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Welcome to Transformers At The Moon

Welcome to Transformers at the Moon a European based Transformers resource website. Transformers At The Moon was created back in mid October 1999 and is run by two twin brothers. The site started of purely as a website where they could showcase their large collection of Transformers figures but quickly evolved into a news and general resource website. Over the years, the site has built one of, if not the, most extensive Transformers toy gallery section ever housed on the internet. With figures spanning every generation of the series from its routes in 1984 to the present day, you can even find images and information on the various pre-transformer lines that would go on to lend their figures to the franchise along with prototypes, resins, engineering samples and contest figures that are more commonly referred to as Lucky Draw Transformers. The website also boasts a large USPTO-powered Hasbro Transformers trademark section. This area allows you to browse through the various trademark applications that Hasbro have made since 1983 that are connected to the Transformers line.

You can become a part of the site by joining our forum, following us on Twitter at or by liking our Facebook page at You can also subscribe to our RSS feeds by visiting the RSS Feed section of the site.

You can use the navigation menu above to browse through the various sections of the website. Many of those areas have sub-sections s please follow the guides on those page. The image galleries on the site use an javascript image viewer that allows you to quickly flick through the images contained within the galleries at your leisure. The images are often scaled down to fit on the screen. You can view the full-sized images by using the up and down cursor keys on your keyboard.

You will also find handy jump boxes on the left and right hand-side of many of the pages as well as tabbed navigation on several pages. For example, if you look below this introduction you will see a series of tabs. Click on that tab to load it. On the various article, gallery and video pages you will find many of these tabs contain various ways that you can navigate or drill into the contents. This may include a category tree, a tag index and tag cloud.

Latest Auto Assembly 2012 News

If you haven't already taken advantage of our 2011 Christmas Sale to get your tickets for Auto Assembly 2012 saving 20% on the Adult weekend ticket prices then you'd better hurry! This fantastic offer runs out at midnight on New Years Eve so you've got just over 24 hours left!

Auto Assembly 2012 is shaping up to be our biggest and best convention ever. With a stunning guest line-up including our THREE confirmed voice actors - Michael Bell, Townsend Coleman and Paul Eiding, a great selection of comic guests including the entire creative team from Transformers Regeneration One together for the first time ever at a Transformers convention and all the usual activities you'd come to expect from Auto Assembly - dealers, toy and art displays, our script reading, cosplay competition, Saturday night party with our karaoke, video games area, free workshops, competitions, charity auctions and much more, this is a convention you won't want to miss!

You can book your tickets here.

The convention is running on 3rd - 5th August 2012 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, Birmingham, England.

Roll Out / Roll Call 2012

Roll Out Roll Call, the UK convention show for Transformers, GI-Joe & Action Force is back, announcing their main guest line up for the 10th and 11th of March 2012 at The Jury's Inn in Southampton, United Kingdom.

The main guest line up has now been confirmed and announced:

Meet Transformers ReGeneration One Team:
Simon Furman - Transformers ReGeneration One writer
Andrew Wildman - Transformers ReGeneration One artist
John-Paul Bove - Transformers ReGeneration One colourist

Meet The Legendary GI-Joe writer at his first ever UK show:
Larry Hama - GI-Joe writer - 1st ever UK show

Meet the IDW Team that helped create the new look Cobra Commander:

Robert Atkins - IDW GI-Joe artist - 1st ever UK show
Simon Gough - IDW GI-Joe colourist - 1st ever UK show

Bill Forster - Transformers Ark & The AllSpark Almanac Author & Artist
Jim Sorenson - Transformers Ark & The AllSpark Almanac Author
James Eatock - Cereal:Geek Animation of the 80's Magazine Editor

There may be more guests to come and additional features for the show, including traders, presentations and panels will announced soon.

Roll Out Roll Call 2 featured several exclusives for the show and Roll Out Roll Call 3 is no different.

Find out the latest RollOut / Roll Call news on twitter @rolloutrollcall

Welcome Auto Assembly Announcement Roll Out / Roll Call 2012

Update: The Latest 10 Transformers Toy Galleries

Stats: 4,030 Transformers Toys Entered - 2,464 Transformers Toy Galleries - 49,147 Photographs of Transformers

Transformers Toy News

If you are in the US and want to get the Transformers: Age of Extinction figures, then you should head on down to your local Wal*Mart and check to see whether they have put the toys out onto the shelves early.  Yes as is the case with almost every product launch someone was going to break the "street date" of May 17th 2014 and it appears that Wal*Mart have started the trend by breaking it by over a month!  Toy companies do not look always well on this sort of thing as they often receive complaints from competitors, but Hasbro Inc will not do anything as it's Wal*Mart and will, instead, sit back and watch the toys sells as scalpers hunt down the toys to place them on eBay and try to make some quick money.

