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Issue 11 of the UK exclusive Transformers comic from Titan Magazines was released on Thursday 1st May 2008. The comic came with three sheets of free stickets and was sealed in a baggie. The comic contained part 3 of the alternate-relative Transformers Movie sequal story, a universe where Megatron captured the Allspark and defeated the Autobots. It also included the eleventh parts of both the IDW Transformers Movie prequal and the Beast Wars: The Gathering. This month saw another feature on Transformers Animated as well as How To Draw Barricade Vs Ironhide.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the contents:
Twilight's Last Gleaming: Part 3
Written by Simon Furman
Art by Fabio Makoto Ono
Colours by Ryan Button
Letters by Jimmy Betancourt / Comicraft
10 pages of the stip were published this month.
The issue begins on the moon with Starscream and Scorponok attacking a group of Autobots, mainly the Sector-7 toys though also including Arcee and Elita-1. The Autobots are left with no choice but to flee the moon to earth in their protoform vehicle modes. As it turns out, this is exactly what Megatron wanted them to do. There is a mis-print on the second page, where a speach bubble intended for Arcee points to Elita-1. Halfway through the story, the scene jumps to Earth where Bumblebee and Mikaela are fighting Megatron and Frenzy. At the same time, Ironhide and Ratchet are seen entering a Decepticon facility, planning to destroy the Allspark. There plans are foiled when Bonecrusher turns up with an army of Swindle drones looking for a fight.

For the UK comic, a lot seems to be happening during this issue, probably because the story jumps between three settings, which makes it one of the better strips. Artwise, things are a little more disjointed. Some of the panels look great, others look very basic and flat, but overall its still one of the better UK strips. In recent months, the colours have been of a higher standard than some of the earlier issues, which adds significantly to the artwork.

Transformers Movie Prequel - Part 11
Written by Simon Furman and Chris Ryall
Art by Don Figueroa
Colours by Josh Burcham
Colour assistant Mark Baistow
Letters by Robbie Robbins
Editor Dan Taylor
5 pages of the strip were published this month

A double-sided poster is then included. One side is Transformers Animated, the other Transformers Movie. Interestingly enough, their is a Dreamworks copyright published on both sides, even though Transformers Animated has nothing to do with the company.
Prime Candidates: Meet the Autobot Stars
This is a two page spread that features the main Autobots from seires one of Transformers Animated. Once again, Titan Magazines refer to our sister site, as the official Transformers Animated website. Once again, for the record, we would like to state that we did not know that Titan were going to publish that, though it is once again a honour that they considered the website to be official.

Transformers Beast Wars: The Gathering - Part 11
Written by Simon Furman
Art by Don Figueroa
Colours by Josh Burcham
Letters by Tom B Long
Editor Chris Ryall and Dan Taylor
Another 5 pages of the strip were published this month, featuring the Predacons attacking the Maximals and Razorbeat facing down Magmatron.

A four part "How To Draw" feature is next, this time focusing on how to draw Barricade Vs Ironhide. The guide is by John McCrea and Lee Bradley.

You're usual two-page Forbidden Planet run competition is next where you can win a Ratchet Blaster and one of the Scene-Battle box sets. Four are shown.

Artobots is then introduced. This is a new section to the magazine that features the fan art including a fan built Barricade, spread over two pages.
This is then followed by four pages of letters, though more artwork is also included.
The magazine ends with a preview of next months cover.

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