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Transformers In The News: News stories from other related websites

Welcome to the Transformers: In The News section of the website. From this page you can find the latest news headlines from a variety of website. The websites have been grouped together into three categories.
  1. Fansites - These are non-official sites owned by fans.
  2. Official Sites - These are the official sites run by the companies and organisations involved with the Transformers franchise
  3. Staff Sites - The websites / blogs and twitter accounts for various staff that work on Transformers products including the comics and cartoon series
  4. Industry Sites - These are websites that include news relating to the Toy Industry.

Clicking on a headline below will open up a mini-window within this site pointing to the news story on the original website. This allows you to easily flick through the headlines either at the click of the mouse or by using the keyboard navigational shortcuts. The navigational shortcuts are using the cursor keys (the arrow keys) to jump between the links. So if you click on the first link and then press the right arrow, the 2nd news story will load. Pressing it again will load the third story where pressing left would have re-loaded the first story.

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Fan Sites

Alfes 2010

  1. ƛ´æ–°ãƒ¬ã‚¸ãƒ¡ã€€ãƒ»ï½—・ノ ヨロシクオネガイシマス
  2. Ǜ¸äº’リンクいたしました・w・ノ
  3. Æ¥½ã—い思い出を教えてください;w;(トランスFORマーケット&NONSTOP、IDWサイン会のお知らせ)
  4. Òーロー遊撃(ディスクウォーズ ¢ベンジャーズ Ïイパーモーションズ Á§éŠã¼ã†ï¼‰
  5. ÇィスクからTime To SMASH!!(ディスクウォーズ ¢ベンジャーズ Çィスクチェンジ! アイアンマン・キャプテンアメリカ・マイティソー)
  6. Ɖ‹ã®ã²ã‚‰ã®ä¸Šã«ã€ãƒžãƒ¼ãƒ™ãƒ«ãƒ’ーロー(ディスクウォーズ ¢ベンジャーズ Ïイパーモーションズ ¹パイダーマン・アイアンマン・マイティソー)
  7. ƈ¦å ´ã®å‚­å…µç¨¼æ¥­ï¼ˆEM合金 Èランスフォーマー µイバトロン陸上攻撃指揮官 íードバスター)
  8. Ɨ¢å­˜ã‚¢ãƒ¬ãƒ³ã‚¸ã®é¢ç™½ã•ï¼ˆç™½é»’写真にすればかっこいいよねというツイッター投稿群)
  9. ɀŸåº¦ã¨ãƒ‘ワーのレジェンド(S.H.Figuarts Ä»®é¢ãƒ©ã‚¤ãƒ€ãƒ¼ã‚«ãƒ–ト Á§ã‚¢ã‚¯ã‚·ãƒ§ãƒ³&遊ぼう)
  10. Ɨ¥æœ¬TFは熱く燃えている!!(現在展開の日本TFシリーズとTF同人誌のミニ紹介)
  11. ŒŒé¢¨ã®ç©¶æ¥µã¯ã€ç¾Žã—い和菓子につながる=w=(仮面ライダー鎧武 AC11 Ä»®é¢ãƒ©ã‚¤ãƒ€ãƒ¼éŽ§æ­¦ «チドキアームズ)
  12. Å­˜åœ¨ã‚’肯定せよ(TFジェネレーションズ ź—舗限定品 µンダークラッカー)
  13. ɝ™ã¨å‹•ã€é«˜é€Ÿã®çœŸéª¨å½«ï¼ˆS.H.Figuarts Ä»®é¢ãƒ©ã‚¤ãƒ€ãƒ¼ã‚«ãƒ–ト éイダーフォーム)
  14. DŽ¡æ•µãƒžã‚·ãƒ¼ãƒ³ã®çŒ›æ”»ï¼ˆTFジェネレーションズ TG-32 ßニコンアサルトチーム・センチュリトロン)
  15. Ç ´å£Šè«‹è² äººï¼ˆTFジェネレーションズ TG-32 ßニコンアサルトチーム)
  16. Őå½¹è€…ã€ã“ã“ã«ã‚ã‚Šï¼ï¼ˆTFジェネレーションズ TG-33 ¢ルマダスタースクリームで比較&遊ぼう)
  17. Ä¿¡å¿µã®æˆ¦å£«ï¼ˆTFジェネレーションズ TG-33 ¢ルマダスタースクリーム)
  18. êンクいたしました・w・ノ
  19. Ǜ¸äº’リンクいたしました・w・ノ
  20. ¨リートのパワーに耐える、新たなマストダーツ(ナーフ N-ストライクエリート æニバーサルマイクロダーツ)

