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The penultimate episode of Transformers Animated season 2, episode 28 A Bridge Too Close, was shown within Canada on the 29th June 2008, and was English language debut of the episode. The episode was immediately followed by Episode 29: A Bridge Too Close Part 2.

Episode Summary The episode starts off by focusing on the Constructicons being officially branded Decepticons by Megatron after they swear their alligence to him. After the pair are sworn in, Issac Sumad is ordered to test the Decepticon's new Spacewbridge, only to find out that it doesn't work.

The scene jumps to the moon where Starscream is addressing his new clone army, it is explained that the differnet Starscream cones represent the different parts of Starscream's personality. The coward (Skywarp's colours), the ego-maniac (Thundercracker's colours), the bootlicker (Sunstorm's colours), the pathalogical liar (Ramjet colours) and the female Starscream (G2 Ramjet colours). We jump back to the Decepticon base again where Megatron orders Shockwave to send him the best Spacebridge engineer on Cybertron. Shockwave annouces that Bulkhead is the best Spacebridge engineer that there is, so Megatron comes up with a plan to capture the green Autobot himself.

Over at the Autobot base Bulkhead is trying out some new artistic styles, though the other Autobots don't appear to quiet get the giant Autobots' creativity. Bulkhead storms off upset, followed by Bumblebee and Sari, though the three are soon joined by Megatron with Issac Sumdac as his prisoner. As the two Autobots and Megatron battle is out the mysterious Blurr racing car turns up. It had earlier intercepted a transmission between the Decepticons regareding Megatron's plan. As Bumblebee attacks the blue car it transforms and reveals itself as Blurr, a spy for the Elite Guard. As the two argue Bumblebee spots Bulkhead being taken away by Megatron.

The scene jumps back to the Decepticon base where Megatron orders Bulkhead to help him fix the Spacebridge, threaterning to use the Headmaster unit (which Blitzwing and Lugnut stole for him) to remove Bulkhead's head and use his body against his friends. Bulkhead eventually gives in and helps Megatron fix the spacebridge. Whilst this is going on Blurr explains to the Autobot's what he heard and where the Decepticon's base is.

The scene jumps again to the Constructicons, Mixmaster and Scrapper, building the spacebridge under the supervision of Bulkhead and Issac Sumdac. Issac doesn't believe that Bulkhead knows what he's talking about, then realises that Bulkhead is trying to sabotague the work. Unfortunatley for the scientist he under-estimates Bulkhead, who is actually doing what Megatron wants. On the Moon Starscreams brigade flys off to Earth to intercept the Decepticons whilst Ratchet and Sari are in the Autobot spaceship, looking to use the Allsparks fragments to power up the ship. At the same time the Autobots turn up at the Decepticon base, where they are attacked by the Decepticons.

A fight ensues with some Autobots and some Deceptcons being caught in status cuffs before Starscream and his clones turn up, just as the Spacebridge is activated.

This is where the episode ends.

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