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Below you will find 240 image captures from the Transformers Animated episode 9: Along Came a Spider.

This episode sees the introduces Elita-1, along with showing the origins of Blackarachnia and includes some more screen time for Sentinel Prime.

Episode Summary

The episode takes place on Halloween with Sari explaining how "Trick or Treating" works to the Autobots. Optimus' phobia of spiders is revealed, an explanation of which is slowly revealed through a series of flashbacks. As Sari, Bulkhead and Bumblebee prepare to go trick or treating, Optimus looks back to a time when he, Sentinal Prime and Elita-1 explored an organic planet in search of Energon Cubes. During their search the trio encounter a race of giant spiders and after a short fight, are forced to flee. Optimus Prime then discovers the stash of Energon Cubes left over by the Decepticons. He is soon joined by Elita-1 and some more spiders. The pair try to flee from the ship however Elita-1 falls, with Optimus unable to catch her. As Sentinal rejoins Optimus, the Energon Cubes within the ship begin to ignite. Optimus grabs Sentinal Prime, stopping him from going after Elita-1 and the pair escape to the surface as the ship explodes. Sentinal blames Optimus for leaving Elita-1, wanting to go back and look for her. Optimus then scans the area for her spark, but is unable to locate it.

Back in the present day Sari (dressed as Optimus Prime), Bumblebee (dressed as Dracula) and Bulkhead (dressed as a ghost) continue to their trick or treating when encounter a giant spider! Optimus, who has been listening in on their conversation, rushes of to join them. The spider transforms, showing herself to be the Decepticon Blackarachnia, quickly disposing of Bulkhead and Bumblebee and then turning her attention onto Sari and her key. Optimus Prime turns up and after a shortbattle Blackarahnia reveals that she knows Optimus Prime from the past and that she was, infact, once Elita-1! Optimus Prime is stunned by the news that his former teammate is not only alive, but has aligned herself with the Decepticons. Blackarchnia explains how she survived the explosion but became infected by the spiders poison, which transformed her into a half-robotic half-organic freak. Unable to fit it, she found a new home with the Decepticons. Blackarchina tries using Sari's key to rid herself of her organic side, only to have it affect all the other organic in the city. Prime explains that the key will kill her if it removes the organic side, as her Spark will not be able to function. Optimus pulls the key from Blackarchnia's chest who then makes her escape, saying that she'll not trust an Autobot, especially Optimus Prime, for a very long time.

The episode ends with the Decepticon female weeping whilst overlooking the cityscape.

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