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Auto Assembly 2004 - 25th November 2003

The following interview was conducted via email with Sven Harvey and Simon Plumbe two of the organisers of the Auto Assembly conventions here in the UK. Keep checking the Auto Assembly website for more announcements regarding AA2004.

TF At The Moon: First up I guess is what gave you the idea of running a Transformers convention?

Sven Harvey: I had been wanting to do an event for quite some time, in fact since around 1991/2 when I first got into Star Trek fandom scene - I simply thought it would be a great idea to do something like a Star Trek convention, but for Transformers fans. It was then that I first started contacting Hasbro UK about the idea and about my suggestion about a UK collectors club and a fanzine, initially to be a section within the discmag for the Amiga, called Visions.

Of course I very rarely got anything back from Hasbro and got messed around and fobbed off when I phoned them. I still have some of the letters including the one telling me to stop any work on a Transformers 'zine of any description, or the legal department would become involved! Also they did tell me that they didn't believe that the market was strong enough for an event or collectors club to be viable, and in a later letter they even told me to back off as they were organising licensing etc. and a relaunch of the brand for G2 including a comic.

I backed off - a couple of years later I joined Transmasters UK via Matt Dallas and started dabbling in a little writing and held a small meeting (Auto Assembly 0.5?) in my tiny flat and started playing with ideas for The Cybertronian Times, and an event I was going to call Ia-Con.

Again years later Simon and I were basically doing Alpha Quadrant meetings for Star Trek fans and we came to the conclusion that using the AQ formula may work for a small Transformers event as a kind of test. The first "The Auto-Assembly was borne out of that and at the event we had the first two issues of The Cybertronian Times available, but I still want to do more of an old style UK Star Trek convention-like event - hopefully that's what Auto Assembly 2004 will be.

TF At The Moon: This then leads us on to the next basic questions of How did you come up with the name Auto Assembly and what other names did you consider?

Sven Harvey: Originally the convention I wanted to do was going to be called Ia-Con though I realised this wasn't immediately recognisable as a Transformers event to those not utterly conversant with Transformers lore. I also looked into the possibility of licensing the BotCon name, I got as far as talking to the Hartmans about it, but I hadn't moved fast enough and George and Jazz Morgan beat me too it to create BotCon Europe 1999.

From there I thought it would be good to try and build up to an event in 2004, which again I wanted to call Ia-Con 2004. The idea initially was to start of small and build up, by starting with a small meeting type form, basically a Transformers version of our Star Trek club, Alpha Quadrant, meetings.

A name was needed and I started playing around with the faction names a little bit. BotCon was obvious. I didn't want to try and use Decepticon as it was Hasbro's copyright. The con part was overused in event names I thought and using the deception side of things may put people well off. I was left with Auto from Autobot (again bot is a little overused I feel). I then thought of terms to do with meetings and groups of people - an assembly. So therefore I came to the final name for the first event: "The Auto-Assembly". We then had "The Auto-Assembly II", but with the third event in 2003, a slight change of tack was in order. The hyphen and the "the" at the beginning was dropped.

Also in the vain hope that I could get official recognition from Hasbro I decided to re-categories the event and approached Hasbro on that basis to try and make the event official. Thus for the event in 2003 the full title became: Auto Assembly 2003 with the sub reference "Transformers Collectors Fair" in the hope that its would at some stage become "Official Transformers Collectors Fair". Fair game I thought, even if 3H have an agreement to be the "official convention" maybe we can sneak past. Then BotCon 2003 became the Official Transformers Collectors Convention or OTFCC. Great, that would make us AA-OTFCF. Which lets face it, actually sounds worse than OTFCCE (Official TransFormers Collectors Convention Europe)... It would have been nice to be the official option, but as I have said to Glen Hallit - I wish 3H all the best with their UK operations.

TF At The Moon: 2003 was the third Auto Assembly, can you tell us a little about the previous 2 Auto Assemblies, where and when they were, how they went.

Simon Plumbe: Now this is stretching my memory a bit. The original Auto Assembly was held on 22nd October 2000 and it was my first real involvement with Transformers fandom. We planned it to be a small event, more like a club meeting, and we expected about 15 people. We ended up with 30 people in a function room in the Ibis Hotel in Birmingham city centre.

Half the room was taken over with Sven's toy display, a Playstation running the US Beast Wars: Transmetals game, and we had a load of videos running throughout the day, a quiz and a raffle. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, despite the problems we had getting the DVD player to work!

