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Transformers In The News: News stories from other related websites

Welcome to the Transformers: In The News section of the website. From this page you can find the latest news headlines from a variety of website. The websites have been grouped together into three categories.
  1. Fansites - These are non-official sites owned by fans.
  2. Official Sites - These are the official sites run by the companies and organisations involved with the Transformers franchise
  3. Staff Sites - The websites / blogs and twitter accounts for various staff that work on Transformers products including the comics and cartoon series
  4. Industry Sites - These are websites that include news relating to the Toy Industry.

Clicking on a headline below will open up a mini-window within this site pointing to the news story on the original website. This allows you to easily flick through the headlines either at the click of the mouse or by using the keyboard navigational shortcuts. The navigational shortcuts are using the cursor keys (the arrow keys) to jump between the links. So if you click on the first link and then press the right arrow, the 2nd news story will load. Pressing it again will load the third story where pressing left would have re-loaded the first story.

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  4. Industry Sites

Fan Sites

Alfes 2010

  1. ƛ´æ–°ãƒ¬ã‚¸ãƒ¡ã€€ãƒ»ï½—・ノ ヨロシクオネガイシマス
  2. ¹パークの輝き(トランスフォーマー ìジェンズシリーズ LG18 ¢ルマダスタースクリームスーパーモード)
  3. Ä¿ºãŸã¡ã®æˆ¦ã„(トランスフォーマー Þスターピース MP27 ¢イアンハイドで遊ぼう)
  4. Á©ã“でだって、最大のパフォーマンスを(トランスフォーマー Þスターピース MP27 ¢イアンハイド 02 Ő„ç¨®ãƒ‘ãƒ¼ãƒ„ï¼‰
  5. ǜŸç´…のタフガイ(トランスフォーマー Þスターピース MP27 ¢イアンハイド)
  6. Ȓ¼ç©¹ã®ç©ºã®ä¸‹ã§ï¼ˆæ—¥æœ¬å›½å†…タカラトミーモール限定 ƕ°é‡é™å®š 000個 MP-11T µンダークラッカー)
  7. ĸ–界を駆ける、軽快に走る!(日本未発売TOMICA (アジア限定)【ドリームトミカ】 Èランスフォーマー Íメシスプライム ϼšãƒãƒ³ãƒ–ルビー(ブラックVer))
  8. ³ンセプトが作るもの(グッドスマイルカンパニー「GearTribe ňéŸ³ãƒŸã‚¯GTプロジェクト 2014Ver.」 Ť‰å½¢å·¥ç¨‹ï¼‰
  9. ȶ…高速の女神(グッドスマイルカンパニー「GearTribe ňéŸ³ãƒŸã‚¯GTプロジェクト 2014Ver.」)
  10. ȅ•åˆ©ãã®ã‚¬ãƒ¼ãƒ‰ï¼ˆãƒˆãƒ©ãƒ³ã‚¹ãƒ•ã‚©ãƒ¼ãƒžãƒ¼ Þスターピース MP26 íードレイジで遊ぼう)
  11. Ǜ¸äº’リンクいたしました。
  12. 2016年のご挨拶
  13. Ç´…の戦女神(トランスフォーマー Þスターピース MP26 íードレイジ)
  14. I Tried To Disguise In The World Famous "Transformers".(トランスフォーマー QTC05 ¹ヌーピー)
  15. Ýケットの中にヒーロー(トランスフォーマー TAV34 EZコレクション ÁームバンブルビーVSメガトロナスセット)
  16. Ť§åœ°ï¼ˆã¨è²¡å¸ƒã¨ç½®ãå ´æ‰€ï¼‰ã‚’進撃せよ!(トランスフォーマー æナイトウォリアーズ UW04 Çバスター 00総合)
  17. ·ールの真価は、巨人兵にあった!(CWデバステーター Ïズブロ公式シール貼りで遊ぼうの03)
  18. ƃ…報量増加と見栄えの良さ(CWデバステーター Ïズブロ公式シール貼りで遊ぼうの02)
  19. É»„緑のボディをカッコよく(CWデバステーター Ïズブロ公式シール貼りで遊ぼうの01)
  20. Ǚ½éŠ€ã®æ”¯é…è€…(トイザらス限定 áガトロナス ¯ラッシュ ªブ ¶ Èランスフォーマー)

Autobase Aichi

  1. TCC会報67号表紙&限定スカイワープのパッケージ画像
  2. ¿イタンズリターン・ブレインストームかもしれない画像
  3. æナイトウォリアーズ UW07 Öルーティカス アマゾン予約
  4. Óーストウォーズ復活祭への道 Ǭ¬6話 ϼ† Óーストウォーズ本編 Ǭ¬2話ネット配信
  5. ³ンバイナーウォーズ・コンピュートロンかもしれないカラー画像
  6. TFSS5.0ダブルプリテンダー・オプティマスとパラドロンメディック
  7. ¿イタンズリターン・アストロトレインかもしれない画像
  8. ïンダーフェスティバル2016冬の企業ブースのトランスフォーマー関連
  9. ¿カラトミーサイト更新(1~3月TFコード、サテライト限定黒騎士バンブルビーほか)
  10. UW-07ユナイトウォリアーズ・ブルーティカスのカラー画像
  11. Óーストウォーズ復活祭への道 Ǭ¬5話 ϼ† Óーストウォーズ本編 Ǭ¬1話ネット配信
  12. Üットコン2016宣伝動画にメガトロン
  13. ¿イタンズリターン・アルファトライオンかもしれない画像
  14. MP-28マスターピース・ホットロディマス詳細画像レビュー
  15. ­ャラクターランドVol.5のトランスフォーマー関連記事(MP-31、カバヤ新食玩ほか)

