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Transformers In The News: News stories from other related websites

Welcome to the Transformers: In The News section of the website. From this page you can find the latest news headlines from a variety of website. The websites have been grouped together into three categories.
  1. Fansites - These are non-official sites owned by fans.
  2. Official Sites - These are the official sites run by the companies and organisations involved with the Transformers franchise
  3. Staff Sites - The websites / blogs and twitter accounts for various staff that work on Transformers products including the comics and cartoon series
  4. Industry Sites - These are websites that include news relating to the Toy Industry.

Clicking on a headline below will open up a mini-window within this site pointing to the news story on the original website. This allows you to easily flick through the headlines either at the click of the mouse or by using the keyboard navigational shortcuts. The navigational shortcuts are using the cursor keys (the arrow keys) to jump between the links. So if you click on the first link and then press the right arrow, the 2nd news story will load. Pressing it again will load the third story where pressing left would have re-loaded the first story.

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Fan Sites

Alfes 2010

  1. ƛ´æ–°ãƒ¬ã‚¸ãƒ¡ã€€ãƒ»ï½—・ノ ヨロシクオネガイシマス
  2. ƀã„出を獲りましょう(BOTCON2016 Exclusive Reflector 3-pack (Lemit 1300))
  3. É¡˜ãˆã°å¶ã†ã‚‚のだ(ボットコン2016旅行記)
  4. Æ­´å²ã¯ç©ã¿é‡ã­ï¼ˆhasbro Panel Botcon ALL ITEM)
  5. ɕ·æœŸã‚·ãƒªãƒ¼ã‚ºã‚†ãˆã®ãƒãƒªã‚¨ãƒ¼ã‚·ãƒ§ãƒ³ï¼ˆTransformers Robots In Disguise Decepticon Hunter Optimus Prime Vs Decepticon Bludgeon Pack)
  6. LJƒãˆã¦ãƒ€ãƒ–ルドラゴン(BotCon2016 Exclusive MEGATRON (Lemit 850))
  7. Ǭ‘顔の力(トランスフォーマー Þスターピース MP-30 éチェットで比較)
  8. Áã®è‚©ã®é‡ã•ã¯ã€å‘½ã®å°Šã•ã‚’支える印。(トランスフォーマー Þスターピース MP-30 éチェット)
  9. ɜ‡ç½ã‹ã‚‰ä¸€é€±é–“経過して
  10. Ç·Šæ€¥ã§ã™ã„ません、しばらくブログ休止になると思います。(平成28(2016)熊本地震のさなかにいます)
  11. Ɨ¥æœ¬ã‹ã‚‰ä¸–界へ、TFコミック版(BOTCON2016 坂本勇人先生パネルディスカッション
  12. Ǭ¬ä¸€æ—¥ç›®ã€åˆ°ç€ã—ました・w・(BOTCON2016 初日滞在記録)
  13. Ť¢ã®è–地探訪(BOTCON2016にいってきます;w;ノ)
  14. ǵ„み替えて、組み替えて、また組み替えて・・・・・・(ナーフ N-ストライク âジュラス ¤オンファイア)
  15. が大義は、デストロンのために!(トランスフォーマー MP-29 ɘ²è¡›å‚謀レーザーウェーブ íボットモード)
  16. Ä¿¡é ¼ã¨å®Ÿç¸¾ã®ã‚¬ãƒ¼ãƒ‰ãƒžãƒ³ï¼ˆãƒˆãƒ©ãƒ³ã‚¹ãƒ•ã‚©ãƒ¼ãƒžãƒ¼ MP-29 ɘ²è¡›å‚謀レーザーウェーブ ìーザーバルカンモード)
  17. ɝ©å‘½ã¯ã€å›ã®æ­£ç¾©ã ï¼ˆãƒˆãƒ©ãƒ³ã‚¹ãƒ•ã‚©ãƒ¼ãƒžãƒ¼ ¢ドベンチャー TAV39 ¯イルファイア)
  18. Ƃªå¾³ã‚’耕す(トランスフォーマー ¢ドベンチャー TAV38 µンダーフーフ)
  19. Å®Ÿç”¨ãƒˆãƒ©ãƒ³ã‚¹ãƒ•ã‚©ãƒ¼ãƒžãƒ¼ï¼ˆã‚¬ãƒãƒ£ã‚¬ãƒãƒ£ Èランスフォーマー Õィギュアコレクション)
  20. Ňºä¼šã„ã®ãŠã‚‚ã¡ã‚ƒã€ã‹ãã‚ã‚‹ã¹ã—ï¼ˆãƒˆãƒ©ãƒ³ã‚¹ãƒ•ã‚©ãƒ¼ãƒžãƒ¼ ¢ドベンチャー TED18 Óッグドリフト  TED19 ¹プリングロード)

