection of Transformers figures but quickly evolved into a news and general resource website. Over the years, the site has built one of, if not the, most extensive Transformers toy gallery section ever housed on the internet. With figures spanning every generation of the series from its routes in 1984 to the present day, you can even find images and information on the various pre-transformer lines that would go on to lend their figures to the franchise along with prototypes, resins, engineering samples and contest figures that are more commonly referred to as Lucky Draw Transformers. The website also boasts a large USPTO-powered Hasbro Transformers trademark section. This area allows you to browse through the various trademark applications that Hasbro have made since 1983 that are connected to the Transformers line.

You can become a part of the site by joining our forum, following us on Twitter at or by liking our Facebook page at You can also subscribe to our RSS feeds by visiting the RSS Feed section of the site.

You can use the navigation menu above to browse through the various sections of the website. Many of those areas have sub-sections s please follow the guides on those page. The image galleries on the site use an javascript image viewer that allows you to quickly flick through the images contained within the galleries at your leisure. The images are often scaled down to fit on the screen. You can view the full-sized images by using the up and down cursor keys on your keyboard.

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Latest Auto Assembly 2012 News

If you haven't already taken advantage of our 2011 Christmas Sale to get your tickets for Auto Assembly 2012 saving 20% on the Adult weekend ticket prices then you'd better hurry! This fantastic offer runs out at midnight on New Years Eve so you've got just over 24 hours left!

Auto Assembly 2012 is shaping up to be our biggest and best convention ever. With a stunning guest line-up including our THREE confirmed voice actors - Michael Bell, Townsend Coleman and Paul Eiding, a great selection of comic guests including the entire creative team from Transformers Regeneration One together for the first time ever at a Transformers convention and all the usual activities you'd come to expect from Auto Assembly - dealers, toy and art displays, our script reading, cosplay competition, Saturday night party with our karaoke, video games area, free workshops, competitions, charity auctions and much more, this is a convention you won't want to miss!

You can book your tickets here.

The convention is running on 3rd - 5th August 2012 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, Birmingham, England.

Roll Out / Roll Call 2012

Roll Out Roll Call, the UK convention show for Transformers, GI-Joe & Action Force is back, announcing their main guest line up for the 10th and 11th of March 2012 at The Jury's Inn in Southampton, United Kingdom.

The main guest line up has now been confirmed and announced:

Meet Transformers ReGeneration One Team:
Simon Furman - Transformers ReGeneration One writer
Andrew Wildman - Transformers ReGeneration One artist
John-Paul Bove - Transformers ReGeneration One colourist

Meet The Legendary GI-Joe writer at his first ever UK show:
Larry Hama - GI-Joe writer - 1st ever UK show

Meet the IDW Team that helped create the new look Cobra Commander:

Robert Atkins - IDW GI-Joe artist - 1st ever UK show
Simon Gough - IDW GI-Joe colourist - 1st ever UK show

Bill Forster - Transformers Ark & The AllSpark Almanac Author & Artist
Jim Sorenson - Transformers Ark & The AllSpark Almanac Author
James Eatock - Cereal:Geek Animation of the 80's Magazine Editor

There may be more guests to come and additional features for the show, including traders, presentations and panels will announced soon.

Roll Out Roll Call 2 featured several exclusives for the show and Roll Out Roll Call 3 is no different.

Find out the latest RollOut / Roll Call news on twitter @rolloutrollcall

Welcome Auto Assembly Announcement Roll Out / Roll Call 2012

Update: The Latest 10 Transformers Toy Galleries

Stats: 4,032 Transformers Toys Entered - 2,466 Transformers Toy Galleries - 49,147 Photographs of Transformers

Transformers Interviews and Articles

We're partnering this year with fellow 80s toy enthusiast Diagnostik80's to bring you a series of video reviews starting with MP-10 Black Convoy.

You can watch Diagnostik80s review below which covers the characters background as well as the figure and do not forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel

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Transformers Cartoons

We're getting close to the end of the Transformers Generation One Sunbow/Marvel Productions studio audio tapes that we currently own but we're going to be going out strong starting with this near 8 minute video covering the audio from A Plague of Insecticons.