Autobase Aichi

  1. íストエイジ前売り券特典G1カラーグリムロック&最新予告編など
  2. ϼˆè¿½è¨˜ï¼‰ã‚¿ã‚«ãƒ©ãƒˆãƒŸãƒ¼ã‚µã‚¤ãƒˆæ›´æ–°ã‚¯ãƒªã‚¢ãƒžã‚¤ã‚¯ãƒ­ãƒ³ã‚­ãƒ£ãƒ³ãƒšãƒ¼ãƒ³
  3. TF4 Kre-Oカスタムクレオンwave2宣材画像
  4. ¸ェネレーションズ・デラックスクラス発売延期
  5. Ƶ·å¤–版マスターピース・プロール宣材画像
  6. TF4パワーバトラー版ジャンクヒープ
  7. MP-22ウルトラマグナスは12月下旬発売1万9440円
  8. Ïズブロのトランスフォーマー公式サイトがリニューアル
  9. Èランスフォーマー/ロストエイジ玩具商品アマゾン予約開始
  10. Üットコン2014限定ジンライ画像公開
  11. ìスキューボッツ・リスキャンwave2オプティマス&バンブルビー
  12. Ō—京モーターショーにシボレートラックスのロボットモード立像
  13. Kre-Oムービー4マイクロチャンジャー宣材画像各種
  14. Kre-Oマイクロチェンジャー・ムービー4シリーズ2(通算シリーズ6)
  15. Èランスフォーマー/ロストエイジ玩具商品アマゾン登録

