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Transformers At The Moon - Transformers Toys: Website Announcements

Welcome to Transformers At The Moon

Welcome to Transformers at the Moon a European based Transformers resource website. Transformers At The Moon was created back in mid October 1999 and is run by two twin brothers. The site started of purely as a website where they could showcase their large collection of Transformers figures but quickly evolved into a news and general resource website. Over the years, the site has built one of, if not the, most extensive Transformers toy gallery section ever housed on the internet. With figures spanning every generation of the series from its routes in 1984 to the present day, you can even find images and information on the various pre-transformer lines that would go on to lend their figures to the franchise along with prototypes, resins, engineering samples and contest figures that are more commonly referred to as Lucky Draw Transformers. The website also boasts a large USPTO-powered Hasbro Transformers trademark section. This area allows you to browse through the various trademark applications that Hasbro have made since 1983 that are connected to the Transformers line.

You can become a part of the site by joining our forum, following us on Twitter at or by liking our Facebook page at You can also subscribe to our RSS feeds by visiting the RSS Feed section of the site.

You can use the navigation menu above to browse through the various sections of the website. Many of those areas have sub-sections s please follow the guides on those page. The image galleries on the site use an javascript image viewer that allows you to quickly flick through the images contained within the galleries at your leisure. The images are often scaled down to fit on the screen. You can view the full-sized images by using the up and down cursor keys on your keyboard.

You will also find handy jump boxes on the left and right hand-side of many of the pages as well as tabbed navigation on several pages. For example, if you look below this introduction you will see a series of tabs. Click on that tab to load it. On the various article, gallery and video pages you will find many of these tabs contain various ways that you can navigate or drill into the contents. This may include a category tree, a tag index and tag cloud.

Latest Auto Assembly 2012 News

If you haven't already taken advantage of our 2011 Christmas Sale to get your tickets for Auto Assembly 2012 saving 20% on the Adult weekend ticket prices then you'd better hurry! This fantastic offer runs out at midnight on New Years Eve so you've got just over 24 hours left!

Auto Assembly 2012 is shaping up to be our biggest and best convention ever. With a stunning guest line-up including our THREE confirmed voice actors - Michael Bell, Townsend Coleman and Paul Eiding, a great selection of comic guests including the entire creative team from Transformers Regeneration One together for the first time ever at a Transformers convention and all the usual activities you'd come to expect from Auto Assembly - dealers, toy and art displays, our script reading, cosplay competition, Saturday night party with our karaoke, video games area, free workshops, competitions, charity auctions and much more, this is a convention you won't want to miss!

You can book your tickets here.

The convention is running on 3rd - 5th August 2012 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, Birmingham, England.

Roll Out / Roll Call 2012

Roll Out Roll Call, the UK convention show for Transformers, GI-Joe & Action Force is back, announcing their main guest line up for the 10th and 11th of March 2012 at The Jury's Inn in Southampton, United Kingdom.

The main guest line up has now been confirmed and announced:

Meet Transformers ReGeneration One Team:
Simon Furman - Transformers ReGeneration One writer
Andrew Wildman - Transformers ReGeneration One artist
John-Paul Bove - Transformers ReGeneration One colourist

Meet The Legendary GI-Joe writer at his first ever UK show:
Larry Hama - GI-Joe writer - 1st ever UK show

Meet the IDW Team that helped create the new look Cobra Commander:

Robert Atkins - IDW GI-Joe artist - 1st ever UK show
Simon Gough - IDW GI-Joe colourist - 1st ever UK show

Bill Forster - Transformers Ark & The AllSpark Almanac Author & Artist
Jim Sorenson - Transformers Ark & The AllSpark Almanac Author
James Eatock - Cereal:Geek Animation of the 80's Magazine Editor

There may be more guests to come and additional features for the show, including traders, presentations and panels will announced soon.

Roll Out Roll Call 2 featured several exclusives for the show and Roll Out Roll Call 3 is no different.