Autobase Aichi

  1. ¿イタンズリターン・リーダークラス・ブラスターの画像&動画
  2. Èランスフォーマーフェス物販情報
  3. əå®šãƒžã‚¤ã‚¯ãƒ­ãƒ³ãƒ»ãƒ¬ã‚¤ãƒ³ã®ç°¡æ˜“レビュー
  4. µイバーバタリオン商品がユニバーサルスタジオで販売中
  5. ìスキューボッツ・オプティマスプライム・レーシングトレーラー宣材画像
  6. TFSS5.0 ŏ—付開始&画像、設定など公開
  7. ¿イタンズリターン・デラックスクラス・ホットロッドらしきリーク画像
  8. 4月下旬マイクロンキャンペーン詳報
  9. ¿イタンズリターン・2017年商品らしきリーク画像
  10. ϼˆè¿½åŠ ï¼‰TFアドベンチャー TAV50 Ïイパーサージオプティマスプライム商品登録
  11. UW-06グランドガルバトロン画像レビュー
  12. Æレビマガジン、てれびくん6月号
  13. UW-06グランドガルバトロンのアジア限定特典コイン
  14. Èイザらス限定マイクロン・バーンのレビュー
  15. Õィギュア王No.219

  1. RID Deployer Overload Spotted In Canada
  2. 80s Toy Expo 2016 Door Prize Announcement #4: X-Transbot MM-VI BOOST
  3. Ages Three And Up - Product And Pre-Order Update
  4. TFTOYS.CA Will Be At Calgary Comic Expo
  5. Dan Gilvezan The Voice Of G1 Bumblebee To Attend TFcon Toronto 2016
  6. 25% Off Transformers At ToysRus
  7. Transformers Artist Sara Pitre-Durocher To Attend TFcon Toronto 2016
  8. CW SkyLynx, Onslaught & Shockwave Sighted In Canada
  9. Ages Three And Up - Product And Pre-order Update
  10. Transformers RID Battle Packs, Legends Class Shockwave & More Released In Canada
  11. TRU Flyer - April 15-21 Deluxe Combiner $9.87!!
  12. Transformers Artist Alex Milne To Attend TFcon Toronto 2016
  13. TFcon Toronto 2016 Registration Now Online
  14. Sponsor News: The Toy Trove - MP-28 Hot Rod In Stock - Takara Preorders
  15. Ages Three And Up - New Pre-order Announcement
  16. 80s Toy Expo 2016 Door Prize Announcement #1: MP-28 Masterpiece Hot Rodimus
  17. Sponsor News: Ages Three And Up - Product And Pre-order Update
  18. Transformers Artist Brendan Cahill To Attend TFcon Toronto 2016
  19. Sponsor News: Ages Three And Up - Product And Pre-order Update
  20. Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015 Now On Netflix Canada
  21. RID Warrior Class Thunderhoof & Quillfire Sighted In Canada
  22. 50% Off Combiner Wars Voyagers At ToysRus Canada March 11th-13th
  23. Combiner Wars G2 Stunticons Set Released In Canada
  24. Sponsor News: Introducing TFTOYS.CA
  25. Sponsor News; Ages Three And Up - Product And Pre-order Update
  26. ToysRus Sale-25% Off Transformers Mar 4th-10th
  27. 80s Toy Expo 2016 Is May 1st In Mississauga Ontario
  28. New CW Deluxe Figures And Rescue Bots Spotted In Canada
  29. Sponsor News: Ages Three And Up - Product And Pre-order Update
  30. Sponsor News: The Toy Trove - Vintage Toys Section
  31. Frank Welker The Voice Of Megatron At TFcon Toronto 2016
  32. Sponsor News: Ages Three And Up - Product And Pre-order Update
  33. Dealer Registration Available For TFcon Toronto 2016
  34. Sponsor News: The Toy Trove - Valentines Day Free Shipping
  35. Platinum Edition Year Of The Monkey Optimus Primal Released In Canada
  36. Platinum Editon Planet Of Junk Set Released In Canada
  37. RID Minicon Battlepacks Optimus & Sideswipe Spotted In Canada
  38. Voice Actor Michael Dobson To Attend Ontario Collectors Con 2016
  39. Combiner Wars G2 Superion Spotted On Shelves
  40. Ontario Collectors Con Door Prize Announcement #1: MP-25 Masterpiece Tracks
  41. Sponsor News: Madhaus Toys - Boxing Week Sale
  42. Sponsor News: Kool Toyz Boxing Day Weekend Sale - Free Shipping
  43. Toys R Us Canada Transformers Sale Dec. 18th - 24th
  44. Deluxe Combiner Wars Combaticons Spotted In Canada
  45. Ian James Corlett To Attend TFcon Toronto 2016
  46. Toys R Us Canada Transformers Sale Dec. 4th - 10th
  47. Sponsor News: The Toy Trove - Black Friday Deals And Free Shipping On In Stock Items
  48. Sponsor News: Ages Three And Up Black Friday Sale
  49. Toys R Us Canada Transformers Sale Nov. 27th - Dec. 3rd
  50. Toys R Us Canada Transformers Sale Nov. 20th - 26th