Cybergundam Blog

  1. Ɩ°ç¶²ä¸ŠçŽ©å…·ã€å‹•æ¼«ã€éŠæˆ²å¨›æ¨‚資訊網站TAG Hobby (啟動!
  2. 2013å¹´10月12日-13日 2013 Ǭ¬53屆 Ņ¨æ—¥æœ¬æ¨¡åž‹HOBBY SHOW @東京幕張 BANDAI於會場免費送出3000隻限定版扭蛋 Ɖ­è›‹æˆ°å£«NEXT Unicorn Gundam(Destory Mode) Clear Color Ver.
  3. MEDICOS 2014å¹´1月發售: ȶ…像可動 JOJO之奇妙冒險 Ǭ¬äº”部 - Bruno Bucciarati Second 4,200Yen
  4. BANDAI 2014å¹´3月發售: 1/8 PVC Figure Figuarts ZERO ǾŽå°‘女戰士 - Sailor Moon 8,800Yen
  5. BANDAI HOBBY ONLINE SHOP Ǚ¼å”®æ—¥æœªå®š: ƨ¡åž‹ SD Gundam Legend BB Æ­¦è€…號斗丸 Ɯ€çµ‚形態 (New Photo Added On 9 Oct)
  6. BANDAI NAMCO 2013å¹´12月19發售: PS3/PS Vita Game ǜŸGundam無雙 PS3版 7,980Yen / PS Vita版 6,980Yen
  7. Gunpla Expo 2013 At Malaysia & Philippines €“ BANDAI展品
  8. BANDAI HOBBY ONLINE SHOP Ǚ¼å”®æ—¥æœªå®š: ƨ¡åž‹ MG 1/100 Gundam Astray Red Frame
  9. Bandai Hobby部 2013年11-12月發售新Gunpla模型商品
  10. MAXFACTORY 2014年4月發售: Figma COBRA THE SPACE PIRATE - Crystal Bowie 5,800Yen連稅
  11. MEDICOM 2014å¹´7月發售: RAH NEO EVA電影版:Q - Ƕ¾æ³¢éº—駕駛服(暫稱) 18,900Yen連稅
  12. É­‚Tamashii Nation AKIBA Showroom ƛ´æ–°äº†æ–°å±•å“
  13. 2013å¹´11月1日-3日 TAMASHII NATION 2013 ~超合金~ Ɯƒå ´ç™¼å”®é™å®šç‰ˆå•†å“: S.H. Figuarts Ironman Mark6 Black Ver. 4,500Yen
  14. Megahouse 2014å¹´1月份-2014å¹´3月份 Ɩ°å•†å“è¨‚單圖
  15. WAVE 2014å¹´3月發售: 1/10 PVC Figure TFC Beach Queens Series É«˜æ™ºèƒ½æ–¹ç¨‹å¼SIN ȏ…生明日香 4,000Yen
  16. É«˜äº’換性的ROBOT魂 Testament Gundam
  17. 1/30 ZEONIC TOYOTA - Concept Car ɦ¬æ²™å°ˆç”¨AURIS
  18. BANDAI 2013å¹´12月發售: ƨ¡åž‹ MG 1/100 Sazabi Ver. Ka 9,000Yen
  19. 2013å¹´10月12日-13日 2013 Ǭ¬53屆 Ņ¨æ—¥æœ¬æ¨¡åž‹HOBBY SHOW @東京幕張 ɕ·è°·å·æ–¼æœƒå ´ç™¼å”®é™å®šç‰ˆæ¨¡åž‹å•†å“
  20. Macross Chronicle Ɩ°è¨‚版 No.38

