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Transformers Cartoons

Transformers Earthspark is coming to larger audiences within the UK as it's been announced that the show will start next week on CBBC and iPlayer. CBBC has an average monthly viewership of 2.8 million within the UK with iPlayer increasing this number significantly. That's double it's closest rival CITV, four time the reason of Cartoon Network (including +1) and five times that of nickelodeon (inc +1) within the UK. Read on for the press release.

Hasbro’s global entertainment studio, Entertainment One (eOne), has signed a deal with BBC to broadcast season one of the animated series Transformers: EarthSpark for audiences in the UK. The first ten episodes will launch on July 25th on CBBC, from Monday to Thursday, and also be available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

Following the release of the first batch of episodes, additional new Transformers: EarthSpark content will continue to roll out on the BBC platforms.

Transformers: EarthSpark, co-produced by Paramount, introduces a new generation of Transformers robots – the first to be born on Earth. Together with the human Malto family who welcomes them in and cares for them, they’ll redefine what it means to be a family. Set on present-day Earth, Transformers: EarthSpark centres on two human kids as they forge a connection with Transformers bots like never before and work alongside fan favourites like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.

“We’re delighted to work with our friends at BBC to have kids and families enjoy the captivating Transformers: EarthSpark series,” said Monica Candiani, EVP Content Sales at eOne. “More and more, we’re seeing the heartfelt excitement kids get when they see characters and storylines onscreen that reflect their own lives and experiences. This is the kind of joy we’ve been seeing with Transformers: EarthSpark, and we hope to bring these important feelings of inclusivity to families in the UK, while of course delivering on the action and fun that Transformers has brought to multi-generational audiences for nearly 40 years.”

Transformers: EarthSpark has been greenlit for a second season.

Earlier this year, eOne announced broadcast deals with global broadcast partners to air Transformers: EarthSpark, including Gulli in France, Clan in Spain, Super! In Italy, NRK in Norway, DR in Denmark, TV3 and TV8 in the Baltics, TV Azteca in Mexico, TV Cultura in Brazil, Viu TV in Hong Kong, Channel 5 in Singapore, RTV in Indonesia and TV9 in Malaysia. Episodes will launch throughout 2023 in all of these markets.

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Transformers Cartoons

Below you can listen to the cut dialogue from the Transformers Generation One cartoon episode Dinobot Island Part 2

This video contains audio taken from a slugged tape acquired from a former MP/Sunbow producer. Full and dialogue scripts for the episode can be downloaded from the Sunbow Marvel Archive: - Dialogue Script -‚Äč - Full Script:





BARBARIAN: Ura manamabirno! Ramballalala uramala!

HUFFER: What a great time to hit rush-hour traffic!



SUNSTREAKER: Hey, watch it! I just had my chassis wax and buffed!

DRIVER: Yeah?!? If that hairy elephant sits on you, they'll have to get you out with a can opener... hey, wait a second, whose driving the car?

SUNSTREAKER: I am! Now what's on your mind?

DRIVER: I didn't see what I thought I saw... I didn't... didn't... didn't



IRONHIDE: Now... where's Spike and Bumblebee?

HOUND: I'm getting an Autobot reading... from there.





** DELETED AUDIO with Wally Direction ** 

BARBARIAN Body English Take 1


MEGATRON: Good work, Decepticons! Continue to harvest this bounty of primeval energies there's no one to stop us now! (laughs)

BARBARIAN: Gunda nah? Naga gunda? Wunga ga dindy! Dindy wah!



IRONHIDE: We gott do somethin', Optimus.





Body English Dialogue for Sideswipe and Huffer - take one





Isolated body English - take 2 as they push them through the time warp






SPIKE: Say, Optimus! I know who might be able to figure out what happened! Chip -- and Teletraan I!



STARSCREAM: Megatron, this island is unstable! We must evacuate!

MEGATRON: You mean that you a Decepticon Warrior First Class, fear a few tremors?

STARSCREAM: Well, not o"fear" exactly

MEGATRON: We stay! Until all the island's energy belongs to us!



OPTIMUS PRIME: I am still confused about the cause of the time warp.


CHIP CHASE: Teletraan I should solve the mystery, Optimus Prime -- with the right input.

SPIKE WITWICKY: You'll do it, Chip.






OPTIMUS PRIME: Two time warps?

** DELETE AUDIO though Wheeljack was animated to speak in the episode **

WHEELJACK: Two time warps?





SEASPRAY: I know what you mean, Tracks! 


