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Welcome to Transformers At The Moon

Welcome to Transformers at the Moon a European based Transformers resource website. Transformers At The Moon was created back in mid October 1999 and is run by two twin brothers. The site started of purely as a website where they could showcase their large collection of Transformers figures but quickly evolved into a news and general resource website. Over the years, the site has built one of, if not the, most extensive Transformers toy gallery section ever housed on the internet. With figures spanning every generation of the series from its routes in 1984 to the present day, you can even find images and information on the various pre-transformer lines that would go on to lend their figures to the franchise along with prototypes, resins, engineering samples and contest figures that are more commonly referred to as Lucky Draw Transformers. The website also boasts a large USPTO-powered Hasbro Transformers trademark section. This area allows you to browse through the various trademark applications that Hasbro have made since 1983 that are connected to the Transformers line.

You can become a part of the site by joining our forum, following us on Twitter at or by liking our Facebook page at You can also subscribe to our RSS feeds by visiting the RSS Feed section of the site.

You can use the navigation menu above to browse through the various sections of the website. Many of those areas have sub-sections s please follow the guides on those page. The image galleries on the site use an javascript image viewer that allows you to quickly flick through the images contained within the galleries at your leisure. The images are often scaled down to fit on the screen. You can view the full-sized images by using the up and down cursor keys on your keyboard.

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Latest Auto Assembly 2012 News

If you haven't already taken advantage of our 2011 Christmas Sale to get your tickets for Auto Assembly 2012 saving 20% on the Adult weekend ticket prices then you'd better hurry! This fantastic offer runs out at midnight on New Years Eve so you've got just over 24 hours left!

Auto Assembly 2012 is shaping up to be our biggest and best convention ever. With a stunning guest line-up including our THREE confirmed voice actors - Michael Bell, Townsend Coleman and Paul Eiding, a great selection of comic guests including the entire creative team from Transformers Regeneration One together for the first time ever at a Transformers convention and all the usual activities you'd come to expect from Auto Assembly - dealers, toy and art displays, our script reading, cosplay competition, Saturday night party with our karaoke, video games area, free workshops, competitions, charity auctions and much more, this is a convention you won't want to miss!

You can book your tickets here.

The convention is running on 3rd - 5th August 2012 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, Birmingham, England.

Roll Out / Roll Call 2012

Roll Out Roll Call, the UK convention show for Transformers, GI-Joe & Action Force is back, announcing their main guest line up for the 10th and 11th of March 2012 at The Jury's Inn in Southampton, United Kingdom.

The main guest line up has now been confirmed and announced:

Meet Transformers ReGeneration One Team:
Simon Furman - Transformers ReGeneration One writer
Andrew Wildman - Transformers ReGeneration One artist
John-Paul Bove - Transformers ReGeneration One colourist

Meet The Legendary GI-Joe writer at his first ever UK show:
Larry Hama - GI-Joe writer - 1st ever UK show

Meet the IDW Team that helped create the new look Cobra Commander:

Robert Atkins - IDW GI-Joe artist - 1st ever UK show
Simon Gough - IDW GI-Joe colourist - 1st ever UK show

Bill Forster - Transformers Ark & The AllSpark Almanac Author & Artist
Jim Sorenson - Transformers Ark & The AllSpark Almanac Author
James Eatock - Cereal:Geek Animation of the 80's Magazine Editor

There may be more guests to come and additional features for the show, including traders, presentations and panels will announced soon.

Roll Out Roll Call 2 featured several exclusives for the show and Roll Out Roll Call 3 is no different.

Find out the latest RollOut / Roll Call news on twitter @rolloutrollcall

Welcome Auto Assembly Announcement Roll Out / Roll Call 2012

Update: The Latest 10 Transformers Toy Galleries

Stats: 4,031 Transformers Toys Entered - 2,465 Transformers Toy Galleries - 49,147 Photographs of Transformers

Transformers Product Listings

The latest issue of Figure King Magazine shows some of the upcoming Japanese Transformers releases which include a remoulded Age OF Extinction Optimus Prime and redecoed Generations Arcee and Chromia who are now coloured closer to their Generation One cartoon forms as well as a Windblade figure whose paint apps are closer to Sarah Stone's IDW comics artwork.

Figure King Nov 2014 Figure King Nov 2014 Figure King Nov 2014

There is also a picture of the box for Masterpiece Bumblebee though the image is rather low quality and small.

Masterpiece Bumblebee Packaging Image

Credit to TagHobby for the Figure King images.

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Toy Industry News

Hasbro Inc held their third quarter conference call yesterday where the talked about the successes of the company as a way to try to inflate their stock price, as you would expect any business to do.  However, as you would alsl expect, there was Transformers news which came out of the call.  The core news was their official confirmation of Transformers 5 as well mentioned how the live-action Transformers and G.I.Joe franchises along with the Star Wars license will be key over the next several years for the boys toys division.