  1. Transformers Voice Actor Neil Kaplan To Attend TFcon Toronto 2014
  2. Transformers Artist Andrew Griffith To Attend TFcon Toronto 2014
  3. TFcon Toronto 2014 Registration Information Online
  4. Toys R Us Canada Transformers Sale April 11th - 21st
  5. Transformers: Age Of Extinction Construct-bots Toys Found At Canadian Retail
  6. Transformers Voice Actor Sue Blu To Attend TFcon Toronto 2014
  7. Michael Chain To Attend Ener-Con 2014 In Manitoba
  8. Sponsor News: The Toy Trove - April Facebook Giveaway
  9. 80s Toy Expo Door Prize Announcement #1: Generations Metroplex
  10. Toys R Us Canada Transformers Sale April 4th - 10th
  11. Transformers: Age Of Extinction Toys Found At Canadian Retail
  12. Transformer Generations 2014 Wave 2 Deluxe Figures Released At Canadian Retail
  13. TFcon Toronto 2014 Exclusive Revealed: Masterpiece Shafter
  14. Wrestling Legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts To Attend 80s Toy Expo
  15. TFcon Announces Fourth Annual 3rd Party Product Panel
  16. Sponsor News: The Toy Trove - Free Shipping Weekend
  17. Transformers Artist Sarah Stone To Attend TFcon Toronto 2014
  18. Ener-Con 2014: Manitoba's Transformers Fan Convention
  19. Transformers Sale At Toys R Us Canada
  20. Transformers Voice Actor Garry Chalk To Attend TFcon Toronto 2014
  21. Generations Legends Swerve And Cosmos Released At Canadian Retail
  22. New Network Site - The Canadian Star Wars News And Discussion Site
  23. Watch On Dragons Den Wed Feb 26th, 8pm
  24. Sponsor News: The Toy Trove - Generations Deluxe Wave 8
  25. Transformers Beast Hunters 2014 Voyagers Wave 1 Released At Canadian Retail
  26. Transformer Platinum Edition Masterpiece Optimus Prime Released At Canadian Retail
  27. Transformers Beast Hunters Cyberverse Commander Wave 5 Released At Canadian Retail
  28. Transformers Generations 2014 Deluxe Wave 1 Released At Canadian Retail
  29. Toys R Us Canada Transformers Sale Feb 7th-13th
  30. Platinum Year Of The Horse Starscream Out In Canada
  31. Alan Oppenheimer The Voice Of G1 Warpath, Seaspray And Beachcomber At 80s Toy Expo
  32. Aaron Archer To Attend TFcon Toronto 2014
  33. Transformers Generations Voyager Wave 5 Released At Canadian Retail
  34. Ontario Collectors Con Door Prize Announcement #5: Masterpiece Bluestreak
  35. Ontario Collectors Con Door Prize Announcement #3: Unique Toys G-02 Sharky Set
  36. Ontario Collectors Con Door Prize Announcement #1: Masterpiece Prowl
  37. Dealer Registration Available For TFcon Toronto 2014
  38. Toys R Us Canada Transformers Sale Jan 10-23 2014
  39. Wrestling Legend Nikolai Volkoff To Attend Ontario Collectors Con
  40. Sponsor News The Toy Trove- Generations Deluxe Wave 7
  41. Sponsor News: B&K Collectables Boxing Weekend Special
  42. Sponsor News: Ages Three And Up's Gigantic Boxing Day Sale
  43. Sponsor News: Kool Toyz Holiday Sale! Free Shipping
  44. Canadian Slag Episode 77 Now Online!
  45. Transformers Platinum Predaking Released At Canadian Retail
  46. Transformers Sales At Toys R Us Canada Dec. 13th - 19th
  47. Walmart Canada Rollback On Transformers Generations Deluxes
  48. Canadian Slag Episode 76 Now Online!
  49. Transformers Sale At Toys R Us Canada
  50. Townsend Coleman To Attend 2014 Ontario Collectors Con

Hong Toy Toy World

  1. Bandai Ɯªå®š DXゴジラ2014
  2. Bandai Ɯªå®š ¢バレ ´ジラ2014
  3. Bandai Ɯªå®š ´ジラ2014 ·ティージオラマ
  4. Bandai Ɯªå®š Movie Monster Series
  5. Bandai Ɯªå®š ´ジラエッグ(Godzilla E.G.) Series
  6. Bandai É­‚shop SHF Ǎ£é›»æˆ¦éšŠ KyoryuBlack & KyoryuPink Set Ɨ¥æœ¬report
  7. Medicom 10月 VCD MICKEY MOUSE(Hardrock Ver.)
  8. Medicom 10月 VCD MICKEY MOUSE(Singing Ver.)
  9. Medicom 5月 Ôンクカネゴン / °リーンカネゴン
  10. Medicom 5月 âンキーキー(ゴロ―カラー)
  11. Medicom 8月 ǟ³å·è³¢ç‰ˆã‚¦ãƒ«ãƒˆãƒ©ãƒžãƒ³ã‚¿ãƒ­ã‚¦2
  12. Medicom 8月 Àイコンフィルム版 Ÿ°ã£ã¦ããŸã‚¦ãƒ«ãƒˆãƒ©ãƒžãƒ³2
  13. Medicom 8月 ¦ルトラマン(ノイグラム版)
  14. Medicom 8月 ɪ¸éª¨ã‚¢ãƒ³ãƒˆãƒ©ãƒ¼ï¼»2期(通販限定版)]
  15. Medicom 8月 ɪ¸éª¨ã‚¢ãƒ³ãƒˆãƒ©ãƒ¼
  16. Medicom 8月 ɪ¸éª¨ãƒãƒ«ã‚¿ãƒ³ï¼»èŒ¶è‰²ï¼ˆé€šè²©é™å®šç‰ˆï¼‰ï¼½
  17. Medicom 8月 Êメゴン(マルサン0期復刻版)
  18. Medicom 8月 ¦ルトラマン(涙の怪獣パーティー版)
  19. Medicom 5月 KRAWLUSS(Berserker)
  20. Medicom 8月 ¨ターナルクラウド(紅龍:チーロン)