The audio is from an unslugged tape which means it includes Wally Burr's introduction and a whole host of Insecticons "body English" segments featuring the vocal talents of Hal Rayle, Michael Bell and Clive Revill.

You can download the original script at and view the transcript of the audio both on YouTube

Wally Burr: Episode Introduction
### Insecticon Body English Segment ###
Wally Burr: Body English direction for Bombshell
Wally Burr: Body English direction for Shrapnel
### Additional Dialogue 1 ###
MEGATRON: Giant insects? Well done, Laserbeak. We must intercept them at once.  Prepare for aerial rendezvous.
**NEW** MEGATRON: If those insects are really what I think they are.  Our Autobot friends are in for a ghastly surprise.
MEGATRON: Soundwave, send Ravage to investigate.
### Insecticon Body English Segment ###
Wally Burr: Body English direction for Sharpnel (eating)
Wally Burr: Body English direction for Bombshell (eating)
Wally Burr: Body English direction for Kickback (eating)
Wally Burr: Body English direction for Sharpnel (menacing noises)
Wally Burr: Body English direction for Bombshell (menacing noises)
**Note that not all of Skyfire's audio was not recorded during the episode. **
WINDCHARGER: Quick, behind me!  Those spikes can't penetrate my repulsor field.
SPIKE WITWICKY: Great work, Windcharger. But we're still in trouble!
**NOT RECORDED ** SKYFIRE: I can't fly us outta here. That wallop from Kickback shorted my transform circuits.
**NOT RECORDED ** BRAWN: Well, let's look at the bright side. At least they didn't bring that sawed-off nerd Rumble along.
**NEW** RUMBLE: Wrong rustbucket!
**NEW** Body english of the Autobots reacting, introduced by WALLY BURR
**NEW** Body english of Spike reacting, introduced by WALLY BURR
SOUNDWAVE: My sensors indicate we are no longer alone.
**NEW**MEGATRON: Laserbeak Investigate
**NEW** WALLY BURR: Laserbeak squawk two
MEGATRON: All right, Insecticons. We'll take care of your clones, you take care of Jetfire!
TRAILBREAKER: Let's try a little force field to interrupt his override waves!
SHRAPNEL: Interruption-interruption!
**NEW** SIDESWIPE: Uhh!, we're free.
BRAWN: Give me a toss, Optimus. I wanna teach that bug a lesson!
OPTIMUS PRIME: Uhh! Go get him, Brawn!
BRAWN: Gotcha, beetle-brain!
### WALLY BURR: Body English for Brawn (wrestling) ###
### WALLY BURR: Body English for Sharpnel (wrestling) ###
### Wally Burr: Body English direction for Sharpnel  (cackling) ###
### Wally Burr: Body English direction for Sharpnel  (cackling internally) ###
### Wally Burr: Body English direction for Bombshell (slurping oil) ### 
### Wally Burr: Body English direction for Kickback (slurping oil) ### 
OPTIMUS PRIME:  Ironhide, quick! If the flames reach the refinery, the whole place will explode!
**NEW** SPIKE WITWICKY:  Quick Bumblebee, in here!
KICKBACK: Bombshell! Shrapnel! Look! Storm clouds! The day is won!
MEGATRON: What is that idiot-headed grasshopper talking about?
BOMBSHELL: He's talking about the end of the Autobots!
MEGATRON: But our enemy is on the ground, not in the sky.
SHRAPNEL: But our weapon is in the clouds, and Bombshell's explosion has brought it to us-us! 
**NEW** SIDESWIPE: What's going on?
**NEW** WHEELJACK: I wish I knew.
SHRAPNEL : Now......taste the lightning, Autobot fools!
WHEELJACK: Erh... it tastes terrible!
### Wally Burr: Body English direction for Bombshell (eating sound) ### 
### Wally Burr: Body English direction for Shrapnel (eating sound) ### 
### Wally Burr: Body English direction for Kickback (eating sound) ###

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Transformers Cartoons

Our deleted and extended audio scenes videos from the Generation One cartoon series continues with over five minutes of audio from Countdown to Extinction.

You can download the original script from, thanks to Jim Sorenson and Chris McFeely.

