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Transformers In The News: News stories from other related websites

Welcome to the Transformers: In The News section of the website. From this page you can find the latest news headlines from a variety of website. The websites have been grouped together into three categories.
  1. Fansites - These are non-official sites owned by fans.
  2. Official Sites - These are the official sites run by the companies and organisations involved with the Transformers franchise
  3. Staff Sites - The websites / blogs and twitter accounts for various staff that work on Transformers products including the comics and cartoon series
  4. Industry Sites - These are websites that include news relating to the Toy Industry.

Clicking on a headline below will open up a mini-window within this site pointing to the news story on the original website. This allows you to easily flick through the headlines either at the click of the mouse or by using the keyboard navigational shortcuts. The navigational shortcuts are using the cursor keys (the arrow keys) to jump between the links. So if you click on the first link and then press the right arrow, the 2nd news story will load. Pressing it again will load the third story where pressing left would have re-loaded the first story.

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  1. Fan Sites
  2. Official Sites
  3. Staff Sites
  4. Industry Sites

Fan Sites

Alfes 2010

  1. ƛ´æ–°ãƒ¬ã‚¸ãƒ¡ã€€ãƒ»ï½—・ノ ヨロシクオネガイシマス
  2. Å°ã•ã„けれども激震元(トランスフォーマー TAV32 éンブル&フレンジー)
  3. Ǚ½æ­¦è€…と白戦士(トランスフォーマー TAVVS05 Éリフトオリジンジャズバトルモード)
  4. Á„ざ、決戦の舞台へ!(トランスフォーマー TAV33 ªプティマスプライムシュプリームモードを比較で遊ぼう)
  5. Ɯ€é«˜ä½ã®ãƒ—ライム(トランスフォーマー TAV33 ªプティマスプライムシュプリームモード íボットモード)
  6. êターン・オブ・プライム(トランスフォーマー TAV33 ªプティマスプライムシュプリームモード Óークルモード)
  7. Ʋ¢å±±ã®ç¾Žã—さを堪能しよう=∀=;(トランスフォーマー Þスターピース MP-25 トラックスで遊ぼう)
  8. Ǭ‘顔を絶やさず、さぁ、友達になろう(トランスフォーマー Þスターピース MP-25 トラックス íボットモード)
  9. Ŝ°ä¸Šã§ã‚‚大空でも、目立ってしまってすまないな・w・♪(トランスフォーマー Þスターピース MP-25 トラックス Óークル・フライトモード)
  10. ÀŒã“の俺の美しいボディライン!」(TFコレクション 04 ƈ¦å£«ãƒˆãƒ©ãƒƒã‚¯ã‚¹ï¼‰
  11. Ť§äº‹ãªæƒ…報は、メモをとって報連相 ・_・(キュートランスフォーマー QT17 Èラックス(シボレー ³ルベット C7))
  12. Ŋ é€Ÿã™ã‚‹å¤‰å½¢ï¼ˆã ãŒã€ãƒ—ルバックはないbyショックウェーブ)(キュートランスフォーマー・QT-Mオプティマスプライム(マッハ車検GT-R R35))
  13. ÀŒãƒãƒ³ãƒ–ルビー!シュプリーム・パワーアップ!」(トランスフォーマー TAV29 Ðンブルビーシュプリームモードで遊ぼう)
  14. ȼãã‚’纏え!(トランスフォーマー TAV29 Ðンブルビーシュプリームモード)
  15. Ç°¡æ˜“レビュー10月分その5(TF ìジェンズ ¹リップストリーム 簡易レビュー)
  16. Ç°¡æ˜“レビュー10月分その4(TF ¢ドベンチャー バトルグリムロック 簡易レビュー)
  17. ɗ‡ã«è¼ãã€ç™½éŠ€ã®ããƒŽä¸€ï¼ˆãƒˆãƒ©ãƒ³ã‚¹ãƒ•ã‚©ãƒ¼ãƒžãƒ¼ãƒ¬ã‚¸ã‚§ãƒ³ã‚º LG15 Êイトバードシャドウ)
  18. ¯モは正義の味方ッシャ♪(トランスフォーマーレジェンズ LG17 Öラックウィドー)
  19. Ç°¡æ˜“レビュー10月分その1(TF ¢ドベンチャー ADV ¹テッパー 簡易レビュー)
  20. êンクいたしました。

