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The 19th episode of Transformers Prime aired on Saturday the 17th July 2011 on the The Hub. The episode was titled Rock Bottom and featured Bulkhead, Arcee, Jack, Miko, Starscream and Megatron.

The episode begins with Jack and Miko sitting on some rocks outside of an abandoned mine. The pair are discussing what they are missing with Miko referring to te fact that she is missing one of her favourite bands, Slash Monkey. Arcee and Bulkhead appear from the cave enterance but no sooner do they leave he mine than Miko takes the opportunity to explore and runs inside. The Autobots and Jack follow her back inside. The camera pans to the sky where we see Megatron and Starscream arriving at the mine enterance as the title sequence begins to roll.

Starscream tells Megatron that he does not understand why they have returned to that midn when they have already extracted all of the Energon during Megatron's absense. As the pair enter deeper into the cave Starscream continues his reasoning as to why it is pointless for the pair to be at the cave, but it is not long before they stumble upon some abandoned drills that the Decepticons have left behind. Starscream tries to make up reasons for why they have been left behind blaming Soundwave and the general confusion during Megatron's disappearance. Megatron does not buy into the Seekers excuses and punches his fist into the cave wall pulling out some crystal Energon. The Decepticon leader proceeds to explain to his minion that he has been fully aware of Starscream hording his own supply of Energon as well as having his own adgenda. He explains that he has, thus far, kept Starscream around for the amusement of watching him fail time and time again. HOwever it seems that Megatron has had enough of Starscream now and so he has decided to rid himself of the problem.

Whilst all of this has been going on, Bulkhead has found Miko but the pair have been separated from Jack and Arcee. Jack and Arcee stumble upon Megatron just as he is about to shoot Starscream which results in the Decepticons leader turning his attack on the Autobot. Starscream uses this opportunity to flee, however Megatron fires several shots after him causing the mine to collapse in on itself!

Jack is the first to come too and he starts calling out for Arcee who is no-where to be found. Bulkhead and Miko also come too and we discover that they are trapped within a cave where the roof is coming down. Bulkhead us using his might to hold up the ceiling and protect Miko who decides to try to dig the pair out.

Meanwhile Starscream, who almost made it to the enterance of the mine does manage to scramble his way free and begins to celebrate and taunt Megatron being trapped under the rubble. His celebrations are short-lived, however, as he realises that Megatron has survived much worse ihn the past and if hs has once again survived this, then Starscream will be blamed for causing the Decepticon Leader to be burried or, at the very least, Megatron will have him hunted down and slagged anyway.

Back in the cave Jack Darby discovers one of the Decepticon drills and gets it working again. Miko and Bulkhead head the whirl of machinary heading their way but will help arrive in time as the oxygen supply within the cave is running out fast especially with Miko scrambling about. Bulkhead is also beginning to tire and ecourages Miko to grab a rock and smash it against his foot to cause a noise and, hopefully, draw Jack and Arcee towards them.

Jack's drill uncovers who he thinks will be Jack, but it turns out to be Megatron! The Decepticon leader taunts Jack to finish him off whilst he has the opportunity but Jack refuses and leaves the Decepticon trapped whilst he continues his search for his friends.

Back with Bulkhead and Miko, a wall of the cave is suddenly blasted open but to their suprise is it neither Arcee nor Jack who's face they see but none other than Starscream! The Decepticon thought he had uncovered Megatron who, by doing so, he had hoped would forgive him his indiscretions. A confrontation starts but just as Starscream is about to grab Miko, Jack and his drill tank come storming through the opening and crashing into Starscream. Bulkhead tells the two Humans to which Miko reluctantyl agrees. Once out of the collapsing area where Bulkhead and Starscream are both located, the two Humans continue their search for Arcee. Back inside Starscream is preparing to finish of Bulkhead when Arcee finally appears and forces the Decepticon to surrender.

The scene shifts and the Autobots are shown exiting the cave where then then transform back into robot form and eventually leave to head back to the Autobot base having decided that Optimus would not want them to kill the Decepticons whilst they are trapped. Back inside the mine, Starscream is shown struggling to hold up the cave ceiling that Bulkhead was previously holding. As he continues to struggle Megatron appears and the Decepticon lacky starts, once again, to beg and plead for his leader to help him. The episode ends with a close-up of Megatron's face and so the viewer must wait until at least next week to discover Starscream's fate.

Overall there was a lot less fighting within this episode when compared to the last couple of weeks, but it continued to further the relationship between Megatron and Starscream as well show the strengthening bond between Miko and Bulkhead and Jack and Arcee.

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