SEASPRAY: I actually prefer prefer my Hovercraft form to robot mode


SEASPRAY: But different strokes for different blokes!





Wally directing Tracks "push strain" body engligh







Wally scene 103 Motorcycle gang being routed, take 2 plus lower pitch





RED ALERT: Not in this direction, boys! Don't you dare! Pitch in, Inferno, or do you want me to do it all by myself?



INFERNO: Nifty, neat, nice going, Red Alert. Now


INFERNO: Let me put out their fire for good!





WHEELJACK: Somethin' is makin' this volcano active again!

**** SCENE 3 ***


CHIP: Not surprising. Something has disrupted the energies on Dinobot Island... the same energies that kept it unchanged for millions of years. But now holes have been ripped in the "time flow", and if something isn't done fast, the instability could destroy the fabric of time itself!  And the Earth - the entire Universe - will disintegrate into chaos!


OPTIMUS PRIME: The energy disruptions on Dinobot Island have activated this volcano as well





MEGATRON: I don't care if the entire Earth explodes! We can always relocate


MEGATRON: to any place in the Universe!










Wally directing Dinobot b-dialogue for reactions






OPTIMUS PRIME: The Decepticons are here! I knew they were at the bottom of this!

IRONHIDE: Those crypto-ferric rat finks!


OPTIMUS PRIME: If that stolen energy is taken from this area






BEACHCOMBER: Like, I hope we don't destroy this place before we can study it! Ooh, wow! (chuckles)





WARPATH: Hang in there, Beachcomber! Here comes the cavalry! (laughs)


WARPATH: Hey, Blitzwing! Tank you! (laughs)





OPTIMUS PRIME: Stop! Lay down all weapons! The fighting increases the time disruption! This is Optimus Prime, all Autobots cease fire"

MEGATRON: You heard him, Decepticons! Unarmed Autobots will fall before our firepower!


SLUDGE: Uhh, now, Grimlock? We attack Decepticons now?





Dinobots marching to war b-dialgoue




MEGATRON: Victory is near. I want to savour this moment! Never mind the Autobots! Repel those monsters!



MEGATRON: Back, you three horned horror .. oof 

STARSCREAM Watch out for it's .... tail

DIRGE: Put me down!! Ohh nooooooo

SKYWARP: Nothing slows them down!



MEGATRON: If only one Decepticon survives this assault, it shall be I!




Wally Directing 164-A and 164-B






OPTIMUS PRIME: The Dinobots have not only proved they can control their powers, they have also demonstrated that they have great value to our cause. They will remain at Autobot Headquarters from now on



OPTIMUS PRIME: Finally, Trailbreaker's forcefield will insure that the myserious energies of Dinobot Island will be secure 'til the end of time.

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Transformers Cartoons

From 7pm GMT you'll be able to hear the audio that was cut from the Generation One Transformers episode The Immobilizer on our YouTube channel. You can listen using the embeddd video below.

Category: Transformers Cartoons | Submitted by: quartz - on: Tuesday, 9th February 2021 at 18:03:43 GMT | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Cartoons

Transformers writer Flint Dille is starting to sell off some of his personal Transformers items from his days at Sunbow. He's already sold of one of the Transformers posters that was on the wall and has now placed his first auction up on eBay for a Transformers promotional folder with episode summaries from season one of the cartoon.

Category: Transformers Cartoons | Submitted by: quartz - on: Friday, 30th October 2020 at 20:42:07 GMT | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Cartoons

Hasbro has uploaded the third episode of Transformers: Cyberverse to their Official YouTube Channel. Much like the previous episodes, Episode 1 “Fractured” and Episode 2 “Memory”, the video is in HD, has English audio and is region-free.

Category: Transformers Cartoons | Submitted by: quartz - on: Monday, 17th September 2018 at 09:13:49 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Cartoons

Machinima has released the whole series of Transformers Power of the Primes on YouTube in HD format. You can watch the full episodes on their channel.

Category: Transformers Cartoons | Submitted by: quartz - on: Wednesday, 11th July 2018 at 08:16:12 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Cartoons

James Eatock (Cereal Geek) has revealed more of his finds of never-seen-before Generation One preproduction material via Instagram.

Following on from the blue Bluestreak cell and animation colour sheet James revealed a coloured animation cell of Ravage with his original blue and red colour scheme!

This was followed up by a look at an early concept of Mirage who looks instantly recognisable and yet also instantly different at the same time.

Finally, James revealed another art piece last night which he refers to as an early promotional sketch that would later evolve into the cover for the Panini sticker album!