  1. Official Images: Takara Tomy Transformers Retail Campaign Minicons
  2. New Images Of Exclusive G1 Deco Transformers: Age Of Extinction Voyager Grimlock
  3. Transformers: Age Of Extinction One Step Changer Optimus Prime
  4. July 2014 IDW Publishing Transformers Solicitations
  5. Transformers: Legends "Five Faces Of Darkness Part 3"
  6. Transformers Age Of Extinction Custom Kreons Wave 2
  7. BBTS Sponsor News: DC, Marvel, Freddy Krueger, Minimates, Star Trek, Transformers, Game Of Thrones & More!
  8. Transformers Generations Deluxe Waves 3 & 5 - Figures Pushed To Later Waves
  9. Twincast / Podcast Episode #91 "History Lesson"
  10. New Transformers: Age Of Extinction Optimus Prime And Grimlock Image
  11. Transformers Voice Actor Neil Kaplan To Attend TFcon Toronto 2014
  12. Transformers: Rescue Bots "What Rises Above" Press Release And Clip
  13. Clearer Images Of Takara Tomy's Transformers Masterpiece MP-22 Ultra Magnus
  14. PRIME Reviews: Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots - Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Heatwave
  15. IDW Transformers: Robots In Disguise #28 Review
  16. Hasbro MP-04 Masterpiece Prowl Revealed
  17. IDW Publishing Live Transformers Panel - Video Available And Summary
  18. BotCon 2014 - Brochure Online, Transformers Fan Experience At Universal Studios
  19. BotCon 2014 Guest Announcement - IDW Transformers Writers John Barber And Mairghread Scott
  20. Transformers: Age Of Extinction Power Battler Junkheap Revealed
  21. Takara Transformers Masterpiece MP-22 Ultra Magnus Text Translated
  22. Takara Transformers Lost Age Voyager G1 Deco Grimlock, Redecoed Generations Targetmasters Roller, Chop Shop, Waspinator, Blazemaster
  23. Figure King 195 Scans: Takara Transformers Masterpiece MP-22 Ultra Magnus Prototype
  24. IDW Transformers: Robots In Disguise #28 Preview
  25. Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark Images And Wal-Mart Exclusive Stinger Character

Tagoal Blog

  2. Çィスク・ウォーズ:アベンジャーズ ハイパーモーションズ アイアンマン
  4. Çィスク・ウォーズ:アベンジャーズ ハイパーモーションズ スパイダーマン
  5. Èランスフォーマー MOVIE スタースクリーム(STARSCREAM) G1カラーver.
  6. Çィスク・ウォーズ:アベンジャーズ ハイパーモーションズ ソー
  7. Èランスフォーマー ENERGON スラッグスリンガー(SLUGSLINGER/ストームジェット)
  8. 200万ヒット記念キャンペーン結果発表~。
  9. Èランスフォーマージェネレーションズ インフィルトレータースタースクリーム
  10. Èランスフォーマージェネレーションズ サンダークラッカー
  11. Èランスフォーマージェネレーションズ ファイヤーブラストグリムロック
  12. Èランスフォーマージェネレーションズ ミニコンアサルトチーム
  13. Èランスフォーマージェネレーションズ アルマダスタースクリーム
  14. Èランスフォーマー? チェンジ戦機ロボ 闘神jr(転流・空翼)
  15. Èランスフォーマー POWER CORE COMBINERS リードフットwithピンポイント(LEADFOOT with PINPOINT)


