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Transformers In The News: News stories from other related websites

Welcome to the Transformers: In The News section of the website. From this page you can find the latest news headlines from a variety of website. The websites have been grouped together into three categories.
  1. Fansites - These are non-official sites owned by fans.
  2. Official Sites - These are the official sites run by the companies and organisations involved with the Transformers franchise
  3. Staff Sites - The websites / blogs and twitter accounts for various staff that work on Transformers products including the comics and cartoon series
  4. Industry Sites - These are websites that include news relating to the Toy Industry.

Clicking on a headline below will open up a mini-window within this site pointing to the news story on the original website. This allows you to easily flick through the headlines either at the click of the mouse or by using the keyboard navigational shortcuts. The navigational shortcuts are using the cursor keys (the arrow keys) to jump between the links. So if you click on the first link and then press the right arrow, the 2nd news story will load. Pressing it again will load the third story where pressing left would have re-loaded the first story.

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Fan Sites

Alfes 2010

  1. ƛ新レジメ ・w・ノ ヨロシクオネガイシマス
  2. ǧが今、ここにいる。(トランスフォーマー Ãスターピース MP31 Ãルタマグナス)
  3. Ãマンドリル、ロマンジョイント(トランスフォーマー Ãナイトウォリアーズ UW08 Âンピューティコン Ãーズコン)
  4. Âペース・スナイパー(トランスフォーマー Ãナイトウォリアーズ UW08 Âンピューティコン Âトレイフ)
  5. Ãランスフォーマー・アイドル(トランスフォーマー Ãジェンズシリーズ LG24 Âョックウェーブ&キャンサー)
  6. ŷ人再来襲(SDCC2016 Titan Returns FORTRESS MAXIMUS MASTER SWORDでミニレビュー)
  7. ŏよ、君が未来をつなげたのだ(Transformers CW Computron Scrounge)
  8. Ǵ部アレンジはお好みの量で(Transformers Generations Ãワーマスター Âプティマスプライムで遊ぼう)
  9. Șるオプティマス(Transformers Generations Leader Powermaster Optimus Prime)
  10. Ʊしてリーダーの座を諦めないっ!(TCC FSS 3.0 G2 Starscream)
  11. À生命?ワカラナイ、生命トハ何カ?」(S.H.フィギュアーツ Âルトラマンシリーズ Ãルタン星人)
  12. Áかさもワイド級!遊びもワイド級!!(TF Titans Return Fortress Maximus 比較&遊ぼう)
  13. ǧ学のチカラ(Transformer Titans Return Exclusive BRAINSTORM)
  17. Áっかり暴れて・・・・・・(トランスフォーマー Ãジェンズシリーズ LG22 Âカル)
  18. ɠを獲るぜ!(トランスフォーマー Ãジェンズシリーズ LG21 Ãードヘッド)
  19. Őの力が必要だ!(トランスフォーマー Âドベンチャー TAV51 Ãイパーサージバンブルビー)
  20. Ǡ壊と信念(トランスフォーマー Ãジェンズシリーズ LG23 Âルバトロン)