Category: Transformers Cartoons | Submitted by: quartz - on: Wednesday, 30th May 2018 at 08:31:09 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Cartoons

James Eatock, better known as Cereal Geek, have revealed, via Instagram, the first two pieces of an "outstanding batch" of pre-production Transformers material he recently acquired and they are none other than proof that not only was Bluestreak originally going to retain his infamous diaclone blue colour scheme as a toy in the Transformers brand but that the colour scheme was kept all the way through to the animation models and cell production!!

You can view pieces of the first two reveals on his Instagram account:

Category: Transformers Cartoons | Submitted by: quartz - on: Thursday, 24th May 2018 at 13:05:50 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Cartoons

The third episode of Machinima’s Power of the Primes series, "Without Warning" is now available via the go90 app within the US and on tumblr for everyone else.

The official synopsis for the episode was:

Still without Megatron, the team must now fend off both Volcanicus and Predaking. Meanwhile, Megatronus arrives at the Well of Sparks to forge a new device that will help him accomplish his nefarious plan.

Category: Transformers Cartoons | Submitted by: quartz - on: Tuesday, 15th May 2018 at 13:13:47 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Cartoons

It's time for another one of our deleted and extended scene releases with today's episode covering MP700-13 Heavy Metal Wars.  The audio was taken from an original unslugged Marvel Productions cassette tape that we own and is reproduced here for fellow fans to enjoy hearing the audio for the first time.

The tape was used by fellow fan Chris McFeely alongside the storyboards, which are available online, to produce his panel that was held at TFNation 2017. This collaboration was planned to allow some of the missing audio to be heard for the first time during Europe's largest Transformers fan convention. This video contains audio that was not covered by that panel.

Gregg Burger was not present during for the recording session captured on this tape.

You can download a full copy of the script from the Google Drive share created by Chris McFeely and Jim Sorenson by visiting

You'll find a transcript of the audio below the video.


WALLY BLURR: We're rolling this is 700-13 from the top


SCRAPPER: We return to our master Megatron!

FOREMAN: They're... they're with the Decepticons!

*NEW* Scavenger: I have reading Scrapper, it must be the secret entrance

*NEW* Scrapper: It's about time you did your job, Scavenger.  Hook -- activate the entranceway

*NEW* HOOK: With my usual finesse, Scrapper?

*NEW* MEGATRON: You see Starscream, 

MEGATRON: My Constructicons have returned to our temporary base right on schedule. They were worth the time we spent building them in these caverns. 

*NEW* STARSCREAM: That remains to be seen oh mighty Megatron

MEGATRON: Scrapper, report!



MEGATRON: Unload and attach them to your new invention at once.

SCRAPPER: I am honoured to serve, Megatron.

*NEW* SCRAPPER: Interlock the components and synchronize the pulse linkage

MEGATRON: Soon, Starscream, soon, Scrapper's invention will give me the power to defeat the Autobots...



*NEW* OPTIMUS PRIME: You've got us curious, Wheeljack, what's your big surprise? And what does it have to do with -- the Dinobots?

*NEW* WHEELJACK: Well, Optimus Prime, fellow Autobots, human friends Spike, Sparkplug and Chip --

*NEW* IRONHIDE: Oh, get on with it! You take longer to say something than a slow-motion mechano-mouth with the glitch!

*NEW* WHEELJACK: Uh, yes. As you know the Dinobots have always been unpredictable ... and kind of clumsy sometimes ... But I've been reprogramming them ... so just watch!

*NEW* IRONHIDE: Big deal. SO now we got us a Dinobot baseball team that eats the ball!

*NEW* CHIP: Well I'm impressed

*NEW* SPIKE: Me too, Wheeljack

*NEW* SPARKPLUG: Right! You did a good job with the big guys

*NEW* OPTIMUS PRIME: I'm also pleased, Wheeljack. Well done!

*NEW* WHEELJACK: Thank you, Optimus Prime. I try to do my best. Okay Dinobots ... Transform!

*NEW* GRIMLOCK: Next time. Me, Grimlock, do even better

*NEW* IRONHIDE: Hmmphtf! Now that the Dinobot beauty pageant's over maybe we can .. 

IRONHIDE: Huh?! Those signals spell trouble and I'm talking Decepticons!



SPIKE WITWICKY: Looks like just one, Dad. One's one too many when it's Megatron!

*NEW* CLIFFJUMPER: I got the speed so follow my lead!