Autobase Aichi

  1. ³ンバイナーウォーズ・スカイリンクスのサンプル品らしき画像いくつか
  2. ϼˆè¿½åŠ ï¼‰ã‚³ãƒ³ãƒã‚¤ãƒŠãƒ¼ã‚¦ã‚©ãƒ¼ã‚ºãƒ»ãƒ¬ã‚¸ã‚§ãƒ³ã‚ºã‚¯ãƒ©ã‚¹ãƒ»ã‚·ãƒ§ãƒƒã‚¯ã‚¦ã‚§ãƒ¼ãƒ–画像
  3. Èランスフォーマーアドベンチャー第23話ネット配信
  4. Èイザらス限定 áガトロナス ¯ラッシュ ªブ ¶ Èランスフォーマー Ver.予約開始
  5. ϼˆè¿½è¨˜ï¼‰ã‚¿ã‚«ãƒ©ãƒˆãƒŸãƒ¼ãƒ¢ãƒ¼ãƒ«é™å®šMP-11NR éムジェット 11月30日(月)予約開始
  6. Èイザらス限定ムービーアドバンスドEX サイドスワイプ 11月28日発売
  7. æナイトウォリアーUW04デバスター動画&画像レビュー@電撃ホビーウェブ
  8. ϼˆè¿½è¨˜ï¼‰ã‚¸ã‚§ãƒãƒ¬ãƒ¼ã‚·ãƒ§ãƒ³ã‚ºãƒ»ã‚¿ã‚¤ã‚¿ãƒ³ã‚¯ãƒ©ã‚¹å•†å“ã®ãƒ•ã‚¡ãƒ³æŠ•ç¥¨é–‹å§‹
  9. TFSS4.0キャラクターアート公開
  10. ¿イタンズリターン・パワーマスター・オプティマスプライム
  11. ϼˆè¿½è¨˜ï¼‰ãƒ•ã‚£ã‚®ãƒ¥ã‚¢çŽ‹No.214とTFジェネレーション2015少し
  12. MP-11TサンダークラッカーとUW03ガーディアンのアジア限定特典コイン
  13. RIDミニコン4パックとジェネレーションズ・オルトモードほか
  14. 2015年のキンダーサプライズのトランスフォーマーおもちゃ
  15. ¿イタンズリターン・フォートレスとオプティマスのパッケージアート