#### Act 1 - Opening ####
WHEELJACK: More! Straighten it up! Nuh! There. That does it!
*NEW* WHEELJACK: Looking good Slag. Now stamp it down, good and solid

HUFFER: Yo, Gears! Get with it! Put that slab in right, or we're gonna be here 'till the Big Dipper get rusty!
*NEW* BRAWN: Ahh, that dirty-bird, Laserbeak is back again! Check it out!
*NEW* HUFFER: Mirage! Nail him before he gets away!
*NEW* LASERBEAK: #shriek#
*NEW* HUFFER: Good shooting!
*NEW* MIRAGE: But band news, Whenever Laserbeak shows up, the Decepticons aren't far behind 
### Scene shifts to Decepticon base as final edit ###

### Extended by one word ###
OPTIMUS PRIME: Too clear, Cliffjumper. Megatron is operational. We can't let him and the Decepticons regroup. Autobots
*NEW* OPTIMUS PRIME:  transform!

STARSCREAM: Ahh! Just as you told me! An exponential generator. The ultimate power source!
DR. ARKEVILLE: Careful, Starscream! Disturb the generator's rhythmic pulse, and the Earth and every living thing on it will cease to exist!
STARSCREAM: I do not care about this minor planet.

*NEW* MEGATRON: Soundwave! Send Laserbeak ahead

RUMBLE: Megatron! Autobots following below!
MEGATRON: Thundercracker, Skywarp! Stop them.
THUNDERCRACKER: Right, Megatron!
SKYWARP: Attack!

### ACT 2 ###
### EXTENDED ###
OPTIMUS PRIME: Autobots, halt! Brawn, dig Bumblebee out. The rest of you, transform and take cover.
WHEELJACK: I don't wanna take cover! I wanna fight in the clear!
IRONHIDE: Yeah! Let's clobber those flyin' garbage cans!

*NEW* THUNDERCRACKER: Come in, Megatron. Skywarp's down!
*NEW* THUNDERCRACKER: Wrong! - He's okay!

MEGATRON: Decepticons, land and attack!

*NEW* RUMBLE: Now you're cooking on all circuits!
*NEW* OPTIMUS PRIME: Return fire -- and deploy!
*NEW* JAZZ: On the downbeat ... beat them suckers down!
*NEW* VARIOUS: (Battle cries)
*NEW* SOUNDWAVE: Prepare to be destroyed!
*NEW* WHEELJACK: Ooooooof!
*NEW* OPTIMUS: #grunts#
*NEW* THUNDERCRACKER: The bigger they are, the better I like it! 

MEGATRON: Fall back, Decepticons! These Autobots are too hero-programmed to know when to quit!

### NOTE: The scene with the quicksand was originally split by Dr Arkeville being electrocuted.

### ACT 3 - Wrong Vocal Recordings + additional lines ###
OPTIMUS PRIME: Hello again, Megatron!
MEGATRON: Here, have a ton of fun!
RUMBLE: Unnnaahh!
OPTIMUS PRIME: (Laughs) Your aim's improving, Megatron!

*NEW* WINDCHARGER: Hey, Skywarp... this'll give you a "charge"
*NEW* SKYWARP: -- Hey! What's going--?!
*NEW* WINDCHARGER: Ah ah ah... only big boys get to play with guns!

### ACT 3 - Stand in Optimus Recordings ####
MEGATRON: Get away from that, Optimus Prime! It belongs to me!
OPTIMUS PRIME: Then you're not foolish enough to fire at me while I'm standing in front of it, are you, Megatron?
RUMBLE: Let me blast him. I'll --
MEGATRON: Quiet! I always hit what I aim for, Prime. Stand clear.
OPTIMUS PRIME: Gladly. I hate standing at ground zero when an explosion is imminent. Or hadn't you noticed that your possession is in an unstable condition?
MEGATRON: Leave! I only want what's mine.
SHOCKWAVE: Megatron, come in! Megatron, this is Shockwave! Acknowledge! If you are functional, Megatron!
MEGATRON: Of course I'm functional! Call back later. I'm busy.
SHOCKWAVE: Megatron, you must find Dr. Arkeville's lab and disconnect the detonator on his exponential generator. It will explode any astrosecond!
OPTIMUS PRIME: A timing mechanism.