*NEW* IRONHIDE: Okay, So you're faster, Cliffjumper -- But Iim tough!

*NEW* OPTIMUS PRIME: Bumblee -- Take out friends out of danger!

*NEW* BUMBLEBEE: You heard Optimus. Let's go!

WHEELJACK: Let's see how he likes my new shock-blast cannon! Uhh! Hhh... that's a shock, all right.



MEGATRON: I have come to talk, not fight, Optimus Prime.

OPTIMUS PRIME: Autobots, hold your fire!

*NEW* OPTIMUS PRIME: Megatron wish to confer... he says

*NEW* MEGATRON: Perhaps you will do me the courtesy of hearing me out before you doubt me?

OPTIMUS PRIME: Very well. Speak, Megatron.

MEGATRON: I come about a matter of Cybertron law, Optimus Prime. Our war has gone on for millions of years -- Decepticons fighting Autobots

*NEW* MEGATRON: with no end or victory in sight

*NEW* OPTIMUS PRIME: A sad but unavoidable truth so long as you seek to dominate the universe.

*NEW* MEGATRON: Nuy Cybertron Law may provide a solution to our seeming dilemma. I refer to the age-old code of combat 

MEGATRON: in which opposing leaders -- you and I, Optimus Prime -- may do battle. The loser must exile himself and his army to deep space for eternity. The winner may stay where he chooses. Do you have the courage for that?



MEGATRON: I now have the strength of all my Decepticons.

*NEW* MEGATRON: The unsuspecting Optimus Prime is as good as beaten! (laughs)

*NEW* STARSCREAM: With all due respect, Megatron -- I suggest you not celebrate your victory prematurely ... as there might be one flaw in your otherwise flawless plan.

*NEW* MEGATRON: And what might that be, "loyal" Starscream?

STARSCREAM: The Autobots' computer, Teletraan 1... if it detects your deception, it will alert Optimus Prime.

MEGATRON: It won't! 

*NEW* MEGATRON: Teletraan 1 has already been accounted for in my master plan.

MEGATRON: Scrapper, you and the others have your orders. Constructicons, transform!

*NEW* MEGATRON: I chose these caverns as a temporary base because of their nearness to Autobot Headquaters.

MEGATRON: While all the Autobots are assembled to watch my combat with Optimus Prime, my Constructicons will tunnel their way beneath those headquarters, then enter the control room and destroy Teletraan 1! (Laughs) Optimus Prime won't know what hit him! (Laughs)



OPTIMUS PRIME: The code specifies a fair battle, Spike. Under those rules I'm confident I can beat Megatron. 

*NEW* IRONHIDE: And if Megatron tries anything cute, we'll rotate his circuits!

*NEW* OPTIMUS PRIME: No, Ironhide. The law of Cybertron must be obeyed and Autobot honour must be preserved. I will fight Megatron alone. I have given my word.

OPTIMUS PRIME: Besides, if he does not abide by the rules, Teletraan 1 will tell us.



*NEW* CHIP: According to my calculations, you shouldn't have much trouble Optimus. Your strength is far greater than Megatron's.

*NEW* SPIKE: Stomp him good, Optimus! He's had it coming for a long, long time.

*NEW* OPTIMUS PRIME: I will do my best not to fail you -- the other Autobots -- or the Earth.

*NEW* SPIKE: I know you won't! You're not a quitter!

*NEW* SPARKPLUG: Hey, guys, I think we're here!

OPTIMUS PRIME: Autobots, transform!

IRONHIDE: Okay, we're here! Where's the opposition?

CHIP CHASE: That answer your question, Ironhide?

*NEW* STARSCREAM: Without our power chip rectifiers we're lucky we can still fly, Megatron!

*NEW* MEGATRON: I wouldn't want you walking to the show, that might tip our hand!

*NEW* STARSCREAM: You will remember to return our chips ounce you've used them against Optimus Prime, won't you?

*NEW* IRONHIDE: Strange -- some of those crumbs usually like to show off by changing to their jetplane modes.

*NEW* RATCHET: No biggie, Ironhide. They probably don't want to take the spotlight away from Megatron.

MEGATRON: Hail Optimus Prime, and welcome to defeat!



*NEW* CHIP: Give it to him!


STARSCREAM: And the use of my null ray, too.

*NEW* OPTIMUS PRIME: He never .. did that before!

*NEW* RATCHET: This doesn't print out right! How'd Megatron get so versatile?

*NEW* SPARKPLUG: C'mon, Optimus! You can do it!