  1. Unreleased Prince Transformers-themed Album Uncovered, With Information Society
  2. Newsletter #1324
  3. Respect The Prime:1986 Revisited Soundtrack For Cancer Charity
  4. New Galleries: Transformers Collector's Club Figure Subscription Service 4.0 Needlenose With Sunbeam And Zputty
  5. Takara Transformers Unite Warriors Grand Galvatron Video Review And New TF Yuki Photos
  6. Transformers: Rescue Bots - Season 4 Episode 9 Summary
  7. Major Price Reduction For Transformers Combiner Wars Toys At Walmart Canada
  8. US Retail Sighting - Transformers Robots In Disguise Warrior Class Thunderhoof And Quillfire
  9. More In-Hand Images - Takara Transformers Unite Warriors UW06 Grand Galvatron
  10. AJ's Toy Chest - 04 / 26 Newsletter: New Transformers Leg 1ff8 Ends, Unite Warriors And Masterpiece Pre-Orders. Coming Soon MP30: Ratchet And Kabaya Block Wars!
  11. In-Hand Images - Takara Tomy Transformers Legends LG22 Skull
  12. Comparisons Between Transformers Combiner Wars And Unite Warriors Computron With G1 Toys
  13. New Galleries: Combiner Wars Victorion And The Rust Renegades Plus Legends Class Wreck-Gar
  14. Cyber City Con - The Ultimate Robot Experience
  15. Fantasy Battle Video - Super Power Beatdown Iron Man Vs Optimus Prime
  16. New Images - Takara Tomy Transformers Legends LG21 Hardhead
  17. Comparisons Between Transformers Combiner Wars And Unite Warriors Computron With Animation And Comic Designs
  18. Update: Nearly 300 Items From Transformers Series Old And New Added!
  19. TFNATION 2016 - Operation: Forbidden Planet Takeover
  20. Twincast / Podcast Episode #143: "The Hangover: Hascon Edition"
  21. TFsource SourceNews! MP-30 Ratchet, RMX-01 Jaguar, Machine Robo, Spring Sale & More!
  22. TFExpo 2016 - Registration Live And TFTM Theatrical Screening
  23. Transformers Photo Challenge #12: Scale
  24. Million Publishing / Hero-X Transformers Adventure VS SP Dogfight & Runamuck - New Pics
  25. Transformers Combiner Wars Fan-Built Victorion - Pre-Order Up At


  1. Throwback Review - Transformers Cybertron Wing Saber
  2. Combiner Wars Victorion - The Galleries, Part 2: Stormclash & Skyburst
  3. Combiner Wars Victorion - The Galleries, Part 1: Victorion!
  4. BBTS Sponsor News: The Walking Dead, Green Arrow, Bandai JP, TMNT, Marvel, Star Wars, Gremlins, Third Party & More!
  5. BadCube OTS-10 Slick - Masterpiece Style Swerve Style Unofficial Figure Announced
  6. Legends LG23 Galvatron Greets An Old Friend And Proposes A Grand Swap
  7. Radio Free Cybertron - 5/4/2016 Live Stream!
  8. Titans Return Stock Photos For Wheelie, Ravage, And Rumble Legends Class Figures
  9. Toy World Announce Not Optimus Prime MP Scale Figure Project Images
  10. TFormers Presents Combiner Wars Victorion: Unboxing The Fan-Built Combiner!
  11. Legends Series LG22 Skull AKA Skullcruncher AKA Skullsmasher Looks Hungry
  12. Dr Wu Unveils Nanobot Micro Insect Army Set, Because You Don't Have Enough Tiny Insecticons
  13. Super Power Beat Down - Optimus Prime Takes On Iron Man In New Unofficial Video
  14. Premium Collectables Weekly Newsletter - Transformers Platinum Edition Cyclonus & Sweeps
  15. ToysRUs Japan Promotional Mini-Con Campaign Continues With Arms Micron Rain
  16. Legends Series LG21 Hardhead's Lackluster Golden Week Haul
  17. TransformMission Unofficial Stunticons Breakdown & Wildrider-Alikes New Color Images And Updates
  18. Cyber City Convention Comes To San Antonio, TX - May 5th, 7th & 8th
  19. TFSS 4.0 Needlenose And Targetmasters Viedeo Review Of Transformers Figures
  20. TFsource SourceNews! MP-30 Ratchet, RMX-01 Jaguar, Machine Robo, Spring Sale & More!