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Transformers Convention News

Thanks to the AmiAmi Facebook page we can bring you a selection of images from the Miyazawa Mokei Spring Exhibition. Whilst Transformers related products were limited a there were some that are worth while looking at.  First up, Kotobukiya were showing off their licensed Transformers silicone ice trays.  Artstorm showed of their G1 Alpha Trion figure whilst Prime 1 Studios displayed their expensive high-end Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime.  Finally, TakaraTomy were showing off their "TakaraArts" Mega Drive Megatron prototype figure.

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Transformers Convention News

Thanksto TFW2004 for pointing out concept images of a 3rd party Transformers Micromaster Countdown figure, named Moonraker.

According to Mr. Hazard, prototype pictures will be available next week. This figure will be produced by an as of yet unnamed 3rd party group. Moonraker will be scout sized and come with a small turret to operate, which is compatible with the recentlty released Transformers Generations Metroplex

3rd Party Moonraker Moonraker 2014 Moonraker unknown 3rd party countdown

3rd Party Countdown 3rd Party Moonraker Moonraker is Micromater Countdown

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Transformers Movie News

Transformers license holder, Vilsco Textiles have posted a collection of content which includes merchandise they are releasing for Transformers: Age of Extinction but also slides which are believed to be from the Australian Toy Fair which reveal Hasbro's plans to have two animated shows (one in 2015 and another in 2016) to fill the gap between the fourth and fifth live action Transformers movies.  What is also interesting is the faction logos used for each of those series which are new "beast like" faction logos.

You can view all of the images after the jump.

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Transformers Convention News

BotCon has shared with us the following about the guest announcement:

Joining us at BotCon 2014 is the writer behind what has quickly become one of the most celebrated ongoing Transformers comic series of all-time, IDW’s Transformers MTMTE. With that, we are thrilled to announce that British writer JAMES ROBERTS will be our guest this year in Pasadena. He will be on hand all weekend for autographs, panels and hanging with fans from around the world! You won’t want to miss this rare opporutunity to meet James and to discuss his amazing work which has brought a new level of excitement to Transformers comic fiction!

Click the Guests menu link to view his bio and keep checking back as there is so much more news, toy reveals and show information to be announced!


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Transformers Convention News

Fun Publications have posted the image of their latest Botcon 2014 figure to be revealed and it is Scorponok!  The toy is a recolour of the Energon Scorponok, decoed up to look like the Generation One figure but with sa special suprise in the form of a brand new Headmaster head! That's right the head is Olin Zarak who is made from the Encore Spike figure that was, of course, released with Fortress Maximus in Japan but with a new face plate to look like Scorponok.  As big fans of G1 Scorponok this toy is now a must buy for us as the colour scheme alone makes it an awesome homage but the new head just finishes it off.

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Transformers Toy News

Takara designer Shogo Hasui has tweeted out some more images of the upcoming MP-21 Bumblebee figure. The images include a size comparison wirth MP-17 Prowl, confirming that Bumblebee will be half his size, a look at the read of the figure as well as a profile image of Spike's Exo-Suit. You can view the news images below and all of the images of this figure by following the jump.

MP-21 Bumblebee Image 8 MP-21 Bumblebee Image 9 MP-21 Bumblebee Image 10

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Transformers Convention News

Botcon have revealed their third exclusive figure from the 2014 convention boxset as Devcon.  Devcon is a retool of the Generations Scourage figure and will be relased as another member of the "Knight" faction.  Devcon is based on the character from the Generation One cartoon episode "The Gambler" and has been a planned exclusive at two previous Botcons, the most recent being in 2005 when he was going to be released as a recolour of Energon Slugslinger when 3H still held the license.  They lost their license and so that incarnation of the toy was never released.  The original Botcon figure was going to be a recolour of the Machine Wars Mirage toy. They toy was also not released but a handpainted mockup, painted by a former Hasbro lead deco painter, was made and photographed for the Botcon website. It use to be owned by the Hartmans but they sold the figure to us back in December 2008 where it has been featured in a toy gallery ever since.

Botcon 2014 Devcon Robot Mode Botcon 2014 Devcon Robot Mode

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Transformers Interviews and Articles

We have updated the Transformers toys instruction sheets section of the website with some new PDF instructon sheets entries.

The following entries were update with PDF scans that were previously missing:

  1. Transformers Generations Megatron - A2377 Instructions
  2. Transformers Generations Orion Pax - A2376 Instructions
  3. Transformers Generations Springer - A2562 Instructions
  4. Transformers Generations Trailcutter - A2375 Instructions

You can download copies of the instruction sheets from our Transformers toys instruction sheets section of the website.

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Transformers Toy News

Million Publishing have announced, via their website, that shipping of their Transformers Generations 2013 exclusive figure, Rebel Infiltrator Starscream, has been delayed from March 25th to March 31st.

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