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Episode 24 of Transformers Animated aired in Canada on the 31st May 2008, after already having been shown in Dubai a few weeks earlier. It was also shown in the UK on the 2nd June and the following weekend in the US. The episode introduced two new characters, one Transformer and one human. The two characters were Swindle, a Decepticon arms dealer, and Slow-Mo, a human with teh power to freeze time thanks to an Allspark fragment.

Episode Summary - Ep.24 - S.U.V - Society of Ultimate Villainy
The episode starts out with the Autobots chasing Nanosec, who has had his youth restored. As Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to use a pincer movement to capture the super-villan, Bumblebee shoots off on his own. As he beginns to catch up with Nanosec he is hit by a mysterious ray, which freezes him. Nanosec escapes and the other Autobots crash into the young sportscar. After Optimus voices his opinion on Bumblebee's lack of teamwork, the Autobots head off to their base, whilst Bumblebee goes off alone to try and catch Nanosec, hoping to proove to the other Autobots that he is their star player, and so doesn't need a tea,.

Bumblebee soon arrives at another crime scene, only this time it's the Angry Archer and not Nanosec who illudes the Autobot, again after he is hit by a mysterious ray. A third crime is going on, which Bumblebee attends to, only to find Professor Princess, who once again escapes due to the ray. We then find out that the ray is the work of a new super-villan who calls herself Slow-Mo.

The scene then jumps to an old clock factory where Slow-Mo has bought the band of criminals together, and explains that it was her who help them escape thanks to her power, which comes from a special crystal. She has the ability to freeze all mechanical devices and so the group team up to try and rid the world of the Autobots. During another heist the group are surrounded by the police, but escape thanks to a mysterious SUV car which has been left to them by an unknown benifactor. Nanosec then decides that the team should be called SUV, like the car, only meaning Society of Ultimate Villainy. As the group drie off they are told that the owner of the car has a deal for them. If they work with him to steal some parts, he will help them. Bumblebee and Sari then watch the group of villans steal various electronic equipment in order to make the weapon that the mysterious car owner wishes to build. As they construct the weapon on the roof of the building, the car transforms. (there is no reason why teh car was able to get onto the roof of the building in the first place). The SUV turns out to be a Decepticon arms dealer called Swindle, who was looking to make a weapon which used the Allspark fragment in Slow-mo's watch to freeze the Autobots. He quickly dispatches of the humans and contacts Megatron, to striek a deal for the weapon.

As Bumblebee tries to sneak up on Swindle, Sari managed to get him to call the Autobots for backup. As they approach the building Swindle demostrates the weapon, which freezes all mechanical devices nearby, including all the Autobots. Sari notices that the Sumdac Towers, now known as the Powell Towers, still has power, due to it's forcefield. She decideds that she needs to get Bumblebee into the building, but cannot shift the Autobot on her own. At this point Nanosec and the other SUV members turn up, offering to help Sari defeat Swindle. The group some how manay to transport Bumblebee into the Powell Towers, where Sari uses the towers's system to wrap a forcefield around her Autobot friend, and the weapons of the SUV group.

The group then attack and defeat Swindle, knocking him off the rooftop to the street below, before the villans double-cross Bumblebee and try to take the timepiece for themselves. Bumblebee knocks the device out of Nanosec's grasp and he falls over the edge of teh building to the street below, where it is captured by Swindle. The other Autobots turn up as Bumblbee is attacked by the Society of Ultimate Villainy. He defeats them, by pushing them off the building, and then goes to help his Autobot teammates who are facing Swindle, powered with the Allspark fragment. Using the forcefield Sari applied to him earlier, Bumblbee manages to redirect Swindle's freezing ray, so that it hits the Decepticon, knocking him into his SUV form, locking him permanently in vehicle form.

Fanzone then arrives and arrests the Super Villans, who try to use Swindle as an escape car, though he cannot move and so are easily captured.

The episode ends with Fanzone explaning that their car, Swindle, will be chop up and sold at a police auction.

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