### ACT 3 - Stand in Optimus Recordings ####
OPTIMUS PRIME: Careful, Megatron. It's still dangerous.
MEGATRON: Prime, I... I've been lost in my work.
OPTIMUS PRIME: Lost is an appropriate word. Your plaything has melted your housing.
MEGATRON: It's of no concern. I'll reduce temperature soon enough. Now get out of my way!
OPTIMUS PRIME: Anything you say, Megatron. I had to get this out of your hands!
MEGATRON: Nuuh! Give it back!
OPTIMUS PRIME: Careful! It's at a critical stage! It's going to explode!
MEGATRON: Not here if I can help it! Ruhh!
MEGATRON: No time to argue, Prime. Hold this while I transform.
MEGATRON: Now load me.

### ACT 3 - Stand in Optimus Recordings ####
BUMBLEBEE: Heh heh! Hey, Prime, what do you think Megatron's gonna do to Starscream?
OPTIMUS PRIME: Nothing gentle, I would say.
**** Jazz dialogue was not on the tape ***

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Transformers Cartoons

We are back to continue our series of YouTube videos containing deleted and extended audio scenes from the Generation One cartoon series. We'll be releasing two tonight with the first being this 1 minute video from the final part of The Ultimate Doom

This video contains audio that was cut from the Transformers Generation One episode The Ultimate Doom Part 3. The audio has been taken from an original slugged cassette tape from the original recording sessions. You can read a transcript of the dialogue in the description below 

The full script is available to download at thanks to Jim Sorenson and Chris McFeely

########### EXTENDED SCENE ###########

REFLECTOR: Energon cubes secured, leader.

MEGATRON: Excellent. I've left Starscream behind to prepare for the next tidal wave. When its force is harvested, we'll have all the energon cubes we need to revitalize Cybertron completely.

REFLECTOR: What about the flesh creature, Dr. Arkeville?

MEGATRON: He is of no further use to me.


**Note Shockwave's name was added later**

WHEELJACK: We had a run-in with Shockwave, Prime, and couldn't rescue Sparkplug.  But we learned how the Decepticons are making Earth people into mind slaves.

OPTIMUS PRIME: That's good news. Do you have any plan to counteract their work?

WHEELJACK: Let's just say we're onto something that looks like a winner.

BRAWN: If it works.

WHEELJACK: We'll field-test it when we take another crack at rescuing Sparkplug.


*NEW* WHEELJACK: In five thousand astro-seconds

*NEW* OPTIMUS PRIME: Good luck, Optimus Prime out.

*NEW* SHOCKWAVE: Prepare the human known as Sparkplug.  His Autobot rescuers are in for a surprise!

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Transformers Convention News

TFNation has issued the following press release announcing Stan Bush as their 2nd guest for TFNation 2018.

Transmission ID: 00005
Operation: Dare to Believe! 

If you attend TFNation in 2018 you'll have the touch! You'll have the power! Most importantly, you'll also have the Emmy award-winning, Transformers Hall of Famer, Stan Bush!

To Transformers fans, Stan is best known for performing iconic songs "The Touch" and "Dare" which featured prominently in 1986's Transformers: The Movie. He has subsequently released additional tracks inspired by the Cybertronians, perhaps most notably, 2007's "Till All Are One".

As well as appearing on countless releases of Transformers: The Movie, his work can also be heard during the Transformers: War for Cybertron video game.

Of course, there is much more to Stan's arsenal than giant robots! He is an Emmy award-winning artist who has released fourteen studio albums over an incredible 35-year career. His most recent album, "Change the World", was released in 2017 and is available at and on itunes.

Stan has also lent his considerable talents to various movies such as The Wraith (1986) and Kickboxer (1989). He provided music for the US dub of Sailor Moon and most recently, the Netflix series GLOW. In the video game world, as well as the aforementioned Transformers: War for Cybertron, his work has also been included on Saints Row IV and even Guitar Hero!

We'll be putting Stan right in the eye of the storm for the full weekend of TFNation 2018, where he will be participating in panels, meeting fans and signing autographs at no additional cost.

In addition, Stan has kindly offered to perform a full concert for his fans at TFNation!