Find out the latest RollOut / Roll Call news on twitter @rolloutrollcall

Welcome Auto Assembly Announcement Roll Out / Roll Call 2012

Update: The Latest 10 Transformers Toy Galleries

Stats: 4,031 Transformers Toys Entered - 2,465 Transformers Toy Galleries - 49,147 Photographs of Transformers

Transformers Toy News

The Planet Iacon Facebook page has shared several images originating from the Weibo account of @GRAVE. These images show upcoming Titans Return figures. In this batch of leaked figures we have the following characters:

  • Sixshot (Class unknown)
  • Hot Rod (Deluxe Class)
  • Optimus Prime (Voyager Class?) - Comes with Star Convoy head and appears to also be a homage to G2 Lazer Rod Optimus Ptime
  • Megatron (Voyager Class)
  • Mindwipe (Deluxe)
  • Triggerhappy (Deluxe)
  • Wolfwire (AKA Weirdwolf – Deluxe)
  • Doublecross (Deluxe)
  • Getaway (Deluxe)

Most of these leaked figures are coming from internal color guides, with some images even still stating "design TBD".

You can view all of the images after the jump.

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Transformers Movie News

Czech Republic guide website Expats is reporting that part of the principal photography of Transformers 5 will take place in Czech Republic, following an invitation from prime minister Bohuslav Sobotka.

The site also states that producers were spotted location scouting in the country.  It's known that part of the next movie will be shot in England as well as across parts of Europe but there has yet to be any official word

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Transformers Toy News

The TakaraTomy Mall listing for MP Alert "anime edition" has been updated with some new images that includes a teaser that an official Masterpiece Inferno may well be on the way! If this is true, which it is looking likely is the case, then a Grapple is also probably not far behind. Autobase Aichi speculate that, if he is released, Inferno is likely to be in stored in November or December.

You can view a mirrored image below.

Masterpiece Inferno

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Transformers Trademark News

We have found some new trademarks filed with the USPTO by Hasbro Inc. The trademarks are:


You can view all of the details of these and other trademarks within our exclusive Trademark Application area of the website which features trademark applications from 1984 through until the present day.

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Transformers Movie News

Acting Auditions have revealed that the Principal Photography schedule for the Transformers 5. Filming of E75 (Transformers 5 Project Codename) begins on the 15th June in Detroit, Michigan before moving to London where it shall conclude on the 15th October 2016. The movie is set to be released on the 23rd June 2017.

The Wrap is reporting a rumour that the fourteen-year old actress Isabela Moner is being considered for the lead female role in Transformers 5 rumoured to be called Izabella.  Moner credits include “Dora and Friends: Into the City!” and “100 Things to Do Before High School”.

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Transformers Toy News

The release of MP-32 Beast Convoy has been announced as coming with an exclusive skull flaill just like the original Optimus Primal / Beast Convoy toy.

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Transformers Toy News

TFYuki has been busy on Twitter posting new images of some of the upcoming TakaraTomy Transformers products.

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Transformers Cartoons

Emmy Nominated ‘Transformers Rescue Bots’ Returns to Discovery Family Channel with Back-to-Back Premiere Episodes Beginning Saturday, April 23

– This Season, Celebrity Guest Stars Kristen Schaal and Alex Kingston Visit Griffin Rock and TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS Celebrates its 100th Episode Milestone –

(New York) – Power up, energize and roll to the rescue as the fourth season of TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS premieres on Discovery Family Channel with back-to-back episodes on Saturday, April 23 at 8 AM ET/7 AM CT and 8:30 AM ET/7:30 AM CT. Additionally, the animated series will introduce new characters – the first-ever female Rescue Bot “Quickshadow” voiced by Alex Kingston (“ER”) and “Chickadee” voiced by Kristen Schaal (“Bob’s Burgers”). TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS will also celebrate its 100th episode milestone this season.

In the season four back-to-back premiere episodes “New Normal” and “Bridge Building,” the invasion of an evil alien race forces the Rescue Bots to reveal their true extraterrestrial identities to the citizens of Griffin Rock. But before the townspeople vote on whether to let the robots in disguise stay in their town, the Auto Bots are transported to the Sahara Desert and must band together with their human counterparts to get home safely. Throughout the action-packed season, the Bots work tirelessly on a new project, construction of the Mainland Training Center and continue to test the powerful “Groundbridge” portal that allows them to transport between their firehouse headquarters and training center.

TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS follows the adventures of four young Transformers and their human counterparts – a family of emergency responders with 12-year-old Cody Burns at the center. The Rescue Bots – Heatwave, Chase, Blades and Boulder are tasked by Optimus Prime to study the ways of humanity and protect mankind on the island of Griffin Rock, a highly advanced hub of technology located off the coast of Maine. Throughout the series, Cody and his family teach the Bots how to live amidst humankind while learning about teamwork, cooperation and overcoming obstacles along the way. Created specifically for a younger generation of TRANSFORMERS fans, each 30-minute episode of TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS is full of family, heart, humor and adventure as the Rescue Bots support their mission to protect and learn from humans.

TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS is produced by Hasbro Studios for Discovery Family Channel. For Hasbro Studios, Stephen Davis is the executive producer. The series was developed for television by Jeff Kline, Nicole Dubuc and Brian Hohlfeld. To learn more, go to, on Facebook at and on Twitter @DiscoveryFamily.

About Discovery Family Channel

The leading television destination for families in the United States, Discovery Family is available in nearly 70 million U.S. homes and is a joint venture of Discovery Communications and Hasbro. Discovery Family is programmed with a clever mix of original series, family-friendly movies, and programming from Discovery’s non-fiction library and Hasbro Studios’ popular animation franchises, including MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC, LITTLEST PET SHOP and TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS. The smart entertainment choice for families, Discovery Family attracts children and their parents with the highest-quality, real-world content that appeals to the entire family in the General Entertainment, Adventure and Animals genres at night and award-winning animation programming in Daytime.

About Hasbro Studios

Hasbro (NASDAQ: HAS) is a global company committed to Creating the World’s Best Play Experiences, by leveraging its beloved brands, including LITTLEST PET SHOP, MAGIC: THE GATHERING, MONOPOLY, MY LITTLE PONY, NERF, PLAY-DOH and TRANSFORMERS, and premier partner brands. From toys and games, television programming, motion pictures, digital gaming and consumer product licensing, Hasbro fulfills the fundamental need for play and connection with children and families around the world. The Company’s Hasbro Studios and its film label, ALLSPARK PICTURES, create entertainment brand-driven storytelling across mediums, including television, film, digital and more. Through the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, including philanthropy, Hasbro is helping to build a safe and sustainable world and to positively impact the lives of millions of children and families. Learn more at, and follow us on Twitter (@Hasbro & @HasbroNews) and Instagram (@Hasbro).


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Transformers Movie News

American electronic music group Major Lazer are set to feature on the soundtrack of the upcoming Transformers movie. Diplo; one of the producers of the group posted the following on Instagram:

“Big meeting about transformers 6 transformers vs major lazer @michaelbay #michealbae at Komodo in miami there u go @davegrutman”

Yes they posted Transformers 6

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Transformers Convention News

Since neither of us could make it out to this years Botcon we thought that we would post a summary of lins to both and's coverage since both US news sites often get "special access" to the show.

#BotCon2016 'Dawn of the Predacus' Box Set Images: Tripredacus, Ravage, Tarantulas, plus Terrorsaur

#BotCon2016 Exclusive Souvenirs Images: Megatron, Airazor, Tigatron, Unit-3, Reflector, Custom Class

#BotCon2016 Exclusive Souvenir Bios and Artwork

#Botcon2016 Galleries: Hasbro Floor Display - Warrior Bisk, Warrior Scatterspike, Titans Return, Robots in Disguise and More

#BotCon2016 Hasbro Floor Display: Robots in Disguise Products

#BotCon2016 Titans Return: Powermaster Optimus, Voyager Astrotrain, Wheelie, More

#BotCon2016 Generations Combiner Wars Box Sets: Victorion and G2 Bruticus

#BotCon2016 Generations Alt-Modes, Merchandise and Miscellaneous

#BotCon2016 Confirmation and First Look at Transformers Titans Return Wolfwire and Highbrow

#BotCon2016 Videos: Promotional Clips, Robots in Disguise Windblade, Ratchet, Titans Return Fort Max

Botcon 2016 Hasbro Display Platinum and Combiner Wars Images

Botcon 2016 Hasbro Titans Return Display Images – First Glimpses at Wolfwire, Highbrow, Alpha Trion, Getaway Titanmaster & More!

Botcon 2016 Robots in Disguise Display Images – First Looks at Warrior Bisk, Ratchet, Scatterspike & More!

Botcon 2016 – Apparel and Misc Merchandise Display Pics

Botcon 2016 Boxset In-hand Images

Botcon 2016 Souvenir Exclusives In-hand Images

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We loved the Transformers Choose Your Fate books as kids, and even wrote a text adventure in their style for an old version of Transformers At The Moon. Here you can find images from these puzzle-books, both UK and US ....
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