They also announced that Allspark Pictures, a trademark application we picked up on the 13th August 2013, related to a new live-action movie division of Hasbro which will be used to release movies of Hasbro properties with the first two movies being My Little Pony and Jem and the Holograms.  It is also likely (and this is currently speculation on our part but we hope to be able to confirm this shortly) likely to be the studio that will release both the Micronauts franchise and Visionaries.


"Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner:

Transformers: Age of Extinction delivered over 1 billion dollars at the global box office. This result, coupled with an innovative new line, drove strong year-over-year revenue gains in TRANSFORMERS. Through the first nine months of the year, TRANSFORMERS revenues are greater in international markets than in the U.S. and Canada segment, reflecting the mix of box office results and the global expansion of Hasbro. Overall, the brand is performing in line with the last movie year and we are well into development for the next installments of TRANSFORMERS content. This includes new television programming, as well as collaborating with the film makers on our next ideas to re-invent and re-imagine the TRANSFORMERS brand in movies.


This new relationship is a terrific complement to the prolific boys’ entertainment slate over the next several years, including film and television entertainment from Marvel and Lucasfilm, as well as the next theatrical installments of Hasbro’ s brands, G.I. JOE and TRANSFORMERS.


In the first quarter 2015, we are launching the next installment of TRANSFORMERS television programming, Transformers: Robots in Disguise. The all new show will debut on Cartoon Network in the U.S., the top-rated primetime network for boys' ages 6-11 and 9-14. Hasbro has developed tremendous expertise in producing animation. We are working with the world’s best studios and we know how to produce top quality animation cost effectively. As our content strategy and all-screen strategy evolve, we are building upon our experience in animation and storytelling. In addition to television, there are select films where we are taking greater control of the process. We have two movies we are currently developing under our new film label, Allspark Pictures. These films are MY LITTLE PONY and JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS.


We envision Allspark Pictures as a new way to make fresh and compelling movies, based on new and existing Hasbro brands, for audiences globally.

Deb Thomas, Hasbro CFO:

Entertainment and Licensing segment revenues grew 10%, fueled primarily by lifestyle licensing revenues for Hasbro Franchise Brands, including MY LITTLE PONY and TRANSFORMERS.


Cost of sales as a percentage of revenue in the quarter declined. This decline continues to reflect growth in entertainment properties, including TRANSFORMERS and MARVEL properties, as well as higher Entertainment and Licensing revenues.


Q&A Session:

During the Q&A Session, Mr. Goldner mentioned that AllSpark Pictures was formed in order to increase the focus and effort towards Live Action Movies.

Mr. Goldner also mentioned that Rescue Bots will continue on the newly rebranded Discovery Family.

A question was asked about the success of AOE. The CEO mentioned that he is happy with the growing emerging market for Transformers. He mentioned that they will continue to cater the success of the Chinese market. The second question targeted the International vs. US success of Age Of Extinction. Brian Goldner felt ok with the results, judging by his response.

CEO also explained why Titan Heroes line exists (it was as if he knew the Fan question). He mentioned that the line is mostly targeted at emerging markets due to their low prices"


Credit goes to for the transcript of the call

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So, some of you may have seen the news story posted by Joe Moore on ToyArk (sister site of TFW2005) announcing the recent find of Visionaries trademarks and a potential Live Action Movie.  Some of you may get excited about the prospects (we would personally love a film series).  A few of you may have seen our Visionaries talk at Roll Out Roll Call, and a handful would have seen some posts Steve made on Monday, a day after the show, regarding finding Visionaries news that would blow fans away.

So lets look at the facts.  The source of the Trademarks is the USPTO website, however it is no small coincidence that all of this has happened in one week.  How can we say that for sure, well lets take a trip through time.

Travelling back one day

Oct 17 - Toyark post ground breaking news of Visionaries trademarks - is there a movie in the works, maybe new toys?

Travelling back 2 days earlier

Oct 15 - We update our USPTO page with Visionaries trademarks from the 80's and 2010/2013, after our earlier discovery -

Travelling back 2 days earlier

Oct 13 - Steve discovers "the big one".  News that in 2013 AGE, the company that owns the rights to (and created) The Visionaries, had aquired the rights and had started looking into producing a Live Action Visionaries TV Series.  We discovered futher evidence of the planned series after making contact with the someone who worked as the Production Design and Brand Development on the Live Action Visionaries series in 2013.  His role was to design and pitch for a new Visionaries Live Action Franchise set to be produced by the producers of the TRANSFORMERS franchise.

The plans were that after both the Transformers and GI Joe movies, the next film in the Toy/Movie franchise was to be Micronaughts, directed by JJ Abrahams.  This was planned as a 3 movie franchise and would be followed by The Visionaries.  This never arose.