The second one was in March 2001, and as before, was held at the Ibis. This time, we had 30 people book in advance and in the end 60 turned up - we were left with people having to stand and we kept having to ask the hotel for extra seats! We had a few dealers, loads of videos, a quiz, plus - thanks to the venue - limitless free tea and coffee all day! We were going to be joined by Lew Stringer, but he had traffic problems and couldn't actually get to us - the only real disappointment. It was a really great day, and I think that it was the level that I enjoyed it that lead me to go to my first Transforce.

TF At The Moon: How did you guys get to work on AA together (Sven / Simon) and are there any others who work on AA?

Simon Plumbe: Ooooh, a long story here... do you really want the details?! In brief, it all stems back to 1989 when I had just left the sixth form! I started my involvement in science fiction fandom when I launched a Doctor Who fan club that was a sub-group of a larger West Midlands based club. A couple of months down the line and we started to cover a range of sci-fi. We split from the parent club, and renamed ourselves Infinite Frontiers (the name is still used today as the name of our organisation).

The club went quiet and died off in 1990. A few plans were made to start producing fanzines, but nothing happened until later that year. I was getting into computing a lot, having recently bought my first Amiga, and I started work on a Star Trek disk magazine - the first of it's kind worldwide. Pretty soon, it developed a life of it's own and established itself with a strong global reputation..

That brings us onto 1992, where Sven comes in. I met Sven working in a local computer store, and we were talking about the Amiga, and sci-fi generally. I told him about the magazine, sold him a complete set(!), and brought him on board as part of the team. The Amiga mag, The Final Frontier, went pretty quiet and hasn't been produced since. However, we've subsequently produced sci-fi and computing fanzines, run a Star Trek convention, a Star Trek club with monthly meetings and over 500 members, and we were running the official supporters club for the Birmingham Bullets basketball team!

We've had some internal changes over the years, seeing members come and go (including a few well-know guys from the computing/gaming industry) and Sven now jointly runs Infinite Frontiers with myself, with support from a small team.

In terms of the Auto Assembly team, it's primarily Sven and myself, splitting the workload between us. Sven's family have also been roped into help (at AA2003, everywhere you turn there were members of his family!). We also had other people involved, and special mention here has to go to Matt Jackson who's our transport guy and box shifter! TF @ The Moon:Auto Assembly 2003 was the biggest convention of the three. Do you know how many people attended and what was your opinions of the event?

Sven Harvey: TOO MANY! To be honest we were really aiming to get a rather modest 150 people, maybe a few more. We had more pre-bookings than that, plus a lot more on the doors than I had hoped for. So apologies to everyone for the closeness of the venue.

We are considering a maximum 500 person allocation for Auto Assembly 2004 - the event will at the very least take up the function room we used for 2003 plus another function room on the same floor, but we also have the option to assimilate a further floor of the hotel, when we reach a certain number of pre-bookings. However I really need to make something very clear. We will not, for the 2004 event, simply take registration after registration after registration regardless of the total number of people we are expecting at the event on either of the days. We cannot allow any health and safety problems, so we will be picking a cut off, probably at 500 registrations.

What this means is that if you want to make sure you can come to the event, get your registrations in early, NOW in fact, so that we can confirm your places. I don't want to disappoint anyone, but at no point will we be guaranteeing an unpaid for place, or places up until a certain date. Once we reach the 500 registrations or whatever the cut-off we arrive at, that's it, we cannot take anyone else.

This is a message that must be underlined to dealers also. If you are a dealer and you want a presence at the event, which is going to be a highlight of the 20th anniversary in the UK, then get booked NOW. The only fair way to all is to use the first come first served system, so don't hang about!

Simon Plumbe: We had 156 people pre-book this year, which we felt was pretty astonishing considering the size of Auto Assembly 2, but that didn't prepare us for the total. There were massive queues of bodies trying to get in and we ended up with over 230 attendees!

I was pretty pleased about the bag of goodies we gave away - our own fanzine, a copy of Model & Collector's Mart, free crisps (Transform-A-Snacks!), a copy of the UK Armada comic, exclusive AA postcards from Metrodome, and I think there were a few other things there as well!

I was just blown away by it generally. It was much bigger than we expected, everyone there seemed to enjoy themselves (which was the most important thing for me), we had good guests, plenty of episodes, dealers galore and I ended up spending too much but having a great time while we were at it!

