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Transformers Go - Optimus Exprime

Welcome to the toy review, image gallery and information page for Transformers Go Optimus Exprime .

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Transformers Go - Optimus Exprime - Information

Part of the eighth wave of TakaraTomy Go! toys, Optimus Exprime changes from a robot to either a train or (something resembling) a dragon. He can also form the torso of either DaiKenzan (with Kenzan forming the upper torso, head, and arms and Gekisoumaru forming the legs) or DaiGekisou (With Kenzan and Gekisoumaru reversed from their roles in DaiKenzan). Unlike the other Swordbot toys, Optimus Exprime's kabuto helmets form an integral part of one of his alternate modes. The kabuto helmet designed for use with his DaiGekisou combination forms the head of his dragon form, while the kabuto helmet designed for use with his DaiKenzan combination forms the "tail" of the same. He comes with two HUGE swords (with 5mm handles) which can be attached to several places on his kabuto helmets or either alternate form, held separately in his hands, or held both in the same hand (with one held in reverse-grip)

Each of his kabuto helmets forms the head for one of the two combined modes. In addition, either of his kabuto helmets can be connected to his robot mode back (allowing his swords to also be stored on his back), and both can be connected to the rear of his train mode simultaneously. In robot mode or combined mode, his kabuto helmets can be held individually as a shield or combined into an even larger shield.

Optimus Exprime's electronics are slightly less complex than those of Kenzan and Gekisoumaru. In robot, dragon, and train modes, pressing a button sets off red flashing LEDs and causes him to play one of seven sounds or phrases (which do not change depending on the mode). Pressing and holding the button activates a combination mode similar to the ones found in Kenzan and Gekisoumaru. Optimus Exprime calls on Kenzan and Gekisoumaru to combine with him, and then combination music plays as the LEDs flash blue, purple, and red (with the two halves of his Autobot insignia showing different colors!). Completing either combination by snapping the correct kabuto helmet into place ends the combination mode and triggers another phrase.

Once combined, DaiKenzan has three new phrases (spoken in Kenzan's voice), while DaiGekisou has four (in Gekisoumaru's voice). In either combined form, pressing and holding the button activates an additional, longer phrase for their "final attack". DaiGekisou is armed with a scissors-esque "shuriken" made from combining Optimus Exprime's two swords, while DaiKenzan simply wields them separately.

Unlike every other toy in the Go! toyline, Optimus Exprime came packaged in a box without a window. This is potentially because of the sheer amount of information TakaraTomy wanted to print on the box, or because they were unable to fit him into the box in robot mode with all of his accessories displayed. Whatever the reason, it left him with a smaller box than the other voyagers in the line, a substantially-altered box layout, and a much shorter profile.

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Transformers Go - Optimus Exprime - Toy Review

Transformers Go Optimus Exprime was an unexpected release by TakaraTomy within their short Transformers Go line, the filler between series of Transformers Beast Hunters (to allow for dubbing). Optimus Exprime is, of cause, Optimus Prime (or Convoy as he used to be called in Japan before the live action Transformers Movies hit the scene). I'm a fan of alteration on the regular Optimus Prime name as I feel it allows the character to be a bit difference (and it's always nice to have a different pair of leaders rather than always being Optimus Prime vs Megatron. The Ex part of Optimus' name comce from the express train form (Shinkansen) which is his main alternative mode.

Optimus Exprime features a full cardboard box rather than having a window to see the toy. This reminds me of the Car Robots line from 2000, which is no bad thing. Optimus comes packaged in Shinkansen mode with his two Kabuto helmets seperate, as well as his dual swords. The box could have been more compact, as the figure and accessories are fairly well spaced within the box.
I like Optimus Exprime's train (shinkansen) mode, it has a very G1 look and feel (other than using the cheaper plastic used on the Transformers Beast Hunters / Transformers Go / Transformers Generations toys. The toy reminds me a lot of Star Convoy, in size and blocky nature, along with the colour schemes (Optimus Exprime's main cololur is white rather than red.

The figure is a fair size, much larger than the JRX trains for Car Robots, but not stupidly oversized. The figure goes well with our Masterpiece Mightgaine figure, and would fit in well with the Car Robots and Generation One Micromasters.

The Transformation sequences from train to dragon, or train to robot, are simple, and the addition of a third mode (dragon) was done purely as a gimick to give the character a beast mode. To say it's poor is an understatement, it looks more like a Zonda from Gaogaigar than a dragon from Transformers, and is a million times away from Beast Wars II Galvatron (in my opinioin still the beast Dragon toy of any Transformers toy). The dragon mode is basically a half transformed train / robot gewalk mode, with the ninja kabuto helmet (dragon head) clipped on the front. Truely this is one of the worst alternative modes of any Transformers figure in the 30 year history of the line. So that begs the question, does the robot mode make up for this? Well yes, but very much in a Transformers Go fashion. If you are not a fan of the oversized, simplistic, blocky figures, with large back kibble, then you will not like Optimus Exprime. It's funny, as if the figure had blocked legs rather than the odd hips of Transformers Go, it would make for a nice G1 Transformer (and many diehard Transformers fans would probably love the toy more than they do .. although it would have less articultion. Optimus has a nice alternative design of the Optimus Prime head, complete with central head spike. The molding work on the head is quiet something, Transformers Go has some of the nicest head sculpts of modern Transformers lines (other than the more cartoon accurate Generations and distinct style of Transformers Animated).

Playability wise Optimus Exprime is pretty cool. If you like trains then you'll love the shinkansen mode, it's by fair his best, and his robot mode has a decent head sculpt and comes with dual swords. OK they don't fit in his hands very well,, and trying to do the dual sword pose (one up one down) will annoy you as the hands aren't really deep enough to do this. Give the figure a sword in each hand though and you've got yourself a cool figure. The swords are oversizes, but the figure has pretty decent articulation (ok the shoulder joins are really annoying) but you can get some decent poses out of Optimus Exprime, and I enjoyed getting him out for the first time.

At the time of writing this, February 2nd 2014, this is our first, and only, Transformers Prime / Transformers Beast Hunters / Transformers Go Optimus Prime figure (other than the gold Lucky Draw version). I'd like to get first edition Prime, but if I don't then i'm happy to have Optimus Exprime lead the Autobots.

Review written by: soundwaves - Review written on: Sunday 2nd of February 2014 19:29:00

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