  1. Generations News - 2014 Wave 3 Cancelled And Resolicited, Crosscut Delayed, Rattrap And Tankor Still Coming
  2. Masterpiece Ultra Magnus Clear Scans Of Upcoming MP-22 Prototype
  3. BotCon 2014 Transformers Convention Brochure Now Available - Toys And Package Details Revealed
  4. First Look At Toys R Us Masterpiece Prowl Images Of Transformers Exclusive Figure
  5. IDW Live Panel Part 2 - The Return Of Grimlock, BotCon 2014, And More!
  6. IDW Live Panel Part 1 - Windblade, Megatron Vs. The DJD, And More!
  7. Junk Heap Age Of Extinction Power Battler Debuts To Celebrate Earth Day
  8. G1 Colors Grimlock Edition Transformers Age Of Extinction Voyager Class Figure Images
  9. Masterpiece Ultra Magnus First Look At Prototype For MP-22 In Figure King Magazine
  10. IDW Comics Review - Transformers: Robots In Disguise #28 - Dawn Of The Autobots!
  11. New Images Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark Video Game Show Optimus Prime And Bumblebee
  12. Toys R Us UK Exclusive - Masterpiece Prowl & Masterpiece Sunstorm - Coming Soon!
  13. Auto China 2014 In Beijing Bumblebee And Chevy Camaro Preview Transformers 4 Age Of Extinction
  14. Prowl Discontented Transformers Robots In Disguise Exclusive Promotional Art Cover
  15. Fanstoys FT-05 Soar Reveals Not MP Swoop Project Red And Blue Edition Variants
  16. Official Images Optimus Prime & BumblebeeTransformers Rescue Bots Rescan Series 02 Figures
  17. New Official Transformers Site Rolls Out With Age Of Extinction, Online Games, Videos, And More!
  18. Cybertronian Knight Ginrai Revealed As Botcon 2014 Fifth And Final Boxset Figure - AKA Figure Guts Ginrai
  19. Harbro Report Profit As Sales On My Little Pony And Other Girls Toys Soar
  20. Preview Image Transformers Primacy Comic Interlocking Cover Art By Livio Ramondelli

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        Transformers Toy Galleries
        Omegatron Omegatron
        Click the link or image above to view the Omegatron toy gallery. The gallery contains 83 images of this figure for your viewing pleasure.
        Transformers related trademarks filed with the USPTO
        Hasbro Inc submitted a trademark application for MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE with the USPTO on the Wednesday, 1st November 2006. The mark was submitted within the category Interactive entertainment software, namely, video game programs, computer game programs, computer game software; computer and video game apparatus, namely, video game machines for use with televisions; sunglasses and currently has as status of Abandoned because no Statement of Use or Extension Request timely filed after Notice of Allowance was issued. To view all documents in this file, click on the Trademark Document Retrieval link at the top of this page..
        Transformers Cartoon Series
        Transformers Comics
        Choose Your Fate Choose Your Fate
        We loved the Transformers Choose Your Fate books as kids, and even wrote a text adventure in their style for an old version of Transformers At The Moon. Here you can find images from these puzzle-books, both UK and US ....
        Transformers Videos
        Ep 27: Preparing To Fight Ep 27: Preparing To Fight
        The Constructicons Mixmaster and Scrapper follow a trail of oil from the leaking Bumblebee back to the Autobot HQ, where they bump into Sari. After being chased, Sari decides now is the time to fight back. ....
        Transformers Conventions and Events
        OTFCC 2003 (USA) OTFCC 2003 (USA)
        We loved the Transformers Choose Your Fate books as kids, and even wrote a text adventure in their style for an old version of Transformers At The Moon. Here you can find images from these puzzle-books, both UK and US ....
        Transformers Toysheets
        US Sheet 1 US Sheet 1
        The scans contained within this gallery are taken from our own Transformers toysheet collection. This is the first US Transformers toysheet. ....
        Transformers Instructions
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        The instruction scans contained within this gallery with the watermark were originally from the Chinese TF08 website. They have been added here as a mirror. ....
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