  1. Platinum Edition Year Of The Monkey Optimus Primal Released In Canada
  2. Platinum Editon Planet Of Junk Set Released In Canada
  3. RID Minicon Battlepacks Optimus & Sideswipe Spotted In Canada
  4. Voice Actor Michael Dobson To Attend Ontario Collectors Con 2016
  5. Combiner Wars G2 Superion Spotted On Shelves
  6. Ontario Collectors Con Door Prize Announcement #1: MP-25 Masterpiece Tracks
  7. Sponsor News: Madhaus Toys - Boxing Week Sale
  8. Sponsor News: Kool Toyz Boxing Day Weekend Sale - Free Shipping
  9. Toys R Us Canada Transformers Sale Dec. 18th - 24th
  10. Deluxe Combiner Wars Combaticons Spotted In Canada
  11. Ian James Corlett To Attend TFcon Toronto 2016
  12. Toys R Us Canada Transformers Sale Dec. 4th - 10th
  13. Sponsor News: The Toy Trove - Black Friday Deals And Free Shipping On In Stock Items
  14. Sponsor News: Ages Three And Up Black Friday Sale
  15. Toys R Us Canada Transformers Sale Nov. 27th - Dec. 3rd
  16. Toys R Us Canada Transformers Sale Nov. 20th - 26th
  17. Madhaus Toys Year Endish Sale This Saturday
  18. Sponsor News: Ages Three And Up - Pre-order Announcement
  19. Generations Voyagers 50% Off At Toys"R"Us Nov 6th-19th
  20. ToysRus Sale-40% Combiner Wars Leaders Oct 30th-Nov 5th
  21. Brampton Man’s Megatron 14-foot Sculpture For Halloween
  22. Toys R Us Canada Transformers Sale Oct. 23rd - 29th
  23. MP-07 Masterpiece Starscream Released In Canadian Retail
  24. Combiner Wars Voyager Wave 4 Sighted In Canada
  25. Action Figure Expo 2015 Is THIS WEEKEND!
  26. Combiner Wars Deluxe Wave 4 Spotted At Canadian Retail
  27. Toys R Us Canada Transformers Sale Sept. 11th - 20th
  28. TFcon Toronto 2016 Dates Announced: July 15th – 17th
  29. Sponsor News: Ages Three And Up - Annual Super Summer Sale
  30. Voice Actor Morgan Lofting To Attend Action Figure Expo 2015
  31. Toys'R'us Transformers Sale Aug. 21 - 27/2015
  32. Robots In Disguise- Warrior Class Wave 4 Released In Canada
  33. Ener-Con 2015 Exclusive Cruise Night Weapon Set From Renderform
  34. Sponsor News: Ages Three And Up - Pre-order And Product Update
  35. Sponsor News: Ages Three And Up - Pre-order And Product Update
  36. The 12th Annual Canadian Action Figure Expo Is September 27th In Mississauga Ontario
  37. TFcon Toronto 2015 Charity Auction Raises $10417.40 For Make-A-Wish Canada
  38. Transformers Combiner Wars Devastator Released At Canadian Retail
  39. Transformers Artist Josh Perez To Attend TFcon Toronto 2015
  40. Sponsor Update: Ages Three And Up - Pre-order And Product Update
  41. Matt Moylan Of LilFormers To Attend TFcon Toronto 2015
  42. Submit Your Questions For The TFcon Toronto Peter Cullen Q&A Panel
  43. TFcon 2015 Charity Auction Prize Pack Draw For Donors
  44. Richard Newman To Attend TFcon Toronto 2015
  45. Robots In Disguise Minicons, Deployers And 3 Step Optimus Prime Released In Canada
  46. Sponsor News: Ages Three And Up - Pre-order Announcements
  47. TFcon Toronto 2015 Tentative Event Schedule Online
  48. Combiner Wars Leader Class Ultra Magnus Out In Canada
  49. TFcon Toronto 2015 Exclusive Evila Star Revealed
  50. Sponsor News: The Toy Trove - Combiner Wars Wave 3 In Stock, New Preorders And More