  1. Sponsor News: The Toy Trove - Black Friday Deals And Free Shipping On In Stock Items
  2. Sponsor News: Ages Three And Up Black Friday Sale
  3. Toys R Us Canada Transformers Sale Nov. 27th - Dec. 3rd
  4. Toys R Us Canada Transformers Sale Nov. 20th - 26th
  5. TFcon Toronto 2016 Hotel Block Now Available
  6. Madhaus Toys Year Endish Sale This Saturday
  7. Sponsor News: Ages Three And Up - Pre-order Announcement
  8. Ontario Collectors Con 2016 Is January 24th In Mississauga Ontario
  9. Generations Voyagers 50% Off At Toys"R"Us Nov 6th-19th
  10. ToysRus Sale-40% Combiner Wars Leaders Oct 30th-Nov 5th
  11. Brampton Man’s Megatron 14-foot Sculpture For Halloween
  12. Toys R Us Canada Transformers Sale Oct. 23rd - 29th
  13. MP-07 Masterpiece Starscream Released In Canadian Retail
  14. Combiner Wars Voyager Wave 4 Sighted In Canada
  15. Action Figure Expo 2015 Is THIS WEEKEND!
  16. Combiner Wars Deluxe Wave 4 Spotted At Canadian Retail
  17. Toys R Us Canada Transformers Sale Sept. 11th - 20th
  18. TFcon Toronto 2016 Dates Announced: July 15th – 17th
  19. Sponsor News: Ages Three And Up - Annual Super Summer Sale
  20. Voice Actor Morgan Lofting To Attend Action Figure Expo 2015
  21. Toys'R'us Transformers Sale Aug. 21 - 27/2015
  22. Robots In Disguise- Warrior Class Wave 4 Released In Canada
  23. Ener-Con 2015 Exclusive Cruise Night Weapon Set From Renderform
  24. Sponsor News: Ages Three And Up - Pre-order And Product Update
  25. Sponsor News: Ages Three And Up - Pre-order And Product Update
  26. The 12th Annual Canadian Action Figure Expo Is September 27th In Mississauga Ontario
  27. TFcon Toronto 2015 Charity Auction Raises $10417.40 For Make-A-Wish Canada
  28. Transformers Combiner Wars Devastator Released At Canadian Retail
  29. Transformers Artist Josh Perez To Attend TFcon Toronto 2015
  30. Sponsor Update: Ages Three And Up - Pre-order And Product Update
  31. Matt Moylan Of LilFormers To Attend TFcon Toronto 2015
  32. Submit Your Questions For The TFcon Toronto Peter Cullen Q&A Panel
  33. TFcon 2015 Charity Auction Prize Pack Draw For Donors
  34. Richard Newman To Attend TFcon Toronto 2015
  35. Robots In Disguise Minicons, Deployers And 3 Step Optimus Prime Released In Canada
  36. Sponsor News: Ages Three And Up - Pre-order Announcements
  37. TFcon Toronto 2015 Tentative Event Schedule Online
  38. Combiner Wars Leader Class Ultra Magnus Out In Canada
  39. TFcon Toronto 2015 Exclusive Evila Star Revealed
  40. Sponsor News: The Toy Trove - Combiner Wars Wave 3 In Stock, New Preorders And More
  41. TFcon 2015 Charity Auction In Support Of Make-A-Wish Canada Needs Help With Donations
  42. Sponsor News: Apollyon Now In Stock At Madhaus Toys
  43. Artist Marvin Mariano To Attend TFcon Toronto 2015
  44. All Transformers $29.99 & Under 20% Off @ Toys"R"us June 19th-25th
  45. Ages Three And Up - Pre-order Announcement
  46. Age Of Extinction Optimus Prime In Winnipeg Today 4pm-10pm
  47. Bill Forster To Attend Ener-Con 2015!
  48. Kreon Warriors Wave 2 & Three Step RID Steeljaw Released In Canada
  49. Sponsor News: Ages Three And Up - Pre-order And Product Update
  50. Transformers RID Warrior Class Wave 3 Released At Canadian Retail


  1. IDW The Transformers #48 Full Preview
  2. Newsletter #1301
  3. TFNation 2016 Guest Update - Guido Guidi
  4. YaHobby Sponsor News: 11-27 Weekly News!
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  6. In Hand Images Of Transformers Generations Legends Shockwave
  7. Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-11NR Ramjet Back Online With Pre Order Details
  8. Transformers Collectors' Club Black Friday Sale
  9. Written Review Of Generations Platinum Dinobots Set (classic Heads): Deco And QC Issues Breakdow
  10. New Gallery: Combiner Wars Leader Class Skywarp
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  12. 2015 Black Friday Week Transformers Deals Round Up
  13. New Images Of Takara Tomy Unite Warriors UW04 Devastator: Weapon Storage, Individual Bots, Box Art
  14. IDW Transformers: Sins Of The Wreckers #1 Review
  15. IDW Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #47 Review
  16. BotCon 2016 Guest Update - Scott McNeil
  17. Takara Tomy Masterpiece MP-11T Thundercracker Collectable Coin Promotion
  18. Takara Transformers Unite Warriors UW-03 Defensor Boxset Promotion Coin
  19. In-Hand Image - Transformers Generations Combiner Wars SkyLynx
  20. Hisashi Yuki Designs And Prototype For Beast Wars II Galvatron
  21. Full Image Of Takara Transformers Unite Warriors UW04 Devastator
  22. TFsource SourceNews - Countdown To Black Friday!
  23. Video Review - Transformers Robots In Disguise One Step Springload And Quillfire
  24. Creative Roundup, November 21st, 2015
  25. IDW Transformers: Distant Stars (Combiner Hunters, Windblade 4-7) TPB Listing