TF At The Moon: You are the only UK TF convention to be held outside of London or the surrounding area. Do you think this works in your favour or against AA?

Sven Harvey: It's a massive advantage. We are in a brilliant position in relation to the rest of the country at the heart of the rail and road networks for mainland Britain, whilst Birmingham Airport has the Eurohub for anyone who does want to attend from the rest of Europe.We didn't see many Londoners at Auto Assembly 2003, but that means that many London Transformers fans didn't go to a UK event in 2003. I personally don't understand why people who live in the London area seem so utterly opposed to going to events outside of the polluted and generally un welcoming capital, yet expect everyone else to trek down to events in the big smoke.

However, the most important factor in where an event is held is where the organisers are based. If the venue is a significant distance from the organisers base, then the event suffers in my opinion. Paul Cannon is based in the South of the London conurbation so its only natural that the event should be there. However we had a lot of feedback from Londoners saying that they wouldn't consider coming to Auto Assembly events unless they were in London. - So damned bizarre - it's a single train from Euston to Birmingham New Street, or from Marylebone to either Birmingham Snow Hill or Birmingham Moor Street and then a 5 to 10 minute walk to the hotel.

Yet it appears that to get to the venue that OTFCC Europe is thought to be being held in will require 4, yes 4 train journeys to get there and maybe 5 to get back due to the timetables, for most people. That's crazy! Also we had people suggesting that the event should be in an out of town venue - great for the car drivers but utterly unacceptable for those using public transport.

Simon Plumbe: As Sven said, being in Birmingham is an incredible advantage. No matter where people live in the UK, Birmingham is pretty easy to get to, and being a more centralised location means that anyone can attend without too much difficulty. We had people attend from all over the UK and I don't think many of those would travel to London for a convention.

I've been to a lot of sci-fi conventions over the years, and the majority of these have been within a central "band" in the UK, with the odd one in Scotland. I just don't see a need for everything to take place in London, and you'd be amazed at the general opinion of the British public towards events that assume that people will travel down to the capital.

TF At The Moon: We agree with you there. Even though we live just outside London, so London events are easier for us, we feel that a more centralised location means the event is much more accessible for everyone.

TF At The Moon: Are you able to tell us what other guests, if any, you had hoped would attend AA3?

Sven Harvey: We did try to approach Lee Sullivan, who was on holiday on the date and Lew Stringer but it didn't work out.

TF At The Moon: Auto Assembly 2004 promises to be the biggest AA so far. After announcing the event OTFCC Europe was then delayed into 2004 and then Transforce was announced. What went through your mind when this happened?

Sven Harvey: The first worry was whether they were going to clash with our event. We only really moved AA 2003 to August because of the gap that a lack of Transforce would leave, and thought it may be a good idea, after we had some problems with the March date. We are making efforts to keep both Paul and Glen appraised of what is going on, so that there isn't too much overlapping between the events.

Simon Plumbe: I wasn't worried at all. OTFCC being cancelled this year has obviously shifted opinions of some fans towards AA being the only UK event in 2003, but I feel that there is room in the TF calendar for all three. Each convention has something different to offer the fans so seeing other events is something I welcomed. I just wish they'd announce more details though, but we're doing everything we can to keep in touch with the other evens..!

TF At The Moon: We know Sven has attended Transforce but have you also attended the American BotCon conventions?

Sven Harvey: Both I and Simon have done Transforce, plus I was also at both BotCon Europe's, and though I would love to go to one of the American events, the cost is utterly prohibitive - I have 3 kids, a wife and a mortgage to worry about. Spending a couple of grand to go to an American event seems like overkill. I did REALLY want to get to the 2004 events for obvious reasons, but unless I suddenly come into some money, I can't see it happening. Maybe in 2009...

TF At The Moon: What do you feel is the biggest difference between Auto Assembly and other Transformer conventions?

Sven Harvey: Even though we started down this path with the vision of a Transformers version of the traditional UK Star Trek Conventions, I am not comfortable with the term Convention for the event. A Transformers event ISN'T based around a TV show like the Star Trek events, its based around a toy line, so the Dealers Room is more of a centre piece to a Transformers event, whereas it's a side-diversion at a Star Trek event, so the term Transformer Collectors Fair is more accurate, but like the Memorabilia Fairs we have extra stuff...