SKYWARP: You should see me do that when I've got my power chip.



IRONHIDE: Way to go, Prime! You're not down yet!

*NEW* MEGATRON: Foolish move. I knew you were going to do that!

*NEW* WHEELJACK: Megatron read Prime's thoughts just like Soundwave!

MEGATRON: (Laughs) You cannot blast what you cannot see!



SPIKE WITWICKY: I can't believe it.

CHIP CHASE: Optimus Prime... beaten by Megatron.

*NEW* RATCHET: Prime's gonna need repairs, Wheeljack


SPIKE WITWICKY: He's functional



SCRAPPER: There's Teletraan 1! For Megatron, destroy it!

*NEW* LONGHAUL: *Dialogue missing*

*NEW* SCRAPPER: Then fight! But remember -- the computer is our main objective!

SLUDGE: Sludge not see these Decepticons before.

SNARL: Not see again, either, because we dynamite them to pieces!

*NEW* SWOOP: Let's finish 'em fast!

*NEW* BONECRUSHER: Blast him! Reduce him to metallic dust!

HOOK: It's bad news, Scrapper. They've brought out the heavy artillery.



SPIKE WITWICKY: Hey... check that out! What is it?

*NEW* SLAG: Dinobots no fool around!

IRONHIDE: Our Dino-buddies! We gotta help!

*NEW* OPTIMUS PRIME: No, Ironhide! Remember the law!

*NEW* MEGATRON: That's right -- you must keep your honor ... and obey the law!

*NEW* STARSCREAM: We could join the battle -- if we still had out powers.

*NEW* MEGATRON: My Devastator needs to help in vanquishing these Dinoboy oafs

IRONHIDE: Uhh... sorry about that.



WALLY: Okay, let's have all the Autobots say "let's go to it", here we go 1, 2,3


WALLY: Humans .. mix in with that, the same thing, humans at 155 and ...


*NEW* OPTIMUS PRIME: I have a plan to defeat that giant robot.

DEVASTATOR: Nothing defeats the Devastator! Nothing!


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Transformers Cartoons


Hasbro, Enjoy the Ride Records and Sony Music/Legacy Recordings Present the First Official Release of the Transformers Original Television Series Score on Collector’s Edition Vinyl on March 9 

With 40 Tracks, Soundtrack is Available for the First Time in Any Format and

Presented In Three Colored Vinyl SKUs

BURBANK, Calif. – March 6, 2018 – Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS), Enjoy The Ride Records and Sony Music/Legacy Recordings announced today the release of Hasbro Studios Presents ’80s TV Classics: Music from The Transformers on vinyl in three different color variants, available at select retailers Friday, March 9.  This is the first official release of the score in any format and includes the iconic opening theme song and more than 45 minutes of unreleased music by composers Robert J. Walsh, Johnny Douglas, Anne Bryant and Ford Kinder.  The album features music from seasons 1-3 of “The Transformers” animated series which debuted in 1984.

“We’re very excited to share with fans of all ages the classic original score from the animated show that helped launch the Transformers universe,” said Stephen Davis, Chief Content Officer for Hasbro. “Legacy has created an incredible, unique product that fans will love and that is truly More than Meets the Eye!”

Hasbro Studios Presents ’80s TV Classics: Music from The Transformers features a mix of orchestral and ‘80s inspired synth tracks which have been remastered from the original tapes by Walsh himself.  The unique collector’s edition albums feature original artwork including Japanese Catalog artwork from 1985 and will be available in three different retail exclusive vinyl colorways (each sold separately) corresponding with fan favorite characters Optimus Prime (Blue and Red Stripe With Gray Splatter), Bumblebee (Black and Yellow Stripe) and Megatron (Gray with Purple Splatter).

The Hasbro Studios Presents ’80s TV Classics: Music from The Transformers will be available for $18.99, with the Optimus Prime and Megatron variants available through and the Bumblebee variant available exclusively through 

Track Listing:

Side A

1.     Opening Theme Song

2.     Life

3.     Cybertron Sorrow

4.     The Bridge to Iacon

5.     Unwelcoming Committee

6.     Prepare

7.     Attack! Attack!

8.     Decepticon Drama

9.     Explore! Repair!

10.   Facing Disaster

11.   Ominous Discovery

12.   Elements of Danger

13.   Something’s Wrong

14.   Overcoming the Unstoppable

15.   No More Worries

16.   Unyielding

17.   Heavy Mettle

18.   Man and Machine

19.   Matters and Antimatters

20.   Battle Fearlessly

21.   Ancient Legends

22.   The March of War

Side B

1.     Roll For Home

2.     The Glimmer of Hope

3.     Earth to Cybertron

4.     Into the Jaws of Death

5.     Doomed Together

6.     The Wrong Readings Mean the Right Doom

7.     Transformers Medley

8.     Mad Planet

9.     Conflict on Cassette

10.   Pastoral Tranquility

11.   From the Secret Files of Teletraan II

12.   Separation Anxiety

13.   Synthesized Magic

14.   Sinister

15.   Uneasy Advances

16.   Epic Struggles

17.   Mysterious Airs

18.   Waking Nightmare

Since their launch in 1984, Transformers has grown to be one of the world’s most recognizable and successful toy and entertainment brands. Driven by compelling characters and a rich storyline, Transformers revolutionized children’s entertainment as one of the first properties to produce a successful toy line, comic book, TV series and animated film.  With more than 30 years of history, thousands of unique Transformers robots have been introduced through toy lines, animated TV series, comic books and animated and live-action feature films.

About Hasbro

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Transformers Cartoons

We're getting close to the end of the Transformers Generation One Sunbow/Marvel Productions studio audio tapes that we currently own but we're going to be going out strong starting with this near 8 minute video covering the audio from A Plague of Insecticons.

The audio is from an unslugged tape which means it includes Wally Burr's introduction and a whole host of Insecticons "body English" segments featuring the vocal talents of Hal Rayle, Michael Bell and Clive Revill.

You can download the original script at and view the transcript of the audio both on YouTube

Wally Burr: Episode Introduction
### Insecticon Body English Segment ###
Wally Burr: Body English direction for Bombshell
Wally Burr: Body English direction for Shrapnel
### Additional Dialogue 1 ###
MEGATRON: Giant insects? Well done, Laserbeak. We must intercept them at once.  Prepare for aerial rendezvous.
**NEW** MEGATRON: If those insects are really what I think they are.  Our Autobot friends are in for a ghastly surprise.
MEGATRON: Soundwave, send Ravage to investigate.
### Insecticon Body English Segment ###
Wally Burr: Body English direction for Sharpnel (eating)
Wally Burr: Body English direction for Bombshell (eating)
Wally Burr: Body English direction for Kickback (eating)
Wally Burr: Body English direction for Sharpnel (menacing noises)
Wally Burr: Body English direction for Bombshell (menacing noises)
**Note that not all of Skyfire's audio was not recorded during the episode. **
WINDCHARGER: Quick, behind me!  Those spikes can't penetrate my repulsor field.
SPIKE WITWICKY: Great work, Windcharger. But we're still in trouble!
**NOT RECORDED ** SKYFIRE: I can't fly us outta here. That wallop from Kickback shorted my transform circuits.
**NOT RECORDED ** BRAWN: Well, let's look at the bright side. At least they didn't bring that sawed-off nerd Rumble along.
**NEW** RUMBLE: Wrong rustbucket!
**NEW** Body english of the Autobots reacting, introduced by WALLY BURR
**NEW** Body english of Spike reacting, introduced by WALLY BURR
SOUNDWAVE: My sensors indicate we are no longer alone.
**NEW**MEGATRON: Laserbeak Investigate
**NEW** WALLY BURR: Laserbeak squawk two
MEGATRON: All right, Insecticons. We'll take care of your clones, you take care of Jetfire!
TRAILBREAKER: Let's try a little force field to interrupt his override waves!
SHRAPNEL: Interruption-interruption!
**NEW** SIDESWIPE: Uhh!, we're free.
BRAWN: Give me a toss, Optimus. I wanna teach that bug a lesson!
OPTIMUS PRIME: Uhh! Go get him, Brawn!
BRAWN: Gotcha, beetle-brain!
### WALLY BURR: Body English for Brawn (wrestling) ###
### WALLY BURR: Body English for Sharpnel (wrestling) ###
### Wally Burr: Body English direction for Sharpnel  (cackling) ###
### Wally Burr: Body English direction for Sharpnel  (cackling internally) ###
### Wally Burr: Body English direction for Bombshell (slurping oil) ### 
### Wally Burr: Body English direction for Kickback (slurping oil) ### 
OPTIMUS PRIME:  Ironhide, quick! If the flames reach the refinery, the whole place will explode!
**NEW** SPIKE WITWICKY:  Quick Bumblebee, in here!
KICKBACK: Bombshell! Shrapnel! Look! Storm clouds! The day is won!
MEGATRON: What is that idiot-headed grasshopper talking about?
BOMBSHELL: He's talking about the end of the Autobots!
MEGATRON: But our enemy is on the ground, not in the sky.
SHRAPNEL: But our weapon is in the clouds, and Bombshell's explosion has brought it to us-us! 
**NEW** SIDESWIPE: What's going on?
**NEW** WHEELJACK: I wish I knew.
SHRAPNEL : Now......taste the lightning, Autobot fools!
WHEELJACK: Erh... it tastes terrible!
### Wally Burr: Body English direction for Bombshell (eating sound) ### 
### Wally Burr: Body English direction for Shrapnel (eating sound) ### 
### Wally Burr: Body English direction for Kickback (eating sound) ###