The concert will take place on the Saturday evening of the convention, after the conclusion of our "Clubcon" evening entertainment for weekend pass holders. Like all events taking place at TFNation, attendance is strictly subject to availability and room capacity.

We appreciate this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for many of our attendees so, to ensure the concert is as impressive as it deserves to be, TFNation has hired suitable function space, instruments, a professional audio set up and a full live band. This is an additional event, taking place beyond our usual budget, so to accommodate these extra measures (and to avoid a price rise across all ticket types) there will be an additional concert entrance fee.

Tickets will be available from our website, in addition to regular TFNation packages, on 3rd February 2018. For Saturday only attendees, concert tickets will be £20.00. For full weekend pass holders, concert tickets will be on sale at the reduced price of £15.00.

At this time we do not have plans to open ticket sales to non-attendees, as we believe demand will be extremely high and it is important to us that TFNation attendees have first option to watch Stan in action. We may reassess the position closer to the event, but only if available places and capacity allow. 

After all is said and done, Stan Bush will be joining TFNation for the entire duration of the convention, from 17th to 19th August 2018, at a place where dreams survive; the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel!

Launch tickets, bedrooms details, further guests and activities will be announced in the coming months. Keep monitoring this frequency.

If you want to ensure all communications are intercepted, join our mailing list at


Further transmissions to follow.


Where All Are One

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Transformers Convention News

TFNation have announced plans to hold a custom toy display at TFNation 2018!

Transmission ID: 00004
Operation: Seaspray in a Display
We are looking to gauge interest in a Custom Figure showcase for TFNation 2018, where attendees will be able to show their skills and crafts in a dedicated location in The Forge. Do you create customs, be they simple paintjobs, scratch builds, junker repurposings, add-ons, or mash-ups? We want to hear from you!
If enough interest is expressed, we are planning on locating the Custom / Kitbash feature in The Forge, and the figures displayed in lockable glass cabinets for all attendees to peruse and admire. We will create online forms for interested parties to fill in, asking for the name of the entry, rough size of the figure and ticket reference (only ticket holders will be able to display their custom work at this time). The custom entries must relate to Transformers, but can use any base molds, figures, or systems available.
This is not a competition, simply a way to showcase your work to other fans! If the display is successful, there are plans to expand the focus on custom work, in the form of panels and competitions for future TFNation events.
Does showing off your custom work to an expected audience of over 1000 fans appeal to you? Let us know, and help us make the display area a reality for TFNation 2018!
If you want to ensure all communications are intercepted, join our mailing list at
Further transmissions to follow.


Where All Are One

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Transformers Convention News

TFNation have announced at their first guest for their 2018 convention is going to be DC Douglas!

Transmission ID: 00003
Operation: First 2018 Guest Acquired!

The first reveal of this new season of TFNation comes from the voice acting world, for fans of all ages: introducing, D.C. Douglas!

Famous in the Transformers franchise for his role as Chase the Police Bot in Rescue Bots, Douglas has been a regular go-to resource for updates about the show itself and is also well known beyond the transforming robot world. 

If you're a videogame aficionado, you will recognise him as Legion in the Mass Effect series - a gestalt artificial intelligence unit. Both Chase and Legion were similarly influenced by Leonard Nimoy's approach to Spock, in their respective ways. 

He has also appeared in seven Resident Evil games as Albert Wesker, as Kamoshida in Persona 5, Pod 042 in Nier: Automata, Azrael in Blazeblue, Zero in Zero Time Dilemma 3, Raven in Tekken 6, and foxy grandpa Gunter in Fire Emblem: Fates. 

If cartoons and anime are more your thing, you will have heard him voicing X Drake in One Piece, The Professor in Cyborg 009, Jasley in Mobile Suit Gundam: IBO, Genji Kamogawa in Hajime no ippo, Shori Shibuya in God, Save Our King!, and Colonel Rawls on Regular Show, Superman on Family Guy.

His on camera roles include the seminal cinematographic masterpiece Sharknado 2 (Bud), plus Zepht in Star Trek: Enterprise, Pa Kettle in Z Nation, and Aiden Wexler in SyFy’s Isle of the Dead.