We are looking into how far the pitch for the Live Action Visionaries TV Series and possible Movie got

Travel back 1 day earlier

The UK Convention Roll Out Roll Call has the first ever Visionaries panel looking at preproduction pieces as well as unreleased Series 2 figures and concepts, by David and Steven Mapes (ourselves)


Although we would love for a Visionaries film to me made, we have found no evidence this got past the 2013 pitch

We shall be covering more on this on soon

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Transformers Cartoons

Two more clips from Transformers Robots in Disguise have been posted onto You Tube.  Both show the pretty slick animation style, and decent writing .. just a shame the Decepeticons are animal-robot hybrids

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Transformers Toy News

Hasbro have now sent out Press Releases containing image packs of the figures which are being shown at New York Comic-Con. You can view the list of figures below and the images after the jump.Angry Bird Transformers

  • Bumblebee Bird Telepod
  • Optimus Raceway
  • Sentinel Prime Bird vs Decepti-hog Bludgeon
  • Energon Racer Pack

Transformers Combiner Wars

  • Legends Class Huffer (Optimus Prime remould)
  • Leader Class Thundercracker (Jetfire remould)

Transformers Robots In Disguise

  • Hyperchange Heroes Grimlock
  • Legion Class Bumblebee
  • Legion Class Sideswipe
  • Legion Class Grimlock
  • Legion Class Steeljaw
  • One-Step Changer Strongarm
  • One-Step Changer Grimlock
  • One-Step Changer Bumblebee
  • One-Step Changer Steeljaw
  • Warrior Class Optimus Prime
  • Warrior Class Strongarm
  • Warrior Class Grimlock
  • Warrior Class Drift


  • Battle Changers Optimus Prime
  • Battle Changers Bumblebee
  • Battle Changers Starscream
  • Battle Changers Grimlock
  • Battle Changers Optimus vs Megatron
  • Battle Changers Ratchet Vs Soundwave
  • RID Sideswipe Roadway Rundown
  • RID Underbite Jetpack Takedown
  • RID Strongarm Capture Cruiser
  • RID Optimus Prime Beast Blaster
  • RID Bumblebee Disc Demolishor
  • Kreon Warriors Wave 1
  • Robots In Disguise Custom Kreons

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Transformers Convention News

The Roll Out Roll Call 2014 panel line-up has been announced and is the following


  1. Deconstructing Silent Interlude with Larry Hama
  2. The Power & The Honor Foundation with Emiliano SantaluciaJoe Declassified with Gary 'Gyre-Viper' Head
  3. 3rd Party Transforming Toys with Ceno Kibble & Casey Sark
  4. Designing Action Figures with Boss Fight Studio
  5. (TFCC / GIJoe CC) Fun Publications Round-Table and Q&A


  1. Total Retaliation with Paddy Lennon and Brian Hickey
  2. Behind The Magic of Visionaries with Steve & David Mapes
  3. Back To The Eighties interviews Karen Traviss
  4. Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S with Boss Fight Studio
  5. The Wonderful World of James Eatock


Find out more at and Roll Out Roll Call 2014

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Transformers Toy News

Thats right, Burger King in both the UK and Turkey are stocking exclusive GI Joe figures!!!
This is the first exclusive GI Joe stuff since Rise of Cobra but, and there is a BIG but, they are really really naff.

The good part is the packaging

Burger King GI Joe toys

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Transformers Convention News

The Super Festival 66 is currently taking place in Japan, and via Taghobby, where some exclusive Japanese Transformers have been shown off

First up are the Million Publishing exclusives, Shouki and GoShooter, who are mail in exclusives for Transformers Generations 2014 Volumes 1 and 2 respectively. They are homages to characters from Headmasters and Masterforce, the Japanese Generation 1 shows, and both feature Mini-Con / Targetmaster partners.

Next up are a couple of new images of the fourth set of Transformers Cloud releases. For the fourth releases in the Transformers Cloud line, Generations Roadbuster is getting a repaint as Energon Ironhide aka Super Link Roadbuster, while Generations Sky-Byte is sporting a Skywarp redeco as Hellwarp.

GoShooter and Shouki Super Link Ironhide and Hellwarp Hellwarp and Ironhide from Transformers Cloud GoShooter and Shouki

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Transformers Convention News

Transformers Writer and Artists Bob Budiansky ,Jose Delbo and Herb Trimp have all been annouced for the October 2014 London Film and Comic Con as well as the October event.  Bob Budainsky wrote the original Transformers comics, before it was taken over by Simon Furman, whilst Jose nad Herb also worked on the comics.

If you don't want to wait though make your way to the Jury's Inn in Southampton for Roll Our Roll Call on the 11th and 12th of October for a Transformers, GI Joe and Masters of the Universe convention where guests include both toy designers and sculpters from present day and the past, writers and artists for all three shows

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Transformers Interviews and Articles

This months Japanese Hobby magazines come with a fresh and full look at the soon to be released Masterpiece Star Saber figure. The figure we expect to be released in a blackk redeco later to match the Robotmasters figure but the latest offers show the painted figure in various forms giving everyone the best look thus far at the toy.

Masterpiece Star Saber Hobby Magazine Masterpiece Star Saber Hobby Magazine Masterpiece Star Saber Hobby Magazine

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Latest Cartoon Review / Gallery

Stats: 111 Transformers Cartoons articles split into 6 sections.

Transformers Toy Galleries
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We loved the Transformers Choose Your Fate books as kids, and even wrote a text adventure in their style for an old version of Transformers At The Moon. Here you can find images from these puzzle-books, both UK and US ....
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