  1. Titans Return Brainstorm Revealed On Newest Art Leak?
  2. Roll Out - New Transformers-Inspired Album Alternative Music Artists Compilation
  3. Unite Warriors UW07 Bruticus - Official Color Photos Posted To E-Hobby UPDATED With Better Pictures!
  4. New Images Of Masterpiece Optimus Primal And Unite Warriors Bruticus In The Weekly Beast Wars Video You Can't See
  5. New (Feathered!) Dino Transformers? Artist Matt Frank Teases Upcoming Transformers Work
  6. IDW Comics Review - Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #49
  7. Transformers Collectors Club Exclusives Ramjet & Armada Skywarp New Images
  8. Combiner Wars Computron Partial Box Art Now In Color!
  9. Transformers Figure Subscription Service 5 Preview First Look
  10. Transformers Planet Of Junk Box Set Video Review And Images
  11. Titans Return Astrotrain Image Teases New Transformers Triple Changer
  12. TFsource SourceNews! MP-27, MakeToys, Toyworld Constructor, Arkose And More!
  13. GCreation Teases New IDW-Styled Masterpiece-Scaled Figures Of Optimus Prime And Prowl
  14. MMC Seraphicus Prominon In Hand Photos And Comments On Unofficial Nova Prime
  15. Wonderfest 2016 Picture Roundup Featuring MP Optimus Primal, UW Bruticus, Statues And More!
  16. Garatron Gand Of Devils G.o.D.-02 Galaxy Destroyer Recreates The Infamous Unproduced Beast Wars Neo Unicron Figure
  17. Wonderfest 2016 - UPDATED Unite Warriors Bruticus & Combaticons Color Images
  18. Wonderfest 2016 - Unite Warriors Bruticus On Display With Up Close Look At Blast Off
  19. X-Transbots Arkose Missing Step From Instructions
  20. RUMOR - MP-31 To Finally Be Masterpiece Jazz?

Official Sites

Staff Sites

Industry Sites

Newsarama - Comics

  1. Report: DEADPOOL Sequel In The Works
  2. JIM LEE Has 'Weird Idea' To Tie DC's HANNA-BARBERA Comic Books Together
  4. Best Shots Advance Reviews: ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL # JONESY #1, More
  5. Report: SPIELBERG Film Moved To Avoid STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII
  6. Report: THE FLASH Movie Moved Up, Two New Untitled Films Added To 2018 Slate
  8. MMA Meets Extreme Superheroes In CAGE HERO #4 Preview
  9. VAN JENSEN Leaving THE FLASH And DCU Altogether
  10. HANNIBAL Showrunner To Helm New STAR TREK Series
  11. DC SUPER HERO GIRLS Animated Special & Merchandise To Debut In March
  12. ADAM WARLOCK Revisits The Classic AVENGERS In INFINITY ENTITY #1 First Look
  13. JANE THE VIRGIN Actor Launching Comic Book Based On Cemetery Family Business
  14. The Full COMIC BOOK SUPERHERO Movie Release Schedule
  15. MAN OF BRONZE Takes On A Cult Case In DOC SAVAGE: SPIDER'S WEB #3 Preview
  16. Early Concept Art For NETFLIX's DAREDEVIL Features Very Different Costume
  17. Rebel Against Your VAMPIRE Overlords In HEAVY METAL's INTERCEPTOR
  18. NETFLIX Reveals Title & Logo Of New VOLTRON Series
  19. Potential Spoiler In New WALKING DEAD Trailer
  20. Missing C2E2? REEDPOP Offers LOOT CRATE Style Mystery Box From Event
  21. Report: WATCHMEN Star Joins AMC's PREACHER
  22. What's Next For RYAN REYNOLDS? 'X-FORCE Is My Priority'
  23. REBIRTH - What Is It? Our Three Best Guesses
  24. When DC And Marvel Were 'EXTREME'
  27. Best Shots Reviews: SWAMP THING # SPIDER-MAN #1
  28. ILLUMINATI Artist Shares His Own Secrets In New Art Book
  29. First Look: B.D. WONG As HUGO STRANGE In New GOTHAM Trailer
  30. MARVEL Trumpets 31 Sell-Outs With 'All-New All-Different' Line-Up So Far
  32. A New KILLER FROST Image Thaws Out From CW's THE FLASH
  33. Who Actually Created DEADPOOL? LIEFELD Decries 'Hit Piece' On Him And NICIEZA
  34. Welcome To The Body Mines In JUDGE DREDD: DEAD ZONE Preview
  35. PUNISHER Goes 'Bang!' In New DAREDEVIL Clip
  36. DEADPOOL And PSYLOCKE Square Off Behind The Scenes
  37. HULK & ANT-MAN Fight Over A COKE In New Super Bowl Commercial
  39. It's Time For A Return In BATMAN #49 Preview
  40. Turkish Airlines Full BATMAN V SUPERMAN Gotham City & Metropolis Super Bowl Commercials
  41. FOX Doubles Up With New DEADPOOL, X-MEN APOCALYPSE Super Bowl Spots
  42. The Sides Face Off In CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Super Bowl Spot
  43. Review: DEADPOOL Pushes 'R' To The Limit, But Wins Along The Way
  44. MARY JANE Picking Up The IRON MAN Armor In May
  46. The Fall Of Wakanda In BLACK PANTHER
  47. DAREDEVIL/PUNISHER Crossover In May
  48. ALL-NEW WASP Revealed
  49. GREEN ARROW's A Werewolf? BEN PERCY On Metaphors, Politics & OLLIE's Pet Wolf
  50. First BATMAN V SUPERMAN March Variant Cover Revealed
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