  1. Sponsor News: Automaton Toys Prize Draw
  2. Sponsor News: Ages Three And Up - Product And Pre-order Update
  3. Rescue Bots Racing Trailer Optimus Prime/Blurr Set Sighted At TRU!
  4. Fan Expo Canada 2016 Convention Exclusive Transformers Prices
  5. Robots In Disguise Decepticon Island Showdown Set Release At Toys R Us
  6. New TRU Sale (Aug 19-25): Up To 30% Off On All Transformers
  7. Robots In Disguise Power Surge Optimus And Sideswide Found In Canada!
  8. Combiner Wars Computron Spotted In Canada
  9. RID Mini-con Weaponizers Wave 1 Released At Retail
  10. RID Wave 7 Deluxe Release At Canadian Retail.
  11. Sponsor News: Automaton Toys August Newsletter
  12. Mississauga Collectors Expo 2016 Is September 18th In Mississauga Ontario
  13. Transformers Wave 1 Alt Modes Found At Canadian Retail
  14. Transformers Titans Return Deluxes Spotted In Canada
  15. Transformers Titans Returns Legends Wave 1 Found At Retail
  16. Transformers Titans Returns Wave 1 Voyagers Released At Canadian Retail
  17. 10-Step Power Surge Starscream Found At Retail
  18. Ages Three And Up - Product And Pre-order Update
  19. Transformers Armada Of Cyclonus Set Found In Canada
  20. Titan Masters Wave 2 Spotted In Canada
  21. Transformers: The Movie (1986) - Theatre Showing In Toronto - Tuesday, August 16th
  22. TFcon Toronto 2016 Charity Auction Raises $1 826 For Make-A-Wish Canada
  23. Titans Return: Titan Masters Released In Canada
  24. Computron Gift Set Pre-Order Now On Toys"R"Us Website
  25. TFcon Toronto 2016 Starts Today!
  26. Transformers RID Deluxe Starscream, Power Surgeon Optimus, And Paragon Found At TRU
  27. Titans Returns Leader Wave 1 Released At Retail.
  28. TFcon Toronto 2016 Event Schedule Online - Registration Ends Today
  29. Ages Three And Up - Product And Pre-order Update
  30. Titans Returns Fortress Maximus Released In Canada
  31. TRU 25% Off Sale - Jul 8 - 21
  32. Artist Marvin Mariano To Attend TFcon Toronto 2016
  33. Ages Three And Up - New Pre-order Announcement
  34. TFcon Toronto 2016 Exclusive PS-01S Sphinx Stealth Version Revealed
  35. Matt Moylan Of LilFormers To Attend TFcon Toronto 2016
  36. RiD Crazybolt Spotted At Marshalls In Canada
  37. TFcon Toronto 2016 T-Shirt Revealed
  38. Sponsor News - The Toy Trove - Moving Sale - June 21st To 26th
  39. Donate To The TFcon Toronto 2016 Charity Auction – You Could Win A Huge Prize Pack
  40. Transformers Artist Josh Perez To Attend TFcon Toronto 2016
  41. Ages Three And Up - Product And Pre-order Update
  42. 30% Off Transformers $14.99 And Up At Toys'R'us This Week!
  43. Sponsor News - B&K Collectables Getting Takara MP-21 For TFcon!
  44. Hasbro Masterpiece Bumblebee Spotted In Canada!
  45. Additional TFcon Toronto 2016 Hotel Block Added
  46. New RID Legion Figures Spotted In Canada
  47. Combiner Wars G2 Bruticus Set Spotted In Canada!
  48. Sponsor News - The Toy Trove - MP-30 Ratchet, Takara Diaclone, And Star Wars Models
  49. Jim Byrnes The Voice Of Inferno To Attend TFcon Toronto 2016
  50. Ages Three And Up - Product And Pre-order Update

Full Metal Hero


    1. Transformers Titans Return Astrotrain And Alpha Trion Found At Meijer
    2. Liam Garrigan To Possibly Play King Arthur In Transformers: The Last Knight
    3. Twincast / Podcast Episode #154 "The Misfits"
    4. New Hobby Lobby Powermaster Optimus Prime Metal Wall Hanger Found
    5. New Galleries: Titans Return Voyager Astrotrain With Darkmoon
    6. IDW Titans Return Acme Comics Variant And Transformers Day Celebration On September 17th, 2016
    7. TFsource News! UW Megatronia, Titans Return, CW Groove, Masterpiece, GT01E Dump Truck & More!
    8. Rumour: Transformers Titans Return Blitzwing, Octane, Seaspray, Toraizer, Ramhorn Found On Store Computer
    9. Pictorial Review For Transformers Titans Return Chromedome And Mindwipe
    10. Transformers Titans Return Wave 2 Legends Class Found At US Retail
    11. Transformers 5: The Last Knight Set To Be Filming In Norway
    12. New Galleries: Titans Return Voyager Alpha Trion With Sovereign
    13. Rumor: Chinese Media Project Featuring Transformers And Great Monkey King Sun Wukong
    14. Transformers 5: The Last Knight Round-Up: Scotland, New Megatron-themed Camera, Rumored King Arthur / Merlin
    15. Transformers: Robots In Disguise Sideswipe And Windstrike Battle Pack Available Now
    16. Possible Titans Return Broadside Figure Revealed
    17. Transformers Titans Return Revision Wave For Deluxe Class Listed On Diamond Website
    18. New In Hand Images Of Takara Tomy Transformers Legends LG25 Blurr With Comic
    19. Ages Three And Up Product Updates - Aug 26, 2016
    20. IDW The Transformers #56 Full Preview
    21. San Diego Comic Con 2016 Exclusive Soundwave Images And Review
    22. New Transformers: Generations Collide Mobile Game Announced
    23. TFcon Chicago Update: Artist Sara Pitre-Durocher, Actor Richard Newman To Attend, New Hotel Block
    24. New Images - Takara Transformers Unite Warriors UW08 Computicon Nosecone And Strafe
    25. In-Hand Images - TakaraTomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-31 Delta Magnus