Simon Plumbe: I'd like to think that, in terms of atmosphere and fun, that we're trying to make Auto Assembly a true varied event with plenty to do, a good mix of dealers, but most importantly an event that's fun to be at. We've always adopted a fairly relaxed attitude towards events, and I think that comes through with Auto Assembly. I would hope that AA is the sort of event that people look forward to going to, not because of the chance to buy TFs, but to have a good time generally.

I think the mix of collector's fair and convention that we are bringing to the fans is something very different to OTFCC and Transforce, and creates a very different atmosphere.

TF At The Moon: We've not been able to attend an Auto Assembly before, due to various reasons. What do we (and others) have to look forward to seeing at AA04?

Sven Harvey: You can see me! And Simon! And my collection... Actually my collection is rather incomplete next to yours... damn. Seriously though, there will be a toy display, which is a bit of a prerequisite, a good selection of dealers, a video program with a mixture of generations, quizzes, competitions, an art display, an alternative programme area with video games etc., a raffle, and most importantly, at least one bar, two if we assimilate another floor of the event and the chance to enjoy the atmosphere of having hundreds of like minded people you can talk Transformers with in person. Not enough? There's more to be announced... Guests include Simon and Andrew, Lee and Metrodome, with hopefully further guest(s) to be announced.

Simon Plumbe: Where to start...?! To be honest, we've got so many activities planned that we NEED the full weekend to fit everything in! Toy and art displays, dealers, videos, quizzes, guests, bars, charity activities, being filmed for another DVD(!), loads of fans to meet and chat with, and that's just for starters with what we've announced so far! To be honest, the best way to find out is see the full list on the AA website.

TF At The Moon: Toy display aye, yes that is something that we have felt all of the UK conventions have lacked. The best one was in one of the Japanese conventions. We're sure fans would love to see huge cabinets of toys. We'd love to help out, but there is no way we could transport them to the event safely

TF At The Moon: Is there any news on the voice actor which you hope to have in attendance, or do you hope to give that back as a surprise?

Sven Harvey: We are in talks with a voice actor who is very much looking forward to coming over so long as we can cover the costs. The person in question is waiving their fee and is coming over for just the cost of flights and we are obviously going to be paying for their hotel stay and meals etc, However this can only happen if we have enough attendees and I am not going to announce any guest until I know the costs are covered and they are 99% definite for the event. We had guest issues with our Star Trek event in 1996 and I am not going to go through that again.

But I do want to make a few things clear. If we do have a voice actor its isn't going to be someone like Peter Cullen, Frank Welker etc., they are simply too expensive and very busy - if we ever see a G1 actor in the UK, they will have to be cheap. We need to have a lot more British VAs in Transformers series, so we have cheap guests! Either that or I'll have to get a part in one...

Simon Plumbe: Since Auto Assembly 2003 ended, I've been in touch with a lot of Transformers voice actors for one reason or another and I'm in steady contact with several at the moment. As Sven said, there is one in particular who I've been talking to pretty much every day who is very eager to make their first ever trip to the UK.

The details themselves are pretty much sorted - it's really just a case of raising the money. We're working on a few ideas, but mainly we need early bookings to pay for it. We're also running some advertising on the website that will help us to fund guests and this has already helped cover the cost of one UK guest, so with everyone's help, we can get our US guest too!

As soon as we can, we'll be making an announcement. I will say that fans will really get their money's worth with the guest, who is quite keen to be involved in a lot of aspects of Auto Assembly, and they're going to be a great source of entertainment. As an added bonus, they have already agreed that they will be an AA exclusive guest!

TF At The Moon: Having attended OTFCC 2003 ourselves, we know the difference that having a Voice Actor can make to a convention. For us, the Voice actors panel made the event, it made it worth the money we spent going out and whilst there. We encourage anyone who is undecided whether they will attend to go anyway. By doing so you will be increasing the chance that Sven and Simon can get the VA over which WILL make a difference and will put AA04 as the number 1 European convention with ease. Honestly, they are that entertaining. Any chance of getting two? We know cost wise its probably not, but then they can play off each other going into character which is great. Hours of fun.

Simon Plumbe: Getting one voice actor will be a pretty big deal for us, but if we can get enough attendees, dealers, and support generally, then we might be able to look into the possibility of a second, but it is completely dependent on advance pre-bookings.

