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Transformers Prime episode 13, Sick Mind, aired on The Hub on Saturday 30th April 2011 and as the first part of a special two-parter. The episode began with the Autobots detecting the Decepticon spaceship and then sortly after detected a crashed Autobot ship. Optimus Prime and Ratchet ground-warped to the Autobot ship to rescue their comrades but soon found that all of the ships crew were alread dead, infected by a virus. Whilst onboard on the ship, Optimus Prime becomes infected and it turns out that there is no known cure. The Autobots and Humans refuse to believe that this is the case and decide that since the virus was created my Megatron himself that the Decepticons might have a cure for it onboard their ship. Arcee and Bumblebee ground-bridge to the Decepticon ship where they proceed to access the databanks in search for the cure.

As Optimus grows weaker Arcee reports that they are unable to find anything just as Bumblebee makes a disovery ... Megatron! The Autobots are shocked to hear that Megatron still functions even if he appears to be in status. Ratchet tells Arcee that the only option left ot them is for someone to enter Megatron's mind to search for the answer. Bumblebee volunteers, being the scout that he is, and soon enters the mind of the Decepticon leader.

Once within Megatron's mind, Bumblebee watches as Megatron lives out his dreams of continually killing Optimus Prime. However things do not go according to plan as Megatron discovers that Bumblebee is not really there and that he is, in fact, in a dream like state.

At the same time Starscream and Knock Out agree to team and and collaborate to terminate Megatron's life support machine without raising the suspicion of Soundwave.

Meanwhile, within his mind, Megatron makes a deal with Bumblebee. He will give the Autobot the plans to the cure if he hepls him escape from his mental prision and back to the real world. Little does Megatron realise that Ratchet is monitoring the conversation and captures the plans to the cure ordering Bumblebee to escape Megatron's mind.

As Bumblebee escapes Megatron's mind, the Decepticons uncover both himself and Arcee but not before they can escape through the third ground-bridge of the episode. As a departing gift Arcee destroys the life-support tube connecting to Megatron.

Though angry that the Autobots escaped, Starscream is over-joyed that not only did Arcee disconnect Megatron but, as it turns out Megatron's brain activity has stopped. Soundwave tells the two Decepticons to reconnect the life support to Megatron as it would be a disgrace for their leader to fall at the hands of an Autobot, but his brain activity remains flatlined.

Meanwhile, back at the Autobot base Optimus is recoverying but as the Autobot's celebrate and the episodes end, the camera zooms into Bumblebee's mind and it is revealed that Megatron's conciousness is now also trapped within the Autobot!

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