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Episode 17 of Transformers Prime aired on The Hub on Saturday 25th June 2011. The episode was title Crisscross and featured the return of Airachnid as well as the continuation of the storyline with M.E.C.H.

The episode begins with Silas leading a squadron of M.E.C.H Troopers on a hunt for Airachnid. Just as they find her, or more to the point, she finds them, than the title sequence rolls. After the titles Airachnid explains how she sent an open distress call on the Decepticon frequency to lure the M.E.C.H troopers to her. She wants to get revenge on Arcee and Jack and find a way off of the planet, but she explaisn that she needs help navigating as she is still learning about this world. She says that she will work with them and that they can have whatever is left of Arcee when she is done.

The scene shifts to Jack's house where he is pushing Arcee ito his garage to try to avoid his mother finding out that he is late. It doesn't work and June is waiting for him to arrive so she can give him a piece of her mind and ground the teenager. Arcee tells Jack that she hs not going to wait around in is garage whilst he is grounded but that she will try to return before his mother get home from her late shifts at the Hospital. Things do not go according to plan as his mother comes home early to find the motorcycle missing just as Jack turns up. Whilst the two Humans are talking outside Arcee ground-bridges into the garage in vehicle mode. Jack explains that his motorcycle is still in the garage and, much to June's shock, as soon as he opens the garage door, there it is. Jack's mother, having looked in the garage does not believe him and so Jack explains to her that Arcee is actually a transforming robot. She doesn't believe this either, especially when Arcee refused to transform to prove Jack's point.

We shift to the M.E.C.H HQ where they have re-constructed some scenes that were recorded by Airachnids ship. The video reveals Jack and M.E.C.H are soon able to track down his information using image simple face recognition and an online Social Media website. This is a nice touch and atually highlights the security risks of social networking sites such as Facebook quite well. Using the site, they discover the name and profession of his mother and decide to capture her in order to get to Jack and thus Arcee. This is exactly what happens with the terrorist group kidnapping June and having Arcee and Jackson deliver themselves to the group. Arcee and Jack bust through the M.E.C.H troopers but are stopped by Airachnid before they are able to find June.

The self professed former-Decepticon, Airachnid, tells Jack that she wil give him a sporting change. If he can find and rescue his mother in 6 minutes she will let them both go and so Jack runs off to try to find his mother with Airachnid following.

Meanwhile Silas decides that he is not going to wait for the 'con to double cross him, and so he will get in first be dissecting Arcee now. As this is going on Jack finds hs mother but is unable to free her before the tiem runds out and so Airachnid pins him down with some more of her webbing. Watching this on the screen, Arcee is playing posem and allows the M.E.C.H group to cut open the webbing restraints that were placed on the Autobot. Once freed from them, Arcee busts free and races off after Jack. She arrives just in time and a fight breaks out between the two female robots over the construction site. The fight ends when Arcee and Jack team up to cover Airachnid in cement. The spider-bot wont be defeated that easily though but eventually retreats after soem FBI helicopters, commanded by Agent Fowler arrive on the scene. In a quick flash back it is revealed that Jack stole a radio communicator from Silas and contacted the government agent for backup. The FBI choppers fire on Airachnid to escapes after Trans-Scanning the helicopters and transforming into her new alt-mode. This, as it turns out, is actually what M.E.C.H wanted all along as they watch on from behind computer monitors recording what is happening and discovering the Trans-Scan secret.

With the threat of Airachnid and MECH dealt with, June is freed and is finally introduced properly to Arcee. The episode concludes with Jack taking his mother to the Autobot base on Arcee and introducing her to the rest of the Autobots.

Overall it was another pretty good episode of Transformers Prime. The back-story with MECH is continued once more, Airachnid get some more screen time and a pretty decent battle sequence with Arcee and another Human, June, learns of the existance of the Transformers.

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