Official Sites

Staff Sites

Industry Sites

Hasbro Finance

  1. How Black Friday Played Out Around The Country
  2. Star Wars Stars This Holiday
  3. NPD Group: Toy Sales Could Reach $20B
  4. Star Wars Hot, Barbie Too
  5. Which Toy Will Win Black Friday?
  6. Star Wars Toys Take Holiday Season By Storm
  7. Toys And Gender: How Things Are Changing This Holiday Season
  8. Holiday's Hottest Toys: Toys R Us CEO
  9. A Look At The Hot Toys For Holiday 2015
  10. A Look At The Hot Toys For Holiday 2015
  11. Bearish Bets On Mattel Surge Ahead Of Black Friday
  12. Hasbro Attracts Heavy Put Buying
  13. 5 Dividend Stocks To Buy In November
  14. Is Hasbro, Inc. (HAS) A Good Stock To Buy?
  15. Toys Have Best Year In A Decade
  16. 3 Big Brand Stocks To Buy Before The Holidays
  17. Nothing But Star Wars: What To Buy, What To Sell
  18. Hasbro At Risk With Disappointment Ahead: Analyst
  19. Hasbro CEO: The Force Is Strong With Our Star Wars Holiday Inventory
  20. ICYMI: Robotic Cats, Kickstarter Fails And More
  21. Victory Hill Exhibitions Teams With Hasbro For New 'TRANSFORMERS' Exhibit
  22. Hasbro Thinks Robot Pets Make Great Companions For Lonely Old People
  23. Lifelike Robotic Cats Are Now Toys For Seniors
  24. Dinosaur Claws, Fold-up Trampoline Top Watchdog's Worst Toys List
  25. Struggle Over The Game Of Life Sparks Lawsuit Against Hasbro
  26. Hasbro Ranks #1 In The Consumer Items Industry In 2015 "10 Best Corporate Citizens List By Industry"
  27. Toys Have Best Year In A Decade
  28. Hasbro Announces 2015 Investor Day Webcast On November 16, 2015
  29. Hasbro, Inc. And Guangdong Alpha Animation & Culture Co. To Bring €˜BLAZING TEAM’ Brand Across Multiple Platforms In New Markets
  30. Hasbro Says It Didn't Steal Host's Identity For Toy Hamster
  31. US Stocks Eke Out Tiny Gains After A Sluggish Day
  32. Hasbro Sales Of Girls' Toys Falls
  33. Hasbro Reports Financial Results For The Third Quarter 2015
  34. Hasbro Beats Street 3Q Forecasts
  35. Rhode Island Senator Wants To Strengthen Toxic Chemicals Law
  36. Hasbro Showcases Global Franchises At Brand Licensing Europe 2015
  37. Hasbro Showcases Global Franchises At Brand Licensing Europe 2015
  38. Brown Announces New Institute To Combat Child Health Issues
  39. Hasbro To Webcast Third Quarter 2015 Earnings Conference Call
  40. Charity Named For Young Boston Bombing Victim Urges Service
  41. Foundation Named For Young Marathon Victim Promotes Service
  42. Gameloft And Hasbro Announce The TRIVIAL PURSUIT & Friends Mobile Game On Smartphones And Tablets Providing Fun-Filled Trivia For All Ages
  43. Nicoló Falcone Of Italy Defeats Defending Champion Bjørn Halvard Knappskog Of Norway To Win 2015 Monopoly World Championship!
  44. Disney Unveils Star Wars Toys Amid Marketing Blitz
  45. Fox News Anchor Sues Hasbro Over Toy Hamster With Her Name
  46. Hasbro Announces Completion Of The Sale Of Manufacturing Facilities To Cartamundi Group
  47. Hasbro Teams Up With Indiegogo To Launch Crowdfunding Gaming Challenge
  48. Hasbro To Participate In Panel Discussion On Millennial Moms At The Goldman Sachs 22nd Annual Global Retailing Conference
  49. "MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRES' CLUB™" TV Game Show To Debut Season Two September 12
  50. The Magic Of Friendship Comes To The Big Screen In A New My Little POny Movie From Hasbro's Allspark Pictures And Lionsgate