D.C. Douglas will be joining TFNation for the entire duration of the convention, offering autographs, photo opportunities where possible and joining panels over the weekend.

Launch tickets, bedrooms details, further guests and activities will be announced in the coming months. Keep monitoring this frequency. 

If you want to ensure all communications are intercepted, join our mailing list at


Further transmissions to follow.


Where All Are One

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Transformers Convention News

TFNation has announced that applications for both their trader and forge (art and craft) stalls are now open!

Transmission ID: 00002
Operation: Trader and Forge Applications Now Open
TFNation is happy to announce that applications for its two main rooms – the Trader Room and The Forge – are now open to all interested parties! Details for each are summarised below.
The Forge
The Forge is an area for our creative attendees to promote, display, and sell their arts, crafts, and other types of fan work. A table for TFNation 2018 is now priced at £35 plus the cost of a weekend ticket for the event; payments are to be fulfilled once an application is confirmed as successful.
The application process is now open, and will remain so until all spaces are sold. Please allow for a period of two working weeks for your application to be processed. All applicants are now able to use the same form, and name two other people to staff the stall during the event.
The Forge space is limited, so we encourage you to submit applications as soon as possible!
Traders Room
Traders can now apply online for a booth at TFNation 2018 (three wooden tables per booth, at the increased size of 6ft x 2ft 6inches, complete with tablecloths). Please note that the approval process will begin mid-January, and that the application also includes insurance.
Trading times for TFNation 2018 are Saturday and Sunday only, with setup on Friday (you may also set-up Saturday Morning / Sunday Morning, though please note that the event will be opening its doors at the allotted times).
Invoices for the trading space will be raised upon approval of your application.
We look forward to receiving your applications, and welcoming you to TFNation 2018!
Further transmissions to follow.
Where All Are One

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Transformers Toy News

During an interview with The Full Force podcast Mark Weber, ex-Manager of Global Brand Development for G.I. Joe and Transformers at Hasbro, touched on some of his concepts for the Transformers brand (6hr 19min), including "Generation Three", as well as the interview process with Hasbro (6hr 10min).

The first line he worked on was BotShots and that they wanted to do multi-packs. Their pitch was "Volcano Battle Autobots" and he thought that if you were doing groups of five robots then you should just do combiner teams even if they can't combine, because the characters were already established within the mythos and would mean more to both the average fan and to the die-hard collectors.  The first toy set he did was the Stunticon BotShot pack.

Combiner Wars came out of the story pitch idea with IDW where they wanted to get all of the combiners together to have a big fight.

When he first pitched the toy idea he said "Looked it's worked before where you take a larger robot and you add the limbs and if you make the connectors universal then you can reuse the tooling a million times down the road in different combinations and the voyager center should support the deluxe size arms and legs and if you throw in the legends class, the little tiny guys, and make that another part of it ... it was a way to link three different price builds."

When asked by Chris, the host, as to how excited were the people he was pitching it to Mark talked about how he had all of the original combiners with him and would take them with him to show them how it worked. He said that it was something that worked before and that they hadn't really done it well ever since. They were a little lukewarm as they had done Powercore combiners recently, but that they had ignored so many of the things that made it cool, that the new pitch got them excited.  He also put forward having a new concept a year and he had a couple of different ones that he wanted to use. Combiner Wars as his favourite and it was going to be the second one. He felt that because it was strong that it needed to come out first as he was so sure that it was going to be a big deal. The retailers liked it so well that it was extended by 6 months. They pitched it to retailers that it would be a trilogy of Combiners Wars, Titans Wars (later changed to Titans Return due to legal) and then Power of the Primes as the finale. For him, he just wanted to get out Combiner Wars.

The one thing that he regrets was not being able to launch a fully branded G3 (Generation Three) with all new stuff, all new characters and all new styles which he was dying to get there but he didn't end up going in that direction.  He said that G2 was such a big deal for Transformers he doesn't understand why they haven't just done G3.

