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The US series only lasted for one year, and didn't go down well with everyone. The UK Transformers Generation Two comic series was very unknown, and even credited Simon Furman for writing the stories, when he has confirmed that he didn't. The comics where by a company called Fleetway, and the images from issue 1-6 come from Eric Holmes and Dave Van Domelen, with the latter being his comments. I can't remember where or when we found the scans, it was several years ago, but I decided to upload them after clearing out our computer.

All the issues had a few things in common. They all had gatefold front and back covers which focused on one Transformer per page in a sort of techspecs writeup (without stats). They were all A4 sized (roughly the size of writing paper). They all had gatefold centers on glossy stock which opened up to either a large poster or a game. And they only had 12 pages of story each, a major problem.
Issues #1-2 were the only non-reprints, and they also shared an extra feature: a page of stickers on a sheet wrapped around the cover.

#1: "War Without End" tells the story of Bludgeon's using an attack on Earth to lure in Prime in a different way. In this version, all the new G2 toys are already in existence as Transformers. It's notable that the water shooting ones shoot acid here. }-> Prime arrives with Jazz, Sideswipe and Skram to deal with things, and since the Cons are all spread out and running low on energon, it works out okay. Prime spends some time pondering whether the war can ever really be ended, also foreshadowing Megatron's return (he's on the cover, so it's not MUCH of a foreshadow, mind you). His apocalyptic dreams are referred to, but not shown directly. Prime has a showdown with Bludgeon and manages to best him...then Megatron shows up. A page on the back cover gate is devoted to listing the G2 UK toys released to that point, including the Heroes Sureshot and Archforce.
Poster: Big battle scene by the guy who did the cover, so-so art.
Profiles and new quotes:
Megatron: "Everything the Autobots have is rightly mine!"
Ramjet: "I'm faster than a bolt of lightning...and twice as deadly!"
Grimlock: "You may fight for what you believe - I have no such limitations!"
Optimus Prime: "Even one Decepticon is one too many!"

#2: Megatron whomps on Prime for a while, gloating about the new powers that his human-built body gives him. He does not specify Cobra, nor does he implode neutrons. Then other Decepticons start to attack Megatron, loyal now to Bludgeon. First the Stormtroopers (Decepticon water-shooters, different from the Autobot Aquaspeeders), then the Skyscorchers (Tornado [Windrazor], Hawk [Eagle Eye] and Terradive) join the Firecons (reissued in the UK) in attacking Megs. Then the Dinobots show up and start attacking both Megs and the other Decepticons. Megs decides the odds bite and calls in Screamer to haul his bolts out of the fire. Then Grimlock reports to Prime his discovery of the Jhiaxus faction.

There's a contest to find the hidden Autobot insignia in the issue, and they're all over in incongruous places, like in midair.
Poster: A Transformers board game of the "roll dice and advance spaces" variety.
Piranha (Manta Ray): "The Decepticons are looking for trouble...and here I am!"
Jazz: "The Decepticons keep bad company - each other!"
Starscream: "I have a code of conduct: Victory at any cost!"
Blitz (Ransack): "There is nowhere the Autobots can hide, where I won't find them!"

#3: No profiles this issue, actually, the space it taken up trying to get an entire issue of the US G2 comic reprinted in 16 pages. There's some compression. The issue in question is the one where Grimlock leads an attack on Jhiaxus and gets nailed (#4, I think). Same cover as that issue, same art and story. So far no continuity glitching.
Poster: Group shot of all four Rotor Force characters and all the Laser Rods except Jolt.
Profiles: None.
#4: Reprints two issues' worth of "Tales of Earth" (Parts one and two). In a rather nasty continuity glitch, the events of UKG2 #1 are repeated as Bludgeon comes down to attack Earth and lure Prime there. Buh? At this point they just don't care anymore, I think. Has the cover of Megatron holding Bludgeon's shattered head in his hand.
Poster: Megatron, Tornado and two Stormtroopers dashing into battle alongside Grimlock and Snarl. Um.... Must be one of the inaccurate posters Eric was telling me about.
Snarl: "Victory is for winners - we always win!"
Sideswipe: "To know me is to fear me!"

#5: The "budding" story of Transformers is retold in this issue, somewhat hacked and modified from the US version. The cover is "original" art (big chunks are totally swiped from the interior art) based on the events of the revelation. The series ends here, right after revealing the existence of the Swarm.
Poster: Based on the practice session bit from this issue with Hot Rod and the Dinobots.
Profiles: None.
Back Cover says "Never the End" which is code for "This is the last issue, dudes."

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