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Transformers Cartoons

Our deleted and extended audio scenes videos from the Generation One cartoon series continues with over five minutes of audio from Countdown to Extinction.

You can download the original script from, thanks to Jim Sorenson and Chris McFeely.

#### Act 1 - Opening ####
WHEELJACK: More! Straighten it up! Nuh! There. That does it!
*NEW* WHEELJACK: Looking good Slag. Now stamp it down, good and solid

HUFFER: Yo, Gears! Get with it! Put that slab in right, or we're gonna be here 'till the Big Dipper get rusty!
*NEW* BRAWN: Ahh, that dirty-bird, Laserbeak is back again! Check it out!
*NEW* HUFFER: Mirage! Nail him before he gets away!
*NEW* LASERBEAK: #shriek#
*NEW* HUFFER: Good shooting!
*NEW* MIRAGE: But band news, Whenever Laserbeak shows up, the Decepticons aren't far behind 
### Scene shifts to Decepticon base as final edit ###

### Extended by one word ###
OPTIMUS PRIME: Too clear, Cliffjumper. Megatron is operational. We can't let him and the Decepticons regroup. Autobots
*NEW* OPTIMUS PRIME:  transform!

STARSCREAM: Ahh! Just as you told me! An exponential generator. The ultimate power source!
DR. ARKEVILLE: Careful, Starscream! Disturb the generator's rhythmic pulse, and the Earth and every living thing on it will cease to exist!
STARSCREAM: I do not care about this minor planet.

*NEW* MEGATRON: Soundwave! Send Laserbeak ahead

RUMBLE: Megatron! Autobots following below!
MEGATRON: Thundercracker, Skywarp! Stop them.
THUNDERCRACKER: Right, Megatron!
SKYWARP: Attack!

### ACT 2 ###
### EXTENDED ###
OPTIMUS PRIME: Autobots, halt! Brawn, dig Bumblebee out. The rest of you, transform and take cover.
WHEELJACK: I don't wanna take cover! I wanna fight in the clear!
IRONHIDE: Yeah! Let's clobber those flyin' garbage cans!

*NEW* THUNDERCRACKER: Come in, Megatron. Skywarp's down!
*NEW* THUNDERCRACKER: Wrong! - He's okay!

MEGATRON: Decepticons, land and attack!

*NEW* RUMBLE: Now you're cooking on all circuits!
*NEW* OPTIMUS PRIME: Return fire -- and deploy!
*NEW* JAZZ: On the downbeat ... beat them suckers down!
*NEW* VARIOUS: (Battle cries)
*NEW* SOUNDWAVE: Prepare to be destroyed!
*NEW* WHEELJACK: Ooooooof!
*NEW* OPTIMUS: #grunts#
*NEW* THUNDERCRACKER: The bigger they are, the better I like it! 

MEGATRON: Fall back, Decepticons! These Autobots are too hero-programmed to know when to quit!

### NOTE: The scene with the quicksand was originally split by Dr Arkeville being electrocuted.

### ACT 3 - Wrong Vocal Recordings + additional lines ###
OPTIMUS PRIME: Hello again, Megatron!
MEGATRON: Here, have a ton of fun!
RUMBLE: Unnnaahh!
OPTIMUS PRIME: (Laughs) Your aim's improving, Megatron!

*NEW* WINDCHARGER: Hey, Skywarp... this'll give you a "charge"
*NEW* SKYWARP: -- Hey! What's going--?!
*NEW* WINDCHARGER: Ah ah ah... only big boys get to play with guns!