The basic concept that he wanted to have was that the Ark 2.0, a different Autobot ship comes to Earth chasing Decepticons, maybe not crashing, so that instead of being the pursued they were the hunters. All he wanted was an anti-hero for the Autobots sort of along the lines of Grimlock but not in the aggressive dinobot nature, but someone that Optimus could argue with and that you could take the side of. So that you can have a hero-vs-hero line, like Marvel Civil War, so that you could be on either side of the argument but be fully passionate about it. He hadn't fully fleshed out the character any more than that but he wanted them to be new, he didn't want it to be Grimlock's crew, Springer and the Wreckers, he wanted it to be a brand new guy that fans could rally around or dislike because he was so anti-Optimus.

He wanted new styles such as a large snowplow that would become a shield or something. His big pitch was to have a black and grey Decepticon that would probably be a lieutenant rather than the leader, but he would turn into a hearse and would have been called Tombstone, which was passed as being ok by the legal team. He knew it was campy but it would be a bigger vehicle and would give them some bulk.  It's where the name of the G.I.Joe figure came from as he loved the name.

He thinks it would have been big and a lot of the designers that he worked with are still there, even though many of the Transformers staff has been turned over. He holds out hope that some of the ideas may still see the light of day.

He thinks that going Generation 3 would be a natural fit for the next line. He doesn't know where they are going next but he thinks that new characters are desperately needed for lines such as Transformers and G.I.Joe rather than trying to reboot the characters that have not been redone recently.

You can listen to the podcast by following the link at the start of this post. Whilst the full 9 hour podcast covers Transformers including unreleased figures shown by us here at Transformers At The Moon, the interview section starts at 6 hours and 10 minutes.

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Transformers Product Listings

TakaraTomy released a series of tweets overnight of the upcoming Street Fighter II x Transformers figures that will be available exclusively via the TakaraTomy Mall online store in special "Vs 2-Packs". The toys are due in May with a limited preorder opening at 1pm on the 18th December and feature Ryu (Titans Return Octane) Vs Bison (Ttians Return Blitzwing) and Chun Li (Generations Arcee) Vs Ken (Generations Hot Rod). You can view the tweets below and view the figures order page here

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Latest Cartoon Review / Gallery

Stats: 115 Transformers Cartoons articles split into 7 sections.

Transformers Toy Galleries
Burning Beast Convoy Burning Beast Convoy
Click the link or image above to view the Burning Beast Convoy toy gallery. The gallery contains 30 images of this figure for your viewing pleasure.
Transformers related trademarks filed with the USPTO
Hasbro Inc submitted a trademark application for DINO-RIDERS with the USPTO on the Monday, 3rd August 1987. The mark was submitted within the category TOYS, NAMELY ACTION FIGURINES and currently has as status of Registration cancelled because registrant did not file an acceptable declaration under Section 8. To view all documents in this file, click on the Trademark Document Retrieval link at the top of this page..
Transformers Cartoon Series
Transformers Animated Transformers Animated
The image of the magazine Broadcast was taken by UK TF fan Colin Warhurts, and appeard on his SiabsFilms website. ....
Transformers Comics
Choose Your Fate Choose Your Fate
We loved the Transformers Choose Your Fate books as kids, and even wrote a text adventure in their style for an old version of Transformers At The Moon. Here you can find images from these puzzle-books, both UK and US ....
Transformers Videos
Ep 11: Autobots Vs Decepticons Ep 11: Autobots Vs Decepticons
Having arrived on Earth, Lugnut and Blitzwing start tearing up a contruction yard in order to draw out the Autobots and find Megatron. You'll notice the humans are based on Spike and Sparkplug from the original Transformers cartoon series/ ....
Transformers Conventions and Events
OTFCC 2003 (USA) OTFCC 2003 (USA)
We loved the Transformers Choose Your Fate books as kids, and even wrote a text adventure in their style for an old version of Transformers At The Moon. Here you can find images from these puzzle-books, both UK and US ....
Transformers Toysheets
US Sheet 1 US Sheet 1
The scans contained within this gallery are taken from our own Transformers toysheet collection. This is the first US Transformers toysheet. ....
Transformers Instructions
Transformers Animated Transformers Animated
The instruction scans contained within this gallery with the watermark were originally from the Chinese TF08 website. They have been added here as a mirror. ....
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Transformers At The Moon is a fan created website regarding those Robots In Disguise from Hasbro Inc and TakaraTomy better known as The Transformers. This website was established in October 1999 and has been running ever since.

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