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Episode 27 of Transformers Animated was shown in the UK on the 5th June 2008 and is titled Sari, No One Home. Although no new characters were introduced, and the story focused on Sari, the Constructicons, Mixmaster and Scrapper, made their return.

Episode Summary The episode starts out with Prowl training in the Autobot base, with Sari trying, and failing, to copy him. As the Autobots learn that the Constructicons have returned they go out in search of the duo leaving Sari behind. Megatron also see's the transmission and decides to send Blitzwing to get the two Decepticons, so they can help him build the Spacebridge. At first Sari is bored and upset about being left behind, then she realises that she has the place to herself and starts to play up.

Meanwhile the Constructicons stumble across a trail of oil left by Bumblebee, who for some reason is leaking oil from his door (which makes no logical sense). The pair track the trails back to the Autobot base, hoping that it will lead to some better oil. Whilst Mixmaster melts away an enterance into the Autobot base Sari is listening to music, humming the Generation One Transformers theme. At the same time Bumblebee believes that he has spotted Mixmaster, only to find that it is a regular human vehicle. Mixmaster and Scrapper start to look around the Autobot base when they discover Sari, who's scream is painful to their audio receptors. Sari runs off and the two Decepticon's follow her, beliving that she must have made them lose their memories.

Back with the Autobots who are having no lick finding the Constructicons, Bulkhead believes that he has spotted Blitzwing, but starts to doubt himself. We then jump back to Sari as Bumblebee contacts her to get her to use the key to locate the two Constructicons. As Sari's phone rings she is hiding in her bed as Scrapper is nearby. The Decepticon picks up her phone and breaks it, walking off to try and find Sari. At this point the Autobots are attacked by Blitzwing, which is at the same point that Sari decides she needs to fight back. As the Autobots try to lead Blitzwing out of the city they encounter a traffic jam, and the Decepticon attacks. Meanwhile Sari comes up with a plan of attacking Mixmaster with a hocky stick, which promptly breaks. She then flees into Prowl's room, hiding behind his tree, and the two Constructicons continue to search for her. She escapes from the building only to re-enter it in order to contact Bumblebee. As she speaks to the yellow Autobot we see Blitzwing attacking in the background. Sari realises that she must defeat the Constructicons on her own. So as the Autobots atatack, and fail, to defeat Blitzwing, who only flees after Megatron contacts him telling him to find the Constructicons, Sari comes up with a plan to use oil against Mixmaster and Scrapper. Using the training area which Prowl used earlier, and was featured in Episode 4 of Transformers Animated, she manages to defeat both Scrapper and Mixmaster, who eventually flee.

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