We are trying to raise money with advertisers on the Auto Assembly website to help us fund our guests as well, and people can raise money for us just by clicking on banners, or signing up for various free services. We've already raised enough money from this to pay for one UK guest already, so who knows where that could lead if we get the support...

TF At The Moon: So come on people, just pop over to the site and help raise those funds. There was a lot of positive feedback to AA03 (especially on our message board), do you feel under pressure to deliver better next time?

Sven Harvey: You have no idea! We have to build each time on the previous successes of the event and we have to deliver something bigger and better. There are a lot of ideas, but capitalising on it is the key. What we do need, and again this is very similar to the Star Trek convention template, is a good number of volunteers to help with the operations of the event and security. In return the volunteers will get certain concessions, such as, possibly, premium seating in the talks and the like. The details of this still have to be hammered out, but in many cases we have to be sure of the people who want to volunteer!

Simon Plumbe: Absolutely! We know that it's going to be a tough job to equal 2003, let alone beat it, but as long as we get the help and support, we'll be able to do everything that we want to. We're changing a few things that we did this year, which will free some staff up to look after an alternative events room, and depending on the number of attendees we get, we may be surprising people with the video screenings and guest talks.

Naturally, the event will be physically bigger. If we just use the one floor of the hotel, we estimate a 30% increase in size, and almost triple that of 2003 if we use two floors!

TF At The Moon: How do you feel about appearing on Metrodome's Series 2 DVD (being the first UK convention to appear on one)

Sven Harvey: It was great being on the DVD box set, though the footage was a little disappointing. I must admit, when Metrodome said they would be interested in video footage, I literally went out and bought a miniDV camera as it was suggested by them that it would be the better format for use on the DVD. I thought it would be important to get footage onto the disc for publicity reasons working on the assumption that Auto Assembly 2004 would happen.

On the Thursday before the event I got the camera and had a quick play, to try and get the hang of things with the camera, but with s much to do still before the event, I didn't really get much chance to get it sorted. However on the morning of the event I started my recordings off with a little pre-event segment explaining what work had gone into things already and a pan of the mess that was the event room (this was around 6am!).

The footage also included a little bit of speech from Simon and Andrew plus slow pans of the toy display and a bit more detail of the room and dealers tables. Unfortunately, and I am not sure of the reason why, my footage was not used at all on the disc but Colins was. However little segments of my footage may well be turning up on the AA site eventually.

Simon Plumbe: It's a great honour, really, and it still hasn't really sunk in! While the footage wasn't brilliant, it's still great to be the first UK event to feature on a DVD and it's something we're going to capitalise on for next year, with much more elaborate and extensive coverage planned.

TF At The Moon: Roughly how long does it take to organise an event, and what takes place afterwards?

Sven Harvey: The events take a long time to organise, mainly due to exchanging communications over periods of months, getting writing done, as an issue of the Cybertronian Times has to be completed and copied up with copies for each of the paying attendees (at least in AA 2004s case). But a lot of the ground work was laid down over a decade! Running an event such as this is certainly not for the feint hearted! Following the event is usually a period of an activity known as sleep that may well have been skipped in the previous week!

Simon Plumbe: AA2003 took us roughly a year to put together including venue negotiations, date planning, guests, dealers, writing and editing the fanzine... all that sort of stuff! We started work on AA2004 almost as soon as AA2003 was over and I expect that we'll still be working on getting things ready on 7th May 2004!! Afterwards, all we need to do is sleep, tidy off the finances paying all the remaining bills, and generally wrapping things up in terms of reports and feedback to guests, sponsors, advertisers etc. and making sure that everyone we dealt with was happy.

However, it's my fiancee's birthday the day after AA next year, so I'm not sure what I've got planned yet!

TF At The Moon: What goes through your minds in the last hour or so before the convention opens?

Sven Harvey: Panic mainly. No matter how much planning you do, and how much work you put in, plenty is always left to do and you run around trying to get as much ready as possible for the moment that people come in! In my case I start worrying about scenarios of things going wrong that hadn't dawned on me yet and putting rough ideas in my mind of how to deal with them... For the 2003 event we noticed really early that people had started queuing up to come in, which was a nice thing to see. At least someone appreciated the effort!

Simon Plumbe: Yeah, sheer terror! I was looking after the registration desk side of things, so I was going to be the first port of call for EVERY attendee - no small task! I talked things through with my support team, and we made sure that we had a system in place that could run quickly and smoothly to get people in.