### ACT 3 - Stand in Optimus Recordings ####
MEGATRON: Get away from that, Optimus Prime! It belongs to me!
OPTIMUS PRIME: Then you're not foolish enough to fire at me while I'm standing in front of it, are you, Megatron?
RUMBLE: Let me blast him. I'll --
MEGATRON: Quiet! I always hit what I aim for, Prime. Stand clear.
OPTIMUS PRIME: Gladly. I hate standing at ground zero when an explosion is imminent. Or hadn't you noticed that your possession is in an unstable condition?
MEGATRON: Leave! I only want what's mine.
SHOCKWAVE: Megatron, come in! Megatron, this is Shockwave! Acknowledge! If you are functional, Megatron!
MEGATRON: Of course I'm functional! Call back later. I'm busy.
SHOCKWAVE: Megatron, you must find Dr. Arkeville's lab and disconnect the detonator on his exponential generator. It will explode any astrosecond!
OPTIMUS PRIME: A timing mechanism.

### ACT 3 - Stand in Optimus Recordings ####
OPTIMUS PRIME: Careful, Megatron. It's still dangerous.
MEGATRON: Prime, I... I've been lost in my work.
OPTIMUS PRIME: Lost is an appropriate word. Your plaything has melted your housing.
MEGATRON: It's of no concern. I'll reduce temperature soon enough. Now get out of my way!
OPTIMUS PRIME: Anything you say, Megatron. I had to get this out of your hands!
MEGATRON: Nuuh! Give it back!
OPTIMUS PRIME: Careful! It's at a critical stage! It's going to explode!
MEGATRON: Not here if I can help it! Ruhh!
MEGATRON: No time to argue, Prime. Hold this while I transform.
MEGATRON: Now load me.

### ACT 3 - Stand in Optimus Recordings ####
BUMBLEBEE: Heh heh! Hey, Prime, what do you think Megatron's gonna do to Starscream?
OPTIMUS PRIME: Nothing gentle, I would say.
**** Jazz dialogue was not on the tape ***

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Transformers Cartoons

We are back to continue our series of YouTube videos containing deleted and extended audio scenes from the Generation One cartoon series. We'll be releasing two tonight with the first being this 1 minute video from the final part of The Ultimate Doom

This video contains audio that was cut from the Transformers Generation One episode The Ultimate Doom Part 3. The audio has been taken from an original slugged cassette tape from the original recording sessions. You can read a transcript of the dialogue in the description below 

The full script is available to download at thanks to Jim Sorenson and Chris McFeely

########### EXTENDED SCENE ###########

REFLECTOR: Energon cubes secured, leader.

MEGATRON: Excellent. I've left Starscream behind to prepare for the next tidal wave. When its force is harvested, we'll have all the energon cubes we need to revitalize Cybertron completely.

REFLECTOR: What about the flesh creature, Dr. Arkeville?

MEGATRON: He is of no further use to me.


**Note Shockwave's name was added later**

WHEELJACK: We had a run-in with Shockwave, Prime, and couldn't rescue Sparkplug.  But we learned how the Decepticons are making Earth people into mind slaves.

OPTIMUS PRIME: That's good news. Do you have any plan to counteract their work?

WHEELJACK: Let's just say we're onto something that looks like a winner.

BRAWN: If it works.

WHEELJACK: We'll field-test it when we take another crack at rescuing Sparkplug.


*NEW* WHEELJACK: In five thousand astro-seconds

*NEW* OPTIMUS PRIME: Good luck, Optimus Prime out.

*NEW* SHOCKWAVE: Prepare the human known as Sparkplug.  His Autobot rescuers are in for a surprise!

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Transformers Cartoons

Robert Cullen, founder and Creative Director of Boulder Media, recently joined a panel at Animation Dingle 2017 with Darragh O'Connell of Brown Bag Films, Alex Sherwood of Giant Animation and Niamh Herrity of Pink Kong Studios to discuss service work, I.P., the perks of having a studio in Ireland and the importance of networking.

Mr. Cullen stated “We get free toys which is great. When [Hasbro] approached, they were looking for a studio that could bring great taste and flair to the projects. They basically gave the keys to the world of Transformers. "What would you do for the Transformers? How would you reboot Transformers?" Which is amazing really. It’s like every geek’s fantasy. I could play around Optimus Prime”.

It's expected that he is referring to Transformers: Cyberverse, though the company is also working on Rescue Bots Academy.

He also stated that the team has initiated a full CGI Feature Film project for a Hasbro property, which we learned as a film based on the Transformers Live Action Movie Universe (a.k.a. Movieverse).

You can watch the full panel below

Category: Transformers Cartoons | Submitted by: quartz - on: Thursday, 14th September 2017 at 08:34:04 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

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