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Episode 19 of Transformers Animated first aired in Canada on YTV on Saturday the 26th of April 2008, the same weekend that BotCon 2008 was on. The episode heavily featured the Decepticons as well as the Autobot Elite Guard.

Episode Summary
The episode starts off with a video feed from an Autobot outpost where Ironhide is reporting back to Ultra Magnus regarding a Decepticon attack on their Spacebridge. Ultra Magnus, Sentinel Prime, Jazz and Optimus Prime then discuss Ultra Magnus' plans to leave Earth in order to defend the Autobot's spacebridges, which the Decepticons' have begun attacking. Since the Allspark was destroyed, the Spacebridge technology is the only agvantage the Autobots have.

The scene jumps to the Autobot base where Sari is told that the Autobots are leaving, much to her disapointment (adding to her being more upset - see last episode). Sentinel orders the Autobots to come with him, as they need the maintenance-bots to ensure the Spacebridges are kept in working order.

The sceme jumps again to a garbage barge, where Starscream is found. As he comes too he realises that he cannot sence any Decepticons, nor himself. He believes that he may well be dead. The scene jumps again to the Decepticon base, where Blitzwing and Lugnut are discussing Issac Sumdac's new Decepticon singal dampeners are working well. Megatron then orders the human scientist to create way for him to communicate with the other Decepticons who are scatted around the universe. Sumdac replaied that a tackion pulse is needed, and human technology is not that advanced. Luckily for the Decepticons the Elite Guard poses a tackion pulse generator, which just happens to sit outside of their ship.

Whilst the Autobots try to offload Sari onto Captain Fanzone, Lugnut and Blitzwing make their way to the Autobot ship and steal the tackion pulse generator. Whilst taking it back to the Decepticon base they are followed by Starscream, who enters and instantly attacks Megatron. Megatron defaets Starscream and Lugnut discovers that the Decepticon second in command no longer has a spark. Blitzwing and Lugnut dispose of Starscream's body by throwing it into a river.

Starscrem coes back to life, also realising that he no longer has a spark. He soon works out that he has an Allspark fragment stuck in his head, which is keeping him alive. Not only that but it is actually making it impossible for him to go offline and therefore he has become immortal. A few comical scenes are then replayed as Starscream continuosusly attacks Megatron failing everytime, and getting killed in the process. He then decides that a different approach is needed when he discovers another Allspark crystal.

As the Autobots prepare to leave, Jazz picks up an Allspark signal. The sports car and Ultra Magnus head out to find the Allspark fragment, whilst Sentinel Prime guards Optimus. Optimus swiftly turns the tables on Sentinel, trapping him in some stasis-cuffs. As the two Elite Guard members race off to locate the train, which has the Allspark fragment, Optimus contacts the other Autobots and tells them that he thinks the train is a Decepticon trap. As the Autobots get closer to the train the Decepticons also turn up, althoguh Megatron is suspicious, and soon spots Starscream. The Autobots eventually stop the train, extracting the Allspark fragment, and saving the humans without causing any damage. Starscream flees the scene of the crime but is stopped by the emergence of the Decepticons.

Whilst Optimus tries to convince Ultra Magnus that the train was part of a Decepticon trap, Starscream falls to the ground. Picking himself up he promptly attacks the Autobots, who struggle to defeat him. Eventually Optimus Prime captures the Decepticon using the Stasis-Cuffs, and he is taken back to the Elite Guard ship. The Elite Guard, Jazz, Sentinel Prime and Ultra Magnus then leave the Earth, leaving Optimus and the other Autobots on Earth so they can search for other fragments of the Allspark.

The episode ends with Megatron annoucing his plan. With the Autobots out guarding the existing Space-Bridges, he will construct his own and travel direct to Cybertron, which he can then conquer.

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