Official Sites

Staff Sites

Industry Sites

Newsarama - Comics

  1. Super FRIENDS: The 10 Bestest SUPERHERO BFFs Of All Time
  2. CIVIL WAR Directors: Avengers Were Disassembled For INFINITY WAR, Begins Shooting In Nov.
  3. Best Shots Reviews: POE DAMERON # GREEN LANTERN #5 RENATO JONES #1, More
  5. KID GLADIATOR Dropping Some Sick Beats In ALL-NEW X-MEN #9 Preview
  6. ETHAN VAN SCIVER Plans To REBIRTH Friendly DC Superheroes
  7. Report: ANT-MAN Writer To Helm Mark Waid's IRREDEEMABLE Film
  8. SHI'AR Get Nosey About Marvel's Latest Crossover Event In ULTIMATES #7 Preview
  9. The Moment Was Right: DEADPOOL Co-Opts E.D. Ads For Blu-ray Promo
  10. AGENT WARD Makes Marvel Comics Debut As IRON MAN ... Wait, What??
  11. 1st Look: Over-sized DEADPOOL #13 - 'Four-Part Crossover In One Issue'
  13. 6 New Claims About The Secret Origins Of MARVEL STUDIOS (Including An Almost Warner Bros. CAPTAIN AMERICA Film)
  14. OLLIE Is A 'Social Justice Warrior' In REBIRTH GREEN ARROW (Plus Preview)
  16. PSYLOCKE Actress On Why She Didn't Want To Be DEADPOOL's Girlfriend
  17. DOCTOR STRANGE Director On White-Washing Controversy: €˜I Am Listening & Learning’
  18. REBIRTH Writer Revisits Dark Knight's Origin In BATMAN #52 Preview
  19. It's Morphin' Time: First Look At New POWER RANGERS Suits
  21. Report: ERIQ LA SALLE Joins WOLVERINE 3
  22. Report: CBS Considering Dropping SUPERGIRL Over Budget Issues
  23. Top 10 DC 'Rebirths' By GEOFF JOHNS
  24. Best Shots Reviews: MIDNIGHTER #1 PUNISHER #1, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 More
  25. After A Decade JEFF SMITH's BONE Characters 'Immediately Came Back' To Him For July's CODA
  26. New A-FORCE Artist Shares Some Thoughts & Some New Developmental Character Sketches
  27. There They Go Again: Handicapping Marvel’s CIVIL WAR II Death Odds
  28. First Look: DC June REBIRTH Variant Covers
  29. Marvel Announces Two CIVIL WAR II Mystery Tie-ins, Offers Clues
  30. NEW MUTANTS Director Instagrams Image - So Is This The Movie Line-up?
  31. WAID, PEYER Reunite For 'CAPTAIN KID' - New Kind Of Wish Fulfillment
  32. Movie SCARLET WITCH On Comics SCARLET WITCH's Costume: 'That's Not A Confident Look'
  33. STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Cast Reunites To Explore Backstory In LEGO STAR WARS
  34. GEOFF JOHNS Makes New REBIRTH Pitch To 'A World Of Digital Cynicism And Perhaps Justified Skepticism'
  35. Honest Trailers Takes On 1990’s CAPTAIN AMERICA - When Fans Wanted Warner Bros. To Buy Marvel Properties
  36. Review: CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Works Well, But Sets Up Even Brighter Future
  38. Report: LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Looking For Two Members Of The Team For Season 2
  39. Best Shots Advance Reviews: 4001 A.D. #1, 3 FLOYDS: ALPHA KING #1
  40. FINN & JAKE Recruited Into D&D-Style Adventure With ADVENTURE TIME: FOUR CASTLES
  41. VS. - The 10 Greatest Pop Culture Debates Of All-Time
  42. Advance Review: THE PUNISHER #1 Has 'No-Nonsense Approach' By CLOONAN & DILLON
  43. 4001 A.D. Chronicles: KINDT & SIMONS Usher In A Brave New World For VALIANT
  44. MILLAR & IMMONEN's EMPRESS Optioned For Movie
  46. HOWARD CHAYKIN To Teach 2-Day Intensive Workshops In NYC, PHILLY & SACREMENTO
  47. MARVEL's U.S. President Addresses Nation After Nigerian Incident Relating To CIVIL WAR
  48. Advance Review: THUNDERBOLTS #1 Is A 'Comic Book Time Capsule' To The 1990s
  49. BLACK PANTHER #1 Sells 330k+, Prompting 'Hip-Hop-Driven' Monthly Recaps By TA-NEHISI COATES
  50. SPENSER Novelist Revisits His Own Crime Detective In NICK TRAVERS: LAST FAIR DEAL GONE DOWN
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