Newsarama - Comics

  1. The 10 WORST THINGS That Have Ever Happened To The FANTASTIC FOUR
  2. FLASH And ARROW Banter In New Crossover Promo
  4. New BATMAN V SUPERMAN Footage To Debut During GOTHAM
  6. Grit, Heart & Grime Promised In IMAGE's THE VIOLENT
  7. BUSTER & D.0.C. Fight For The Fate Of The World In TRANSFORMERS #48 Preview
  9. Killer GREEN LANTERN On The Loose In GREEN LANTERN #47 Preview
  11. Reliving The VIETNAM WAR In TET #4 Preview
  14. BRIAN K. VAUGHAN Teases New Project
  15. PEGGY's Got A Shotgun In New AGENT CARTER Clip
  17. MARVEL Phase Two Boxed Set Artwork Revealed
  18. DEADPOOL Serves Up Thanksgiving Dinner
  19. HAN SOLO Shoots First In New STAR WARS: FORCE AWAKENS Trailer
  20. BATMAN AND ROBIN Team Look Back On DAMIAN's Growth, Death And Resurrection
  21. 10 Things Worth Noticing In The CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Trailer
  22. Best Shots Reviews: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #5, DARTH VADER #13, More
  23. KENNEL BLOCK BLUES Explores Prison Life Through Funny Animals
  24. STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Gets An Official Rating, SUPERGIRL Seeks Young Kal-El, More
  25. CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Expanded Synopsis Released, SPIDER-MAN Speaks Out
  26. CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Official Posters
  27. CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Official Trailer
  28. Report: Major BATMAN Villain Cast In ARROW
  29. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Vol. 2 Rumor Denied: JAMES GUNN Speaks Out
  31. Best Shots Advance Reviews: SILK #1, VENOM: SPACE KNIGHT #1, WITCHBLADE #185, More
  32. DOCTOR STRANGE Officially Starts Production
  33. Oh Boy, Here's The FANTASTIC FOUR Honest Trailer... Hold On
  34. SILK Goes Sinister In "All-New, All-Different" Ongoing
  35. MAGNETO Assembles A New Mutant Black-Ops Team In UNCANNY X-MEN #1 First Look
  36. STAR TREK BEYOND Will Be Released In IMAX
  37. STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Poised To Break Box Office Records, DISNEY Downplays Expectations
  39. Taking MARTIAN MANHUNTER In Surprising New Directions ... And Into Surprising New Characters
  40. Report: FOX Removes FANTASTIC FOUR 2 From 2017 Schedule?
  41. SUPERMAN & BATMAN Name-Dropped In New DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Trailer
  42. Best Shots Reviews: TITANS HUNT # RED THORN #1, More
  44. MARVEL Gives History Lessons On Its Biggest Characters With MARVEL 101 Video Series
  45. SUICIDE SQUAD's JOKERMOBILE Speeds Into New Featurette
  46. Best Shots Review: DARK KNIGHT III: THE MASTER RACE #1
  47. JESSICA JONES Season 2 Could Happen After DEFENDERS
  49. The Dual Love Lives Of SUPERMAN On Display In LOIS & CLARK # SUPERMAN #23 Previews
  50. The 'Original MARVEL Team' Returns In AGENT CARTER Season 2 Promo
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We loved the Transformers Choose Your Fate books as kids, and even wrote a text adventure in their style for an old version of Transformers At The Moon. Here you can find images from these puzzle-books, both UK and US ....
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