    Official Sites

    Staff Sites

    Industry Sites

    Newsarama - Comics

    1. NEWSARAMA Won't Be Updating Until Tuesday AM...
    2. Marvel's Mystery 'MU' Project Adds New Wrinkle
    3. POWER RANGERS Writer Says 'All Bets Are Off' On Future & Sticking To TV Show's Continuity
    4. Best Shots Review: DETECTIVE COMICS #939
    5. Valiant's HARBINGER RENEGADES Are Like 'Jack Kirby's TRAINSPOTTING'
    6. MIA Gets Caught In DEPT. H #6 Preview From MATT KINDT
    7. The Winchester Widow Meets Her Fate In HOUSE OF PENANCE Finale
    8. AVENGERS Are Everywhere You Look In FULL HOUSE Mashup
    9. The 10 Greatest BATMAN Villains Of ALL TIME!
    10. SUPERGIRL Steps Up For Her First CW Poster
    11. Steampunk TEDDY ROOSEVELT In ROUGH RIDERS #5 Preview
    12. IMAGE COMICS Plans Portland Move
    13. FUTURE QUEST Writer On Big Bad Bringing JONNY, SPACE GHOST, BIRDMAN, HERCULOIDS, More Together
    14. LUKE CAGE Brushes Off Bullets In Extended Clip
    15. Did AFFLECK Just Hint At DEATHSTROKE For DC Films?
    16. All-Out Hero War In CIVIL WAR II #5 First Look
    17. Marvel's NIGHTHAWK Cancelled, Writer Speaks
    18. Comic-Con Video - What THOR Was Doing During CIVIL WAR
    19. Hail To The King: JACK KIRBY's 10 Greatest Creations
    20. Backstage & Behind Closed Doors On Fox's GOTHAM Set
    21. IDW Publishing NOVEMBER 2016 Solicitations
    22. SENTINEL PRIME Out To Make CYBERTRON Great Again In TRANSFORMERS #56 Preview
    23. Coming From Marvel In January - €MU’ ... Is It What We Think It Is?
    24. KID FLASH Steps Out Of The Pack In TEEN TITANS: REBIRTH #1 Preview
    25. Why MS. MARVEL Quits The AVENGERS In CHAMPIONS #1 Preview
    26. GOTHAM Showrunner: 'Superheroes Don't Really Work Well On TV'
    27. Archie Comics NOVEMBER 2016 Solicitations
    28. Villains Mount Up In ARROW Season 5 Season Premiere
    29. In A €Dogfight’ With ERADICATOR, Is A Beloved Character Returning In SUPERMAN #6? - SPOILERS
    30. Oni Press NOVEMBER 2016 Solicitations
    31. JOHN KRASINSKI Says He Turned Down CAPTAIN AMERICA Because Of THOR's Abs, But Wants Another MARVEL Movie
    32. DICK GRAYSON Out To Save His Son In EARTH 2: SOCIETY ANNUAL #1 Preview
    33. Meet The Woman Behind The Master Painter In MISS HOKUSAI Trailer
    35. Fox's LUCIFER Season 2 Trailer Asks 'Who Escaped Hell?'
    36. Report: NEW MUTANTS Firms Up Line-Up & Adds Screenwriters
    37. The ALL-QUITTERS SQUAD: Ten Superheroes Who Have Retired
    38. How DC's REBIRTH Beat Marvel's CIVIL WAR II, According To Retailers
    39. Dynamite Entertainment NOVEMBER 2016 Solicitations
    40. SQUADRON SUPREME Dominates BUCKY's Team In THUNDERBOLTS #4 Preview
    42. Best Shots Rapid-Fire Reviews: STAR WARS #2 HAL JORDAN & GLC #3, NEW AVENGERS #15, More
    43. CYRUS HYDE Gets His Hands Bloody In PARIAH MISSOURI Preview
    44. JESSICA JONES Goes Solo Early In CIVIL WAR II: CHOOSING SIDES #6 First Look
    45. 2000 AD Publisher Acquires Classic British Comic Book Archive
    46. LIAM SHARP Signs DC Exclusive
    47. MARK WAID Turns Another Good Hero Bad In Legendary's AXIOM With ED BENES
    48. Everything You Wanted To Know About HE-MAN & SHE-RA (But You Were Afraid To Ask)
    49. RUSSOS Confirm CAPTAIN AMERICA's Movie Retirement
    50. DARBY POP Announces 2016 BREAKING INTO COMICS Contest Winners
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