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Episode 18 of the Transformers Prime TV series aired on The Hub on July 9th 2011. The episode was titled Metal Attraction and primarily stared Bulkhead, Arcee, Breakdown and Airachnid.

The episode starts with June Darby turning up at the Autobot base, so showing some continuation from the end of last weeks episode, just as Ratchet picked up a strange energy signature. We jump to the Decepticon battle cruiser where Soundwave has also picked up on the signal which Megatron recognised as a Decepticon weapon. Bulkhead, who is now complete with a metallic eye-patch, volenteers to go after the signal which Megatron reluctantly agrees to, after reminding the Decepticon that he was recently bested by Humans. The opening title sequence then rolls.

Back at Autobot HQ, Raf and Mikko turn up in Bulkhead only to notice that June is at the Autobot base, it appears that this has been a regular theme since she found out about the Transformers which is the kids are not too happy about. Ratchet orders Bulkhead ot investigate the signal, Optimus Prime is out on another mission, and after some complaints from June he ground-bridges out with Arcee rather than Mikko who was going to go with him.

We shift to the site of the signal where we find Breakdown discovering the Polarity Guantlet, as it is named later within the episode, only to be ambushed by the former Decepticon Airachnid. The female 'con also tracked down the signal and wants the device for herself. A battle starts between the two Decepticons. Airachnid gains the upper hand and burrows into the Earth with Breakdown burying him in the process and taking the guantlet. As she walks away the Decepticon bruiser crawls his way back onto the surface and the fight resumes.

Meanwhile Arcee and Bulkhead turn up with Arcee talking about June is over protective of Jack and how she doesn't trust Arcee to look after her son. As the two bots start to walk a voice chirps up. Its Miko, she's once again followed the Autobots through the Ground-Bridge despite being told not to. Miko wants things to go back to the way they were, as does Arcee, but when Bulkhead scoops up Miko and takes point, Arcee is left to once again feel like the odd one out. The Autobot's continug there search for the source of the signal and eventually come across the two battling Decepticons. Bulkhead orders Miko to stay put whilst he and Arcee take on the Decepticons. This leaves Miko left feeling like the third wheel as she watches Bulkhead and Arcee team up against Breakdown and Airachnid.

Breakdown re-gains control of the Polarity Gauntlet and uses it as a weapon to first attract the Autobots towards him and then to repell them away. This turns out to have a strange side effect by leaving Arcee and Bulkhead magnetically attached to one another. Breakdown transforms and leaves the scene but does not get very far before he is once again ambushed by Airachnid who captures him within her webbing.

Arcee contacts Ratchet and requests that he ground-bridge Miko to safety whilst the magnetised Autobots track down the Decepticons so that they may use the guantlet to reverse the magnetic effects. It's not long before they have tracked down Breakdown, who is still bound by the webbing, and thus they also come under attack from Airachnid. A fire fight breaks out which triggers the Guantlet again that has the effect of freeing Breakdown who, for the third time, takes possession of the Guantlet. The Decepticons decide to call a truce so that they can focus on the Autobots instead. The battle results in Airachid once again gaining control of the guantlet and the battle splits into two, Arcee vs Airachnid and Breakdown Vs Bulkhead. Arcee manages to gain control of the guantlet herself but then looses it once again back to Airachnid who transforms into her helicopter form (she uses all three of her modes within today's episode) and starts to flee. Bulkhead goes after her and causes her to crash into Breakdown and the Autobots re-take control of the device. Arcee recommends that they leave and return back to their HQ rather than finishing of the Decepticons and so the battle finally comes to an end.

The Autobots return to their HQ and pass the device over to Ratchet whilst June and Arcee have a chat ot settle their differences. Both female characters are protective of Jack but they both accept that things are not like they were in the past now. Meanwhile Breakdown returns to the Decepticon ship where Megatron is not happy, that is until he turns around to reveal that he is magnetised to Airachnid so at least he has not returned to Megatron empty handed this time.

Overall there is plenty of back-and-forth action within todays episode which is good to see, and the background story both for the Autobots and Decepticons continues to slowly develop.

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