As we saw the crowd build up, I was just really anxious about our ability to handle the flow of bodies, while trying to shake the nagging feelings that I'd forgotten to do something REALLY important!

TF At The Moon: Do you have anything "new" planned for AA04?

Sven Harvey: The quizzes that were missing from the 2003 event will return, I would like to have some special videos, along the lines of the intro videos from the first two AAs. There are plenty of other things we would like to introduce, but I am not going to mention or announce them until I know they will happen. The only thing, for instance, stopping the quizzes is the fact that I have to write the things...

Simon Plumbe: Far too many ideas to list here. I'd love to produce another video sequence for next year (and Pete Billingham who did Transformers: Redemption) has offered to help out here, we're going to have more interactive events, and loads of little surprises up our sleeves...

TF At The Moon: We know Sven did some work on the Metrodome DVD, could you tell us how you got involved, which parts you worked on and if any of the additional features were your ideas - as you were not credited anywhere on the DVD which we could see?

Sven Harvey: We got involved by contacting Metrodome via, and got on really well with them. The toy image gallery evolved out of the cat scans I had done in the hope that Hasbro may agree to having replicas of the cats given away with Model & Collectors Mart, but we didn't get clearance :(

TF At The Moon: What are your opinions of the current state of the Transformers fandom - it has seemed to have boomed over the past 4 years, though recently some "long-time" fans and dealers have stopped.

Sven Harvey: Transfandom is starting to overheat. There is way too much product in to small an amount of time at the moment. There are 6 lines in the USA now for crying out loud! (Transformers: Universe, Transformers:Armada/Energon, Transformers: Alternators, Transformers: Generation 1 Reissues, Transformers: Heroes Of Cybertron, and Transformers Gobots.).Things are very high profile for 2004, of course and then it should be slowed down on purpose following that. When people feel that they cant keep up with the lore and toylines, they lose interest and Hasbro are killing a golden goose slowly. Did they not learn from Star Wars?

TF At The Moon: Finally, if you could have arranged for Hasbro UK to make an exclusive toy for Auto Assembly. Which mold(s) would you use

Sven Harvey: Now that's an interesting question. Hasbro UK cannot arrange for a toy, trust us we have tried, but it has to go via Hasbro in the USA who have adopted a policy of not dealing with anyone apart from their main 5 retailers and OTFCC/3H for any exclusives. However we are attempting some other avenues, so I would rather not mention any of the ideas, except the one I attempted to get into place for 2003 We attempted looking into the possibility via Hasbro UK of getting a limited number of the Sonokong Brave Maximus toys and get the missing accessories produced and bagged up in AA packaging of some description, but Hasbro UK were not allowed to go anywhere with it.

To be honest it really miffs me off that everything to do with Transformers in the UK is completely controlled by the USA company, which is precisely why Transformers isn't as big a success as it should be in the UK as Hasbro UK can't alter the line or adjust the marketing really at all to cater for British sensibilities.

Hasbro UK always did better when they got to control things themselves - the golden era for them was really 1989-1993 when we had out own lines that the USA didn't get. This coincided with the era where there was no USA line at all, whilst the UK line had been managed very well and kept going... Actually that maybe why the UK have no control any more... they started to do too well...

Simon Plumbe: I'm not as fussy - I'd love to be able to offer ANY exclusive toy - even a minicon! I hope we can get some exclusive items, even if we can't get an exclusive toy though.

Thanks again to both Sven and Simon for their time in answering our interrogation :P We are very gratefully they agreed to answer our questions, and hope you have enjoyed reading their answers as much as we have. Once again we would like to wish them both and everyone else associated with Auto Assembly 2004 all the best with the preparation and event, again we urge you to support UK conventions by attending, and preferable pre-registering. It does make a lot of difference to the organisers and what type of guests and goodies they can afford to offer.

Auto Assembly 2004: THE Transformers event for the UK
Date: Saturday 8th - Sunday 9th May 2004
Venue: Britannia Hotel, New Street, Birmingham, UK
Prices: Adults (full weekend):- GBP15; Adults (single day):- GBP9
Student/OAP (full weekend):- GBP14; Student/OAP (single day):- GBP8
Child (full weekend):- GBP12; Child (single day):- GBP7
Children under 5:- FREE (no free fanzine)
There will be discounts for early bookings, and for active members of the AA discussion forum.

For more information and registration forms, look no